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I am an aspiring novelist/poet who writes high fantasy/action/adventure novels/fanfics and pretty poetry.


(As with all my stories, this one takes place in the AviaVerse. This particular story takes place a bit before the Kingdom of Avia chapter "Trouble's Waking", but you don't need to read Avia to know what is going on).

Svengallop is a manager to the stars, or so he claims. But many of his rising stars have mysteriously vanished. One day, he meets a 'down home' mare named Coloratura, who has a wonderful singing voice, and decides she's worth training. But her biggest, most expensive concert is interrupted by a stranger, a stranger who is far too clever, who seems to know his plans, and she doesn't like them. And armed with that knowledge, that stranger is going to make him pay...

Characters: Svengallop, short appearance of Countess Coloratura (thus the 'other' tag because there's no tag for them yet). Other characters are OCs, including OC Diamond Dogs.

Teen rating and dark tag for violence/implied violence and slavery. No coverart because I'm not sure what the cover should be. I know it would have Svengallop cowering on the ground, but I'm not sure of which of my characters should be lording over him.

Note: After watching "The Mane Attraction", I wanted to see that blasted jerk of a manager Svengallop get clobbered (I have a low tolerance for jerks-too many experiences with them). I was hoping Applejack would kick Svengallop in the head. But since Svengallop didn't get punished in the show, I wrote this story, albeit with a darker twist (since this is an AviaVerse story).

The wonderful LyraAlluse gave me this idea!

NOTE: The main story is technically complete, but I plan on adding a bonus "what-if" chapter that doesn't have to do with the main storyline, but is a story on what would have happened, had Svengallop not met the bounty hunter in the first chapter.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 18 )

Yessss! I have been waiting for this. I can't wait to see how this guy gets his comeuppance.

6661329 Then you will probably really like this. I have some delightfully sadistic ideas in mind...

6661335 I shall enjoy every minute of watching the guy who mooved Pinkie Pie to tears suffer. Muhahaha!

6661360 Thank you! I have three more chapters to follow!

6661364 Awesome :D
BTW just out of curiosity, what are your feelings towards Starlight Glimmer? Same as Svengallope?

6661371 Starlight Glimmer is kind of a cool villain, but she wouldn't fit in the AviaVerse, which is why I haven't used her in my stories. I do like her better than Svengallop because she's at least menacing. Svengallop is just a jerk.

When this episode happened, I officially pardoned Prince Blueblood and let him out of his cell.

6661381 Blueblood is still a jerk too in my book, just not as bad as Svengallop.

(BTW if you want to also see Blueblood get his, take a look at Thieves' Gala. He messes with the wrong equine, and she is not happy...)

Never got the appeal of revenge fics. Especially since the OCs introduced to dish out the supposed justice usually end up being horrible jerks who need to be jailed asap.

Kinda like the ones here, actually.

Not downvoting, but not upvoting either.

6662747 I understand where you are coming from. Thank you for taking the time to comment! Glad you like the OCs- they appear in my other stories as well if you have interest in reading them.

Poor guy! I mean, sure he was mean, but this is a bit harsh!

6687109 I know it's kind of harsh. But as I said, this is a just-for-fun fic. I don't condone or endorse the characters' actions but boy is the conflict fun to write!

And I also just added that the AviaVerse AU version of Svengallop planned to get Coloratura killed for the life insurance on her. So his punishment might now be considered more fitting the crime.


To each their own, I guess. My fic about him is totally different, but I can get where you're coming from.

6689046 Differences are what makes things interesting!

Hm, I might have to check out your fic sometime and see your take on the character...


The fic in question should be up sometime today. It's currently waiting for approval (submitted an hour ago.)

I am sure Svengallop realizes his mistake.

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