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An Intricate Disguise

Selling out has never felt so dirty. (Patreon!)

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This was a pretty good start. Look forward to more. We need a lot more of this concept. Not just ScootFutaloo, but ScootaDash as well. Sadly not common. Worse for clop!

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You have my attention for Futa Scootles!

Not often you get a story-based Futa fic, but you have my attention.

More pony porn. The Featured Box Troll strikes again!!!!!!

More pony porn. The Featured Box Troll strikes again!!!!!!

Needs more Futaloo.

>Is futaloo
>Needs more futaloo

I like the way you think.

I’m confused, is she both male and female or does she just identify as a female?

According to my interpretation, male genetalia but completely female body from the frame to the curve of the muzzle to the hormones (though she also gets more testosterone due to her male bits). Hope that makes things clear!

Does Scootaloo produce sperm or eggs? I think that is what the previous comment was really asking.

Ah, so a male who identifies as female. Perfectly fine.

She held me by the head. It was soft, one hand on my mane and the other on my chin, and she turned me to look at her. Gently, an adjective you’d never think suited Rainbow Dash, but her voice matched it too. “It’s okay, Scoots. But we need to talk about this.”

The story is good and I enjoyed reading it. I did end up getting confused for a moment over the use of "hand" but other than that, well done

Whoopsie, will edit that out. Cheers for the catch!

Would you have preferred "Futaloo" instead?

Interesting so far, and it's nice there's the more emotion side of things as well as the smut.

That being said, I accept the 'nobody knows' as a necessary hand-wave, but all I can think with this premise is that they're all naked. Hard to hide things, y'know.

What's the bet that all her friends already know? Considering that Rainbow knew, I think it's quite likely.

Futaloo WITH what looks to be a well-paced interesting coming of age plot? Sign me up!


Most cases a hermaphrodite character is female and just happens to have both sets of genitalia. They're typically female, but some 'male herms' exist. The feminine ones are not noticeably more masculine or androgynous generally. Male herms can be anything from hyper-masculine beefcakes to soft, cute, fembois who are likewise dual-equipped.

Basically, don't try and science it and use the above labeling criteria. If they look feminine/have breasts and have both sets they're a girl. If they look like a guy, even a girly guy, and have both - they're a guy. Beyond that, their personal identification is something you find out by reading, but generally it doesn't really change from what I've already said.

'Futa' or Futanari, is a more catchall term, however. That can apply to hermaphrodites as well as characters who are post-op transsexuals, as well as characters who have the opposite genitalia for their body naturally. Such as, in every way a female, but lacking a vagina and sporting a hardon. Likewise, the (pardon) cuntbois, are the reverse of this and a fairly popular subset of fetish fuel. These all fall under Futanari, which is originally a Japanese term but became sort of general license.

Hopefully this was educational!

A great start so far. Their are a few points when the narrative switches from 1st person to 3rd person and back again, but other than that. Good job.:twilightsmile:

I am disappoint, Intricate. You switched into third-person a couple times in this - in particular...

It was difficult to hear something like that from Rainbow. On one hoof, she accepted her. She didn’t reject her or call her a freak. She was trying to make her feel better, convince her that she was great no matter what, but on the other…

“Whoa, hold on.” Rainbow was suddenly looking at her with severity, as if she had just caught whiff of terrible news. “Don’t tell me you’ve never…”

I didn't notice these in your other stories, so either you forwent the usual editor, or are actually multiple writers on one account. Or maybe the comments pointed out errors on the others before I read them.

I could feel the apprehension grabbing at me, mixing with the arousal that I tried to force from my mind until I was disoriented and fearful all at once. “No,” I replied, trying to force myself off of her, but she kept me from moving too far. “No, we can’t. It’s too weird. I can’t talk to you about it.”

“Why can’t you?” Rainbow smiled, softly stroking her mane, something she’d associated with the strongest reassurance ever since Rainbow had helped her through her camping night terrors years before. “You can always talk to me about anything, champ. Always.”

“Even if it’s something that makes you weird and confused and seriously uncool?” I had tears in my eyes, I could feel it, I could see the way they obscured my vision. Rainbow didn’t seem deterred. I tried and failed to blink them away.

I think you meant to use first person there.

Every meeting I’d ever had with Rainbow flashed through my mind. All the effort I’d made to keep myself concealed, the constant checking to make sure I wasn’t sitting of moving in any way that would allow me to expose myself… “How? Did my parents tell you?” The idea felt like a betrayal, almost, but she found it hard to even imagine that was the case.

Same here.


Cheers a bunch for the catches! I'm not entirely sure why, but I've been making this mistake recently—it's a new quirk. I think it might have something to do with the fact that I'm constantly switching between writing first, second, and third person limited stories in the same writing sessions (for example, this chapter was one of the results of my seventeen thousand word writing binge yesterday), but no, this doesn't make me 'multiple writers', or whatever else. I'll fix these, and try to make an effort not to do this again, as it's quickly becoming the most irritating mistake I make just on account of how basic it is.

I hope this ends in an orgy. :twilightsmile:

Hmm, new chapter,
Personal Reflection
She's going to masturbate in front of a mirror isn't she? No, that'd be too obvious surely.
*reads chapter*
:facehoof: Guess not.

On the last chapter: although appropriate I kinda hoped RD would actually ride Scott's pony.

On this one: someway, somehow, I think she'll end up taking it and liking. Most likely from, dunno, Sweetie Belle with a magical protrusion :trollestia:

It's still not clear for me if she is a herm, or just... just equipped differently.

Well, here it is a pun. Personal reflection is also a term.

Just equipped differently. No 'female parts' to speak of on Scoots.

I nearly busted out laughing at the last line there, it got me chocking on my pop though.:rainbowlaugh:
Great chapter all around.:twilightsmile:

dame this by far is one of the funnest clops out there even if there is no vinyl.

oh and this needs a radio drama

may i ask how chap thee is coming if there is one, i most know.

Personally, rather than just have Tiara and Scootaloo, I'd like to see a threesome between Tiara, Spoon, and Scootaloo. And maybe a threesome between Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom. And maybe for the ending, all seven ponies come together for an orgy. That would be great! But that's just my idea.

9127962 Yeah, that would be great.

That's a rare OTP. Then again I've been away so long, but this one feels so much more natural than some of the more forced ones.

I take it Scooty is going to try the close friends practice route? Or does she really have the ovaries and balls to start off with Diamond so quickly?

. . .

It's Scootaloo, a horny, wanting, eager Scootaloo. I wouldn't doubt her for a second.

Welp. Guys settle in, this is our camping ground so don’t be afraid to pop a few tents...or put up your tents. *baddum tish *

holy crap that would be the best thing ever


Personally, rather than just have Tiara and Scootaloo, I'd like to see a threesome between Tiara, Spoon, and Scootaloo. And maybe a threesome between Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom. And maybe for the ending, all seven ponies come together for an orgy. That would be great! But that's just my idea.

holy crap that would be the best thing ever

I believe you were agreeing with my suggestion and going to go through with it.

if what you mean by go through with it you mean wright a fic with that in mind, yeah i could do that. but i am also working on 3 big fics so if i did anything like that it would be some time till someone would read it.

9132636 I meant more like incorporate it into the story, seeing as how the next chapter will undoubtedly feature Diamond Tiara.

This chapter was cute, awesome and sexy. A+ I loved it. :twilightblush: :rainbowdetermined2: I kinda jealous of Scootaloo now. :rainbowwild:
I also have to say that this was very in character for both Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash. Scoots is sensitive to things she might make look less cool and Rainbow is a mare of actions. And actions speak louder then words

9133384 If you didn't write this story and you aren't the co-author, then you're breaking the site's rules by uploading it.

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You've been speaking to another commenter. I'm the author, and I uploaded it. You can see my name above the story, you can see it has been uploaded to my account. You can also see the name of the user you've been speaking to, a user whose name isn't my name.

I'm honestly not sure how the confusion came about on your part, but I hope this clears it up.

any good vinyl and tavi ships you now about

Comment section of an unrelated story isn't exactly the place to ask that, but as you did ask, I recommend joining this group and combing through the stories.


Just avoid the incomplete stories that haven't updated in years and you should have a good time.

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