• Published 2nd Sep 2015
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Trial of a Changeling - twilightsparkle3562

In this sequel to "Defender of Equestria," a Changeling General goes on trial in Canterlot for numerous war crimes, including kidnapping Cadence and Twilight, while Shining Armor's mentor and predecessor attempts to make amends with Celestia and Luna

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Private Centipede Testifies

Chapter 10

"Private Centipede Testifies"

The shock of Sgt. Hoof Cuffs' testimony on the first day of the trial had spread throughout everypony who was in attendance. There would be some backlashes over her testimony, however every single word that was useable to secure a conviction was allowed, including the words that shocked everypony.

However, nopony could dwell on the day before for very long, as day two of the trial was to begin the following day. Once again, Kuwaga was brought up to the princesses while still caged and chained like the wild animal he was. It was very clear to Kuwaga that he was not going to be patient for any longer than he already was. In fact, he wasn't going to stand for what was coming up next.

"The court calls Private Centipede to the stand," cried a royal guardspony as Private Centipede flew up to the side of his caged ex-leader, much to Kuwaga's irritation.

"I don't know what you are trying to do," whispered Kuwaga to himself. "But, if you are trying to betray me and your kind, you are already succeeding."

At that moment, Celestia banged her gavel and the trial was underway for the second day. She looked down at Private Centipede and he looked back at her with a look that showed he was serious about testifying against Kuwaga.

"Please stay your name to the court, young Changeling," commanded Luna in her authoritarian voice.

One pony who was taking this testimony extremely seriously was Shining Armor, who was watching from the gallery with an intent gaze. He knew that what Centipede would be saying, was similar to what he told him just before the trial started.

"I am Private Centipede," he answered. "Formerly of the Changeling army under the command of the General who is caged right next to me. I have abandoned my allegiance to the Changeling Empire for reasons that I am to reveal in my testimony."

"Traitor," muttered Kuwaga, bitterly and silently growling to himself. "I'll have your head for this when I get out of here."

Centipede ignored the growls his former leader was making and instead focused his attention on the four alicorn princesses that sat over him. He couldn't look his leader in the eyes, knowing that looking at him would ruin his concentration on revealing the whole truth and nothing but the truth about why he left the Changeling forces.

"Private Centipede," began Celestia. "It is my understanding that you were one of the changelings that were hiding in Canterlot just before the invasion during the royal wedding, is that correct?"

"Yes, your highnesses," replied Centipede. "I was ordered by General Kuwaga to assume the form of a royal guardspony and provide protection for the Queen while she fed off of Prince Armor's love."

Hearing this made both Cadence and Twilight cringe, although they tried to hide it from Celestia and Luna so that they would not notice their flinching. The events leading up to the invasion was the last thing that both of them wanted to hear, giving that the events in question were memories that they would rather forget, along with the events leading to their rescue from Kuwaga's clutches.

"It is to our knowledge," remarked Luna. "That according to one of my sister's guards, that you had a strange colored aura that is different from our guards'. Is that true?"

"It is true, your highnesses," said Centipede. "Our magical aura is a green color as opposed to the colors given off by your soldiers. I tried to hide my true colors, but I was unsuccessful. In fact, I didn't even want to take part in the invasion of Canterlot to begin with."

This made Kuwaga snarl angrily, only to be quickly silenced by the pounding of Celestia's gavel, followed by a stern looking stare from her.

"For you see," continued Centipede. "I had taken part in an invasion where that pony who testified yesterday lived. We need love to survive, but General Kuwaga cried and preached that some ponies are better off dead if they refused to give up their magic to us. Kuwaga ordered us to kill anypony who stood in our way of survival."

"Did you approach the defendant that his methods were questionable?" asked Luna. "If you did, then why didn't you leave sooner than later?"

"Because he threatened my family with death," replied Centipede, nervously and pointing to Kuwaga sharply. "He told me that there was only one creature that I would follow and it was him. He claimed to have carried out the attacks on the villages and towns of Equestria for the glory of the Changeling Empire. When I was born, the Changeling Empire was far different than what it became after Chrysalis was crowned."

This was a throw in the monkey wrench as the Changeling Empire was supposedly nothing like it was under the rule of Queen Chrysalis. In fact, even Celestia and Luna themselves were surprised at this development.

"Would you care to tell us exactly what the Changeling Empire was like?" asked Celestia.

"Our Empire was ruled with a firm, but gentle hand," explained Centipede, who used his magic to illustrate a map of the Changeling Empire before Chrysalis' rule. The illusion showed the Changeling Empire was full of light and the Changelings were friendlier than before. "Our ruler King Cocoon, was a Changeling that always cared about the outside world. He wanted to come to weddings and just celebrate the unions of two lovers without any feeding at all. Then, about a few years ago, King Cocoon was found dead in his bed. We all thought that he had died from illness, but in reality, he was murdered by an unknown assailant."

At that moment, the illusion disappeared and Centipede looked back up at the princesses. It was becoming clear to everypony in the throne room that the leadership of the Changeling Empire had become corrupted and all of this could have been avoided.

"I have every reason to believe that this creature, this monster, the one who I looked to as a leader," hissed Centipede, scowling at Kuwaga. "Is the same one who murdered our king and allowed Chrysalis to take the throne! If he wasn't killed, then we wouldn't have resorted to the invasion of Canterlot. I witnessed what Princess Twilight tried to do that day at the rehearsal and part of me wanted to help defend her from the emotional abuse bestowed by those who were supposed to support her!"

This caused Shining Armor, Twilight's friends and even Celestia herself to lower their heads in shame. Centipede was right, they were themselves to blame for allowing Chrysalis to carry out her invasion to begin with.

"Then why didn't you blow your cover?" asked Luna, sharply.

"Because then the invasion would have not happened and I would have been deemed as a traitor," answered Centipede, defensively. "I can't erase what we had done, but I can move on from it and nothing would help me move on than to see this murderer die for his crimes or rot in Tartarus for all eternity!"

At that moment, Celestia motioned for Centipede to step down while not looking at his captured leader, who was now very angry for this personal betrayal that he now had to endure.

Fortunately, after one more set of testimonies from the two princesses he kidnapped, Kuwaga would have a chance to try and defend himself from dying for his crimes…

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