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I am an aspiring novelist/poet who writes high fantasy/action/adventure novels/fanfics and pretty poetry.


Storm is a thief and bounty hunter. The Gala is full of rich ponies with fancy jewels.
Discord is the Chaos Demon and a carnivore. He's looking for easy prey.
There is no way this will end well.

This is part of the AviaVerse universe and takes place early in Kingdom of Avia, between the chapters "Trouble's Waking" and "Alliances". I highly recommend you read Kingdom of Avia first, or at least the first few chapters, to understand more about the characters and situations in here.

AMAZING coverart by Mongoosegoose and used with permission.

A note on the cover: Storm (the unicorn) painted her fur on her front half to look like a suit so she could get into the Gala- she's actually a pinto.

Other AviaVerse stories:

Main Stories:
Kingdom of Avia- the start of it all
The Eighth Sea- Sequel to Avia
(I have 2 more sequels in the works as well, but they aren't yet published)
I have quite a number of these in progress, though none are published yet.
Other AviaVerse Sidestories:
Dr. Bobtail

Want to know more about the AviaVerse? Here's the AviaVerse group. It has much more worldbuilding/side info that aren't in the stories so they don't take away from the action. At the moment, it's invite-only to join, but if you want to see more AviaVerse info, look in the forums.

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