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I....alright. I've only read the description so far, but....well, whatever. I'll read this.

So does this involve being reformed after eaten? Because roseluck said that she's never been eaten that fast before.

no, she said she's never seen a pony eat another pony that fast before.

everything in this story is 100% fatal, no reformation

vore isn't for everyone

6341255 I know that.
But vore is my biggest fetish. I like it more than actual stuffs.

Vore is best lewd :raritywink:

Note: this is not to be taken seriously I wonder how a society actually made murdering somebody for temporary nourishment legal.
I mean, seriously. Did one pony just eat another pony and others were like "meh"? How the hell did this even become a common occurrence!? Also, how can somebody willingly get killed just to temporarily cure someone else's hunger? Like what if the prey was a parent? What should happen to the children should both parents be eaten? Parent eaten life insurance? Or what if only one parent/ significant other is eaten? How will the spouse feel that their SO is dead because someone ate them? How do they hold funerals? Bury the shit? And another thing, how in the name of pancakes did pony anatomy evolve to include cannibalism, let alone meat. Is the stomach just a big sack full of acid? Did all ponies become part snake? How- i2.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/954/141/a06.gif
Yeah.... I think I'll do that..... anyway....i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/710/410/379.png

actually the next chapter is going to outline some baseline rules about who you can and can't eat in this verse. the most important rule being, you have to get somepony's permission to eat them. Most ponies are perfectly willing to be a meal for a friend or acquaintance, eating somepony against their will is still very illegal.

which still doesn't make a lick of sense when you really think about it, but you know, vore rarely does.

Never seen fatal vore associated with slice of life before but the tag made me chuckle. Fave'd and eagerly waiting for more.

M8, all the ground rules in the world save 'oh yeah jk they actually come back after all' won't make this setting make the slightest lick of sense.

It's pretty hot though.

Dont know how I feel about this. I was hoping for some Twilight vore in this. Unless these chapters are not in chronological order.

like I said in the description,

these are going to be completely unconnected shorts that are only set in the same verse. A pony can be eaten one chapter and eating somepony else the next chapter. There will be no continuity between chapters unless otherwise stated.

so don't worry, there's going to be more than a bit twilight pred in the future!:twilightsmile:

“My big sister, Rarity, says that once you eat a pony, they’re gone for good. Is that true?” Sweetie asked.

“That’s absolutely correct, Sweetie!” Twilight answered with a nod of her head even as her slow slide down Cheerilee’s throat continued, the schoolmare’s lips now at the middle of her chest. “This is the last that you or anypony else is ever going to see of me. By the end of the day, there’s isn’t going to be a Twilight Sparkle anymore.” She was able to reach down with her remaining hoof and pat at the large bulge she was already making in Cheerilee’s belly. “Ms. Cheerilee’s stomach is going to break me down into nothing but fat, nutrients, and waste products.”

“And by waste products she means poop!” a chubby looking teal coated unicorn colt called out from the back of the room, sending the class into a fit of snickering.

Hoohhhh yes! This is good stuff. I take it this is all world building setup for what's to come?

I'm really loving the casual tone of all this, especially about the fatal aspect. This whet's my appetite for more!

Question: Are we only going to be seeing oral vore in this or some other types come into play as well?

Any possibility to see Luna or Celestia here?

yes, both Tia and Luna are going to have their own chapter

They will be in one chapter, or in two different?
If there will be: one sister eat another, then can we have two variations? (In one chapter Celestia ate Luna, in another Lune ate Celestia.)
Also, will Twilight achive her desteny in Tia's stomash?

no, they're both going to have their own separate chapters

Damm I was hoping that cadance would eat twi^^ (been waiting for a scene like that)

I want some internal. Hoping to get a great scene with a mane 6 featuring melting and soft digestion, that would make this story almost perfect!

But don't you need some kind of legal proof that the pony you ate consented to the act? I didn't read anywhere that Rainbow had Roseluck sign a contract or anything along those lines, and there was no pony else to serve witness. How can Roseluck's friends and family, not to mention society at large, be sure that she consented? Maybe the next chapter will address this question.

Finally, he pressed the button on the side of the box, and it emitted a quiet humming noise for a few moments before magically vanishing from sight.

Dammit! You explained how the payment gets to the pizzeria if the delivery pony is part of the meal. And I was so looking forward to nit-picking this chapter, too.

I wish there was more of this, I can't seem to find a bunch of vore stories that used to be there so I appreciate the ones that are even more. Will it be updating any time soon?

Just wait until you're older Twi. After you find out about the mirror pool from Pinkie Pie you can copy and eat your friends every other day without actually losing them.

Vraddock has some fatal vore stories with the tag; though they're not quite as casual as these.

I assume by now you've read the subsequent chapter and found the answer to that. Edit: retracted.

I see someone accepted your challenge. (And I have my own ideas about how it could be done; but I don't want to derail the comments too much.)

I really don't care the answer to that question. I was taking something really silly entirely too seriously in that comment, and that was the joke.

I doubt that'll happen in this story, but you may be interested in the same author's The Rainbow Pie Cake. Or by other authors, Twilight's Discovery (and sequel; both non-vore) or Equestria's Pony Meat Business (and spinoffs; all mostly non-vore, but some vore).

(There's also the Vore group's Prey Brought Back To Life and Soft Vore (Non-Fatal) folders.)

Heehe, awesome story! ^.^

I'm looking forward to reading the others to come. I'm a BIG fan of Willing Fatal Vore myself so this is Right up my Alley. Keep up the good work. ^^

6968537 But extinguishing a consciousness from the world is half the fun. Whenever I eat meat in real life I get hard because I think "A cow died to be this steak"

>The delivery ponies are to die for!
>Die for

hope to see more soon, well done

This chapter is kinda sad.

Would have liked an extended Digestion sequence but was good for back into the swing of things. ^^;

Please tell me there will be more soon.

*looks at the title*


Commendable that you'd have the balls to update a story like this, though.

Yes, more Vorequestria! I always feel the more casual the better with vore so this one was a definite win!

Heehe, awesome, I've been waiting for anew chapter to this for months! ^w^ Celestia is a REALLY good pred too. >=3

And then Nightmare Moon visits an orphanage....

Seems like this should probably be tagged Alternate Universe; and possibly Dark and/or Random.

Awesome story. ^.^ This 'Vorepone' Discord Group sounds like a fun group, do you happen to have the link to the group, Would love to join. =3

7464958 8251955
Trouble making up your mind?

Yes... LOL! :rainbowwild: Good story is good! Sad when getting to the end of chapter lol!

You should have the next chapter be about the two ponies that placed the bet on who would win.

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