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Old project. Wanted to finish it before starting something new. Let me know how I did, sugs.

That was fucking hot...

6059861 I'm not into incest...but this does it RIGHT. I love how gentle they started. Not bad.

P.S I'm taking notes. *squee*


I'm a little bit skeptical about this clopfic. I like Twining to a extent (depending on my mood and if it doesn't always resort to infidelity) but I'm not a huge fan of grimdark elements and/or grimdark aspects in fetishistic clopfics. That being said, I might take a look at this some time soon.


Glad you liked it, sugs!


Oh, it's not that dark, sug. I just tagged it that way because I think some folks would prefer that as a warning. Incest stigmas, you know. I did write Twilight as a mite jealous, but it's up to you if that's really 'dark.' I'd like to hear if it needs the tag or not, if you ever get around to reading it, actually.


I just finished reading this clopfic. The clop scenes were great but for some reason its heavy adulterous context and for the fact that Twilight placed a certain spell onto Shining kinda turned me off briefly. Not to mention Twily's characterization is a tad iffy. Other than that, there were little to no errors on the writing, grammar, punctuation and so forth. As a sparklecest clopfic, you did it quite decently. :twilightsmile:


Well, that's good to hear, sug! You think it needs the Dark tag, still?


It's up to you but the dark tag implies certain grimdark and/or creepy elements in a story. Twily's obsession of her brother is similar to Friendship is Witchcraft version of her so that might have to do with the dark tag I think.


Hm. I just don't want to give the wrong impression, like you got. It's supposed to be a sexy work, after all.

I think I'll take the tag off and update the warnings. Thanks for reading, sug.

This is unexpected.I never thought you would do an incest story. Can't say I love this pairing, but I did enjoy the story.

I really have to wonder how incest became such a taboo, when a long time ago it was common pace. What changed in society to cause this? I have heard the "inbreeding" argument before, but there has to be more to it. Or maybe not, who knows?

You just keep crapping out these amazing clop stories, don'tcha?


I try, sug.

Allow me to present you with my thumbs-up, good author. You earned it.

Obvious sequel where Cadance learns of this and (rather than flipping tables) 'persuades' Shining Armor to spend more time with her.
Obvious sequel to the sequel where Twilight and Cadance compete for Shining's attention.

I think that I was trying to be wryly humorous there, but I'm too tired to tell.

But yes, good stuff. It's vanilla, and an idea that's only been done about 1000 times before, but still good.

... I just called incest "vanilla", didn't I? I'm sure that gives absolutely fascinating insight into my psyche, but my eyes are just about crossing. Now that I've tried to ass of self, sleep.

Another feature, damn.

I know, it's getting hard to keep up with

Nice reference to the poem "Ozymandias". Pretty weird twist though :P

I love Twicunt's reply letter where she tries to guilt trip Shining.

[Incest] [Plenty of Incest] [Lots of Incest] [All of the Incest]

I get this weird feeling that there's incest in this story...

Whew! What a thing to wake up to.


Glad you enjoyed, sugs.


Sex sells, I suppose?


You're not wrong, sug.

Right before the clop commenced I kept thinking that there could be an interesting basis here for another story, one about how Twi feels like she's getting distanced from her brother due to his marriage and that she misses the BBBFF she used to have. Of course all this flew merrily out the window like a cheap alarm clock on Monday morning when the clop started, but hey, it's a thought.

Huh... the beginning was actually really cute and nice... besides all the sexual inner thoughts.. you should try, that is if you want too, making a cute story that doesn't include clop, because I quite enjoyed the SFW parts of your fics, I also enjoyed the NSFW parts but I more or so read these out of curiosity rather then sexual desire.. all in all well done, I enjoy reading your fics.

SFC #25 · Jun 6th, 2015 · · 4 ·

Christ, what is with FiMfic and incest.

When Twilight bended over to pick up the painting, she could've mentioned how, if she somehow lost her magic again (See: Tirek.) She'dd want to do some menial tasks, with an off-hand mention of how her 'big strong knight' would protect her if that was the case (Hint to Shining.)

I find this story severely lacking in incest. Still, gotta upvote for, umm, reason.

6062812 It's one of the #3 most common fetishes in the world.

Who else has seen the full image of the cover art?

6062992 what are the other two?

Also, what are your sources?

6063261 My sources are questionable, seeing as they're the top-searched fetishes on sites like Redtube and Pornhub.
The other two are 'Teen'/'Barely Legal' and I think It was Anal.


I have, sug.

6063305 Those sites made their the top-searched public? How shameless!:raritydespair:

Where did you found it?:derpytongue2:

Anyway that seems legit but knowing that now I can knowingly provide a reason why those might be overrepresented and that is that when people are craving for a specific thing (like when you feel like having something cool or spicy) they use the search engine, but when they are having a general craving they will settle for what's most ready available even when their favorite dish might be more easily found with just a little bit more work.

For that reason, the more common fetishes are probably underrepresented in that chart, for example people most commonly search for something that they crave like cool sweet ice cream or juicy meat stake even when they always have available something like bread or rice that they eat every day.

So I wouldn't give those the title of the most common fetishes; if that make's sense.:twilightblush:

6063404 Pardon me?:derpyderp2:



Oh, shucks, I quoted the wrong person. Sorry about that.

6063919 No worries, LOL:derpytongue2:


6063910 Well, those fetishes are the most commonly searched, then ^^

So, I dunno when this happened, and you may already know. But I saw this story in the featured box. Congrats!

Incest....was featured....

Though,you still get my approval.
+1 like,very sexy.

6065152 Sex sells
Forbidden sex sells better

6065152 It's not the first time it's been featured.

Dees eez gewd :ajsmug:

:ajbemused: Hm.... I would like to summarize this in the most accurate way possible... Ahem... "DAAAAAAAAAAAYUM!!!!! :pinkiegasp: " ... Thank you. That is all. :ajbemused:


Glad you enjoyed it, sugs.

I can't even imagine being sexually attracted to my brother. :fluttercry:


Neither can I, sug. At least in part because I don't have one.

I have four sisters none of which am I in any way attracted to...

Story is alright.

Not a huge fan of cheating though. Would rather Cadance know about it.


Send me a link please, sug.

This is incest done right and I'm lovin' it.

Despite the whole incest thing, I think I like TwixShining the best. Good job with this.
6059948 and I agree with you. Fucking hawt~

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