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So begins yet another chilly autumn in Equestria. While making her annual preparations for the winter, Twilight Sparkle comes across four jet black volumes in a dilapidated section of the Canterlot Archives. With Princess Luna's blessing, Twilight begins the long, arduous process of translating the ancient tomes. Before long, she begins experiencing horrifying dreams and visions of distant dimensions and indescribable monstrosities.

This is an attempt at blending the My Little Pony universe with Lovecraft's iconic cosmic horror.
Rated T for potential violence and nihilistic themes.

Chapters (19)
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Comments ( 87 )

The whole idea of "slipping through" a layer of reality and ending up in versions progressively creepier reminds me of Eversion, which in itself is a very Lovecraftian game.

I'm really enjoying this. You've got a knack for the whole 'cosmic horror' slant, I can see just from this beginning portion. Faving!

I like this already. This is really well written, you're very good at the lovecraftian 'recovered report' style of writing.
The worrying atmosphere is palpable, Celestia's reply letter is downright ominous.

All in all a good piece of work, i'm slightly jealous though because I'm working on my debut story for this site and I was trying to make the antagonist an equestrian version of a lovecraftian nightmare.

Thank you! I'm glad you like it.

Anyways, don't feel too bad about it. Frankly, I was a bit surprised there aren't more Lovecraft/MLP crossovers. You should finish yours. And then send me the link!

At first I was like :applejackconfused:

Then I was like :fluttershbad:

Now in like :rainbowhuh:(Y U no update!)

I have to say, this is really well written, aside from it being your first fic, it is nicely done!

Very seldom do I find a story this engaging, and I thank you for it, and the psycological horror style is something I havnt read in a long time.

The only thing that keeps it from being perfect is the paragraph structure, put more space between them.

Bravo, This actually gives me an idea for my survival horror IPC

Lol. I guess I'll take that as positive reinforcement. I'll just delete your previous posts, yes.

it would be awesome if twilight's appendages appeared like magic to other ponys who are not under the influence of the book and twilight gets a lot deeper into the process and now im going to fir my favorite orbital cannon

by the way the pic makes it look more like a monster aura and not twilight actually changing is this what its suppose to look like or my interpretation

No, you're absolutely right. I'm not having Twilight undergo any physical changes at this point, though you may have given me an idea I'll entertain eventually. Words can't express how much I appreciate your continued support for my work. I can only hope I'll finish as strong as I started. Cheers~.

really enjoying the story, very well written, keep up the good work :twilightsmile:

Thank you! I'm trying my best to keep up the quality while also updating as I can. Also not really sure if I should continue sticking in the pictures. I dunno if they're good enough, and they take a bit of time to draw, too... So everything's a bit of a balancing act.

Ah, Twilight, all the books in the world and you're still not genre-savvy enough to know that bringing an eldritch entity from beyond the realms of perception is probably not such a slick move.

As Bobby Singer from Supernatural says (in an episode about Lovecraft, fittingly enough), "It's never friendly!"

the plot thickens, I like it :twilightsmile:

ooh lala dang-it now I'm curois (dear god i forgot how to spell curious ) what spell she cast to turn the crops colors

ooooooh, choices, what will twilight do? :twilightsmile:

meh not so sure about this one granted it seems more like a plot builder so i guess that would explain the meh

Aw, bugger. Alright, hopefully this doesn't turn into a trend then. Consistent quality is hella difficult.

Pretty epic. I :heart: the chapters, make more, please. Oh, and, thanks for scaring my half to death a few times and giving me a heart attack about twice! Fun. :twilightsmile:

A pretty good chapter, I liked how you developed the plot. Eagerly awaiting the next chapter, keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:

I like how you ended on a suspenseful note,

I noticed something. You keep using that emoticon. What's up with that, bro?

710474 Well it is usually the emoticon that best describes the emotion that I'm trying to either convey or deliver the comment in.

732003 I'll have what he's having :pinkiehappy:

Another engaging chapter, thank you and keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:

I like how you change the speaker. It adds a nice touch, and makes it less boring. :trollestia:

I like where this is going, keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:

At first I was all like, "Ugh, another chapter to read, there are so many!" :fluttershbad: But, then I was like, "Get the popcorn!" :yay:


I await your quick updates, you faithful fanatic, Encyclone. :trollestia: :raritywink:

That was wonderfully written. Twilight you silly filly. :twilightblush:

I love Zecora's verse in this chapter. Also, to say that everything is royally screwed is an understatement.

I am really enjoying the story so far, this chapter was a good one. Keep up the good work.:twilightsmile:

softly of course

A thoroughly enjoyable chapter, I await the verdict of the grand arbiter eagerly. Keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:

Okay she is starting creep me out :twilightsheepish:

wow, that was an awesome chapter, I think perhaps your best yet. Keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:

Nice chapter. :yay: Very descriptive. But...
"The residents have gone mad as a hatter! And that big black thingy in the sky doesn't look too friendly does it."
It seems to me that there should be a coma before "does it" and a question mark afterwards, unless you did that on purpose for some reason.
"I procured two lengths of twine from the basement and used them to unify the tentacles below into a single ‘limb’."
:facehoof: Which basement???
Yeah, me likey this chapter! :pinkiehappy: Pretty epic, and super exciting! Can't wait for more. :raritywink: Wait, I thought you said you were working on your last chapter! This isn't last! Oh, well. Keep going, then. I sense even more excitement and epicness approaching! XD

Thanks! I appreciate your continued support.

Nitpicking, you are. Well done. I'll change it.

916982 Ah, yes I understand now. I reread it. i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh524/Encyclone/ISEEWHATYOUDIDTHERE.jpg

I get it now :pinkiesad2: The basement and all. :rainbowlaugh: Can't wait for next chapter. :pinkiehappy:

Solitaire looked on as I writhed in pain.
"I guess she's..." He took out his spectacles and slid them over his eyes once more. "...half the mare she used to be."

Sorry, I know it's a tired gag. Just barely resisted putting it in the chapter. But I don't have to restrain myself here in the comments.

That was so awesome! Though I must admit that I was hoping the Other Gods succeed rather then Twilight redeeming herself (sort of), also I think that the use of Fluttershy rather than expanding on Celestia's post immortality questions was perhaps the weaker option, though I won't deny that it worked well. Also that last line was just perfect. Great work, keep it up. :twilightsmile:

“You’ll forgive my delay, won’t you, Princess.”
Just checking, I'm pretty sure you put the period on purpose. Just making sure, but I'm pretty sure that would still work. :twilightsheepish: Sorry if that seems unnecessary.
"She sat down at the table across from me, lifted a quill and returned to her documents."
I think you should have told us if Celestia had stood up in the first place. :twilightsheepish: :rainbowhuh:

Loved this chapter, Solitaire was pretty awesome. :yay: This was pretty action-packed and EPIC as usual. One of your best chapters yet. The force is strong with this one... :rainbowlaugh: Keep up the good work! Oh, and I shall KILL whoever put a thumbs-down for this!!!! The picture was awesome, too, by the way, nice job on that.

Valid criticisms all of them. Perhaps this could work with a more tragic ending. But I was feeling optimistic at this point. I'd like to claim that the work has a positive overall message. Also, this leaves my Equestria open for a possible sequel. Who knows.

True and I understand the desire for a happy ending. Also sequels are fun. :twilightsmile:

A great story, though you could do an altenate ending where the Other Gods win, though if you decide not to the story is great as it is.

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