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whoooooo drunk and reading clop fic at midnighhhhhhhhhht
life is good and this is also goooooood

Skeeter the lruker

*stows in secret clop folder for later use reading*

Celestia, why would you need even more Pussy and Cock after dealing with Griffons for who knows how long?

5933717 Cheers to you my friend!
Indeed, It was grand.

5933717 lol and you still dont forget your signature. Good man. :moustache:

Hahahahaha! Yes! Finally.

Well then... 3 parts to this comment and a second one on the other ending.

1: Sir, because you got me here some how, you deserve a like.

2: I thought this would be like last time, but nope you filled me with tears of love (dem salty tears...)

3: Because fuck Cadence shoots Cadence in the face. Oops.

5933741 Um... okay. Fingering must've been hard...

Yup. Fuck her he did. I'm bored now.

5933717 You failed to spell your signature correctly

Skeeter the Iruker

why do they always do the "use the spell for no pregnancy thing" it takes all the fun out of it. like 98% of the clopfics do it. Some of us LIKE the idea that they might get pregnant.

5933717 party my brother!
I had screwdrivers. what did you drink?

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

So you pretty much waited an actual year just to post the sequel?

Skeeter was drunk when he posted that. He even says so in his initial comment.

Read carefully. That's all I can really say.

5934428 Still, lruker.

A failure of the spell and them not realizing it is even better.

make another sequel.

Either way, Celestial is gonna be annoyed. Either that they didn't wait for her the night before and left before she woke up, or because her bed is now a total mess.
Also, did Twilight take of Celestia's stockings, etc?

I hoped the alternative ending would have been Celestia catching them on the act instead of being distracted by the griffons.

Other than that, good stuff would read again.

5934590 At first I was mad that you'd leave that kind of a comment but then I looked at the spoiler bar and I laughed harder than I should

I feel sorry for the maid that has to clean that...

Celestia loves sleeping in it^^ :trollestia:

Ahhh... there's just nothing like a Sparklecest clopfic. Thanks for giving me my fix, Abyss! ^_^

So...now that you're finished this story, what are your plans for the future? New story or updating your other stories?

Second time reading it, still awesome

Your image source is incorrect, either link to the source or (if its nsfw) tell us the image number and artist so we can find it ourselves.


Well, in addition to making your sperm temporarily infertile, I just cast a spell that increases semen output from your balls.

hmm either casting the protection spell first and then the one that produces more semen was a mistake or

temporarily infertile

Twilight thought that maybe pushing the Shining’s cum out of her, but a part of her wanted her to leave it in her

got them.
Or am I missing something else?

The artist's name is correct. It is from freedomthai, so in a way, the source is correct by linking to their DA page. However, if you still want to find their art on Derpibooru, you can use the tag "artist:freedomthai" and browse. The image in question is number 562349 on the site. It is indeed NSFW, so view at your own discretion.

5935039 I figured that it was the correct artist, but deviant art is probably the worst site in history when it comes to viewing nsfw stuff, especially on mobile devices (where they don't even show up despite my accounts settings).



5934590 well you read it... so what does that say about you my friend? :ajsmug:

I guess you are right about that sentence though in the spoiler


5935004 Technically it is not incorrect, as it is the correct artist. This is a cropped piece of art from a NSFW peice of theirs that I particularly enjoyed, and since we cannot link to NSFW content anymore, I just linked to their deviantart page.

5934851 I'm planning on finishing all of my other stories that need updates plus a couple more one shots, and then I'm starting the sequel for I'll Always be Here for You.

5934389 It was unintentional, I swear. :twilightblush:

I gotta admit... it was pretty hot.

5935142 the "problem" was already fixed by a kind commenter, linking to a deviant art is only slightly less helpful than linking to a gallery that has the piece of art in it somewhere.

5935200 I can PM you a link to the piece if you wish.

5935154 ok reread it twice couldn't find what your talking about. point it out. if not in the comments send me a message.

can you send me one too?

5935261 PM the guy I sent it to and ask him please. I'm in the middle of studying for finals, and I have three of them in the next two days. :/

There is a problem with this.

Twilight did not not luna till after the summer equinox. Yet here you have Celestia mention her by name to filly twilight.

Naughtiness, naughtiness everywere.
Except for the poor overworked Celestia ;)

-no more-

This an amazing reading! I just have one question, Twilight is not going to get pregnant, right??
Also, poor Celestia, she needs somepony or in this case something!

They could have at least waited for me...


It makes me really sad that I recognize the cover image

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