• Published 2nd Sep 2015
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Trial of a Changeling - twilightsparkle3562

In this sequel to "Defender of Equestria," a Changeling General goes on trial in Canterlot for numerous war crimes, including kidnapping Cadence and Twilight, while Shining Armor's mentor and predecessor attempts to make amends with Celestia and Luna

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Twilight and Cadence Testify

Chapter 11

"Twilight and Cadence Testify"

When the third day of the trial began, everypony had been convinced that with all the testimony presented, General Kuwaga was sure to be convicted for his war crimes against Equestria. However, after several minor testimonies from a few other of his victims, it was now time for Cadence and Twilight to say their peace. This was a very emotional moment for both of them as they were the main victims of the Canterlot invasion. Even Celestia found herself not wanting to go through with this, but she had to. There was no other choice to do so.

After being sworn in, Twilight and Cadence stood next to the caged Kuwaga, trying not to look at him. The recent memories of their imprisonment ran through both of their minds and it showed.

"Princess Cadence," asked Luna. "Do you know the defendant that is next to you and Princess Twilight Sparkle?"

"I do," replied Cadence, nervously. "This is the Changeling who kidnapped me and Twilight and who is fiercely loyal to the Changeling Queen."

Both Luna and Celestia could tell that Cadence was going to be having a hard time giving her testimony. In fact, everypony in the entire room knew just how terrifying the Changeling invasion was and the two who were the most victimized were standing next to one of the Changelings who was accused of overseeing the invasion.

"I know that this is very difficult for both of you," advised Celestia. "But, can you describe to us how you were kidnapped by the Changelings, Princess Cadence?"

Cadence's eyes widened at being put on the spot again, for she couldn't believe that she was being asked to relate that dark moment of being kidnapped just as Twilight and her friends were arriving.

"Well," she began, nervously, feeling her entire body go numb with fear. "It all started on the day that Twilight and her friends arrived in Canterlot for the wedding. I was in the tower getting myself ready to see Twilight after so many years. Just as I had finished doing my hair, I heard a knock at the door."

"A knock at the door?" asked Celestia. "If you may recall, I had several servants assigned to tend to anything that needed to be done. They were instructed to say who they were before you would let them in."

Cadence knew that Celestia was right, her aunt had strict orders to the servants that they were to say who they were and what they were doing.

"After a few moments," continued Cadence. "I got up and walked over to the door and I could tell that something wasn't right. Just as I was about to open the door with my magic, it was blown wide open and the two servants leapt out and inflicted pain onto me."

Murmurs from both the gallery and jury were heard, for they could only imagine the sheer terror that Cadence was going through at that time. Out of all the victims of the invasion, it was Cadence who had suffered the most, followed by Twilight and then everypony else.

"I was so shocked that I didn't even fight back," cried Cadence, tears forming in her eyes. "They continued to beat on me and pull at my mane. The beating went on for a few more minutes and once I was subdued, for the first time, they shedded their disguises and I knew, that they were indeed changelings and a third changeling entered and shedded his disguise."

At this point, Cadence was struggling not to cry, but it was very obvious that she was losing the battle. Her emotions were starting to get the better of her, but she had to carry on. Her testimony was going to be needed if General Kuwaga was going to be found guilty.

"Who was this third Changeling?" asked Celestia, feeling her niece's pain. Cadence couldn't speak as she was starting to become choked up and pointed over to Kuwaga with her horn.

Then, she struggled to pull herself together for she knew that there was still much to be said.

"After Kuwaga revealed himself," cried Cadence, trying to talk through her sobs. "They used their horns to produce hot….steaming…fires that surrounded me and enclosed me. As quickly as it happened, I soon found myself in the Canterlot caves with the sounds of Chrysalis mocking and laughing at me."

At this moment, Cadence lost to her emotions and broke down sobbing as Shining Armor got up from the gallery to console his wife along with his parents. At that moment, Twilight decided to take Cadence's place and pick up where she had left off.

"The very same thing happened to me, Princess Celestia," she said. "After you all abandoned me at the rehearsal."

Once again, Celestia lowered her head in shame upon hearing of the mistake that she had made in not believing her most faithful student at the time. However, it was also thanks to Twilight that Chrysalis' evil ways were known to her and Luna.

"Princess Twilight," asked Luna, who decided to question Twilight about the recent events with Kuwaga. "Did General Kuwaga have the same intentions as Chrysalis to take over Canterlot?"

"Of course he did, Princess Luna," cried Twilight. "He was just like Chrysalis: a bloodsucking, love hungry monster that didn't care about anypony or for that matter…any other creature in Equestria. In fact, during our imprisonment before Shining Armor and Lock Down rescued us, General Kuwaga was planning another invasion of Canterlot with more Changelings than ever before and this time, he would take no prisoners."

For the first time since her capture, Twilight turned and faced Kuwaga, giving the same look of anger that she had given Tirek after he destroyed the Golden Oak Library. Kuwaga was unfazed by Twilight's look of fury and simply smiled and chuckled at this

"You don't frighten me, Princess Twilight," he thought. "You scare me even less than that blubbering sister-in-law of yours."

He turned around and looked back over to Cadence, who was still an emotional mess from her testimony. Knowing that Cadence needed their immediate attention and support, both Luna and Celestia decided that it would be best to adjourn for the day.

"Trial is adjourned until 9:00 tomorrow morning," announced Celestia, banging her rainbow striped gavel and ending the third day of testimony against Kuwaga.

Soon, Kuwaga would have his chance to speak in an effort to defend himself…

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