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6353181 It is directly inspired by it, yes. The author kept protesting that there was no way the idea would work with continuity, so I wanted to see if I could come up with one.

I like this one a lot better since it explains why ponies would want to be eaten when there's no reformation. Please continue this. I'd love to see Fluttershy become Rarity's willing meal.

You really need to give credit to the original, because it's close enough to push it over the plagiarism line if you don't.

6355266 Eh, fine, I'll add a note. The site defines plagiarism as copying the words and not the ideas, though, even if the wider definition is wider. It's just sort of like trigger warnings; they clutter up the description, and someone already linked it in the first comment. I guess that could fall off the page.

The other chapters will diverge more since I have other scenes in mind that don't borrow pairings from the other story, since he hasn't written any more of it yet.

(and now he'll happen to pick the same ponies and make me look like a liar. :facehoof: Okay: Dinky x Scootaloo, Silver Spoon x Applejack, Zecora x... well, it was going to be Fluttershy but someone requested her and Rarity, so I don't know.)

This is really good. I love each chapter written! The whole idea of a continuous, willing vore story is very intriguing. Can't wait for the next chapter, and more importantly the end!

This is certainly the most interesting take on vore I've ever seen.
If there was one thing I'd love to see in this, it'd be for ponies to gain something from the ones they eat. Perhaps not full Kirby-level assimilation, but It'd be cool for the surviving ponies to grow larger with each meal and start to grow appendages from each of the pony races as they eat them. Then the last few ponies are huge, with multiple sets of wings and a super long horn.

In any case, good story so far.

How did I not see this when it was posted? I'm even following the vore group! I should have been notified!

anyway, I do like what you're doing here, and always love it when I see my work has inspired someone else to write something!

I'm looking forward to seeing Fluttershy, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie become willing meals.

I predict Rarity will be the one to gulp[ down Fluttershy. Or vice versa.

That was cute, especially the part with Moondancer. It was a little sad, but Fluttershy was adorable.

I really hope that one chapter will feature an internal view. That would make this just about perfect.

6372655 Did you join the other vore group? The mod for the original one is more than a year absent, so someone made a duplicate group that can actually be maintained.

6377221The plan is to have them all get eaten, yes. And when you suggested Fluttershy and Rarity I had an idea how for her, at least. And I'm pretty sure I know who's going to get Rainbow Dash. Which leaves Pinkie and Rarity.

6388505 I'll try to keep that in mind.

You should make a chapter about Starlight Glimmer gorging herself on her cultists, saying some spiel about it being the next step on becoming equal then it'll be like a real cult, only hers ends in stomach acid rather then poison kool-aid.

I loved that bit of description as they dissolved together. Great scene, with lots of yummy detail.

along and see what the pony that ate us saw?” Apple Jelly said. “That’s what my mom told me.”

Oh god please, tell me it's true. I need to know. They still "live" within the Pony who ate them, right ? :fluttercry:

A previous chapter indicated the eaten ponies exist in some form within the one that eats them, but it was vague.

Does all this still count under Discord's spell? I'm not sure if I remember anyone mentioning dying before being eaten. Keep going anyway.

6447169 I sort of forgot the part of this chapter that was going to explain that. :facehoof: But I have a future scene where I can bring it up so all hope is not yet lost! :pinkiecrazy:

The short answer is -- you know that Discord's spell is helping Cherry Berry at least because she wasn't in horrible agony. Same with the ponies in the hot tub.

Comment posted by Purgamentum deleted Sep 24th, 2015

Interesting. It's a shame there's not a chapter about how things started up with the first princesses and the first few meals.

Kinda liking the variation on the latest chapter and some fighting, though the party chapter was a bit toward the squick side.

You know, I was really enjoying this story up until those last two Ponyville chapters. As in, 'this is my favourite vore fic on the site' enjoying. But then it got all sorts of fucked up out of nowhere to the point where I wouldn't even call it soft vore any more, and... Well.

I'm no longer excited when I see that this has updated.

I for one have enjoyed every chapter here! Each one gives a different view on soft vore, and a different fetish. Love the work that's been put into this and look forward to the next chapters! Can't wait to see how this ends!

6678404 Nah, they're also called arms.

“Perhaps, but it’s far too late for him to do anything about it,” she said.

Unless Powder Burn decides to use his horn to re-enact Alien.

6679352 :pinkiegasp:

Although given his special talent is for cannons he'd be more likely to induce projectile vomiting. :pinkiesick:

We need more chapters like this one. An assertive Fluttershy eating ponies, it's always the shy ones that get you going the most!

Curious as to how the main characters will get eaten.

Flutters will probably need to be taken by surprise or forced.. she likes the other side so much.
I'll be surprised if Rarity is around after next chapter.
Scootaloo wants her turn with Dash. The conversation would be interesting there.
Can't see Dash giving up.. maybe ambushed by Gilda?

Comment posted by Commander Jenna Cipher deleted Dec 29th, 2015

Was the sauna concept in this chapter at all inspired by a certain image by one el-yeguero, and the comments on it on Derpibooru? (Derpibooru search terms: artist:el-yeguero, sauna.)

6895001 No, I never saw that picture before. It's a good illustration of the idea, though. :raritywink:

Thanks for the answer.

:pinkiehappy:I finily got to the end... Keep up with the writing its great

7029859 You didn't see it coming? Even Scootaloo saw it coming! :rainbowlaugh:

There should be a bit more on Scootaloo's reaction later.

I like how Scootaloo got the tail end of things, where Lightning just kept up the inevitability as she tried to stop it. Kinda surprised Dash wasn't more angry.

Leaving Rainbow in the Dust

One guess what that chapter's going to be about.

You know, I hope that this ends with Scootaloo facing down Diamond Tiara at the end of the world. That'd be pretty cool.

Why dash you promise to eat scootaloo but you got eating by dust I and go and find scootaloo then eat her and then you can get eaten can you do that in the next chapter please I want that to happen

Well I'm complaining. What gives? Would it kill you to let Scoots be happy? Or Apple Bloom, for that matter? To friggin' Silver Spoon of all ponies.. urgh. Whyyyy. Best filly goes to second-worst filly. Seriously, why.

I really want to love this story.

7644266 Kind of uninspired about the next part since the original plan was too violent. Also working on another story for random writings. But I'm hoping to think of something that I want to write for this still.

so in theory you could assume you had permission and see whether you actually were able to eat them or not, but we encourage everypony to ask first, and be confident in their meal’s answer.

I'm just sitting her giggling to myself as I imagine that situation. Great writing and great story, though I won't be going any further, simply because willing prey has just never made sense to me.

This is really damn bleak

I will root for the ponies all popping out intact again in the new universe. Assuming everyone manages to get eaten in time, which seems unlikely. n_n

Whyyyyy are you still the worst, Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara? x_x

Oooh, right. If the princesses are already gone, the sun and the moon are kinda hosed, aren't they?

Awww. I love that the ponies she ate are comforting her now. Good luck with morning coming!

*giggles at Moondancer reading while she gets digested*

Awww, that was sweet. Nice of Carrot Top to season herself.

Yay! New chapter. ^w^ Hope DT or Silverspoon eat each other in next chapter. >=3

nice to see a new chapter

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