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I am an aspiring novelist/poet who writes high fantasy/action/adventure novels/fanfics and pretty poetry.


Alternate title: Bobtail is a Jerk

Bobtail is a psychiatrist. He hates it- and his patients aren't helping. He really should never have taken this job, but he's stuck. Should have gone for something saner and safer-like testing magical explosives.
But at least he has good insurance. Now all he needs is a lot of therapy...

This is my first attempt at writing a story with some darkly-comedic undertones, but I'm not sure if there's enough comedy for the comedy tag. I did try to make Dr. Bobtail the "anti Dr. Wolf (bronyanalyst)"- this is where the dark comedy comes from.
Dark tag and teen rating are for general violence and destruction.

A tie-in to Kingdom of Avia and Eighth Sea, in that the characters in this story are main characters in the two listed above. But there's no need to read Avia or Eighth Sea first, in this case. This story can stand alone.

Dr. Bobtail takes place between the Avia chapters "Trouble's Waking" and "Invasion". By the time of "The Other", there's so much trouble brewing, it's too dangerous for Bobtail to keep his office. And by the time of the chapter "Invasion", Bobtail's gotten the heck out of town.

Note: slowly working on chapters for: Goldfeather, Falcona, Redtail, Nisse, Azurel, Goldmoon, Night Wind, Awinita, Anaba- after those chapters, Bobtail finally quits his job, leaving the princesses scrambling for a replacement.

AMAZING coverart by Mongoosegoose and used with permission!

Note: Discord is in a few chapters- not sure if he's a big enough player to be tagged though. The main focus is on Bobtail and his patients.
Note: This story was partially inspired from watching a large number of "A Moment With Doctor Wolf" videos on YouTube and partially from an RP some friends and I had a while back involving a psychiatrist. I got to wondering how a psychiatrist would respond to my characters, considering their personalities. Originally, I was going to have Bobtail be pretty competent and polite, but when I realized how much more fun it would be to write an incompetent jerk psychiatrist, that was what I did.

Other AviaVerse stories:

Main Stories:
Kingdom of Avia- the start of it all
The Eighth Sea- Sequel to Avia
(I have 2 more sequels in the works as well, but they aren't yet published)
I have quite a number of these in progress, though none are published yet (except a sort-of backstory called Survive the Everfree).
Other AviaVerse Sidestories:
Thieves' Gala
Also currently working on Avia Girls- Avia meets EQG. It's much less violent than most AviaVerse stories, and will hopefully be published soon.

Want to know more about the AviaVerse? Here's the AviaVerse group. It has much more worldbuilding/side info that aren't in the stories so they don't take away from the action. At the moment, it's invite-only to join, but if you want to see more AviaVerse info, look in the forums.

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