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C’est La Vie - That’s Life
One single phrase, that Carrot Top and Braeburn promised to keep repeating forever. No matter what happened, no matter how hard thigns became, they’d just repeat that phrase, and they’d be supposed to know why they’re fighting against life. It’d make sure they never gave up.

But how did they - Braeburn and Carrot Top - start their life? How did they become a couple? Well, it’s easy. It started with a phrase that went like this: C’est La Vie- That’s Life

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 18 )

frase; phrase ti; to jsut; just strengthem; streingthen them Breaburn; Braeburn ? well; ? Well frase; phrase

Dear, did you proofread the description?

Still, I loved the story <3

6156639 Dear, no, but I just fixed it os it should be fine

6156639 I'm sure I shall read the story, but the description is painful spelling-wise and it doesn't bode well for the story.

6156658 You still got Braeburn and phrase wrong honey <3 And big W after the questionmark

6156664 fuck my life

6156662 I'm fixing description please bear with me

6156662 Well, I got the honor to proofread the story, and liked it ^_^ And I assume keam here simply didn't read the description. She does that sometimes.

6156666 C'mon, don't be so hard on yourself honey. (Just remember to proofraed the description next time <3 Or, send it to me and ask me to do it)

6156673 Alright... :/

6156666 Don't you worry, don't you worry child...

I edit most of Miss Spectrum's stories, but when I see her descriptions, I'm like "gahhhhhh!" :facehoof: But really, her English is about 10000 times better than my Portuguese, so I shouldn't complain really.


And Gah! Already one down vote without explanation...

Short description: "Braeburn and Carrot Top is a couple." Are. They ARE a couple.

6158108 Fuck. I always do mistakes on that.

6159101 It's all right. Something I do is read my descriptions and my chapters a few times over, often quietly reading them aloud. Hearing and actually saying the words makes it easier to spot little things like that. :twilightsmile:

6159515 Yeah, but I got problems with it out loud, too. It's partly because I'm not native speaker, too

This is so sweet! One of my favorite of your writings so far! :rainbowkiss: Braeburn and Carrot are soooo cute together!

6159659 Thank you! <3

6159593 Oh, I'm sorry! Well then I'm just impressed that you're writing in your non-native language! Still, you should see about getting an editor. I'd offer but I'm a teacher, so checking grammar at work AND as part of my hobby is too much for me. :twilightsheepish:

Hehe, thanks. I got an editor, but I always forget to let her check the description

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