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Journals, diaries, logs, all books used to record one's thoughts, ideas and feelings. They act as eyes into the mind of the writer. What happens when that mind is sick?

A cold wind is rustling.

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Comments ( 59 )

fuck dis shit

I'm sorry... I'm so so sorry
Bad time to read a sad fix!
Agh! Ill sleep now...


I was already in a bad mood from a fight with my roommate, wile very well done and reminded me of many movies it didn't help with my mood. I think I will have to watch at least three Disney movies to fix my mood now.

Poor AJ... Wonder what happened to her. Rather, I know what happened to her. I just hope it didn't hurt.


Wow. That's all I gotta say is, wow. I was thinking throughout the whole thing, was either: zombie ponies or Discord. Anyway, that was worth the read and I enjoyed it very much.


564276 No problem, Lilo & Stitch, Mulan, Tarzan made me feel right as rain (and a little revenge on my roommate, but I'm not that petty) The story is great by the way. I feel that if you wrote a non-pony related apologetic story it could easily be published.

Wooooooow now I'm going to have to go on cheezburger before I go to bed so I don't wake up in this mood


565407 ill bet a new chapter of "of steam gears and wings" will halp:raritywink:


Haha, I c wat U did thar!

Honestly though, as I said on the blog. Chapter eleven is a real pain. I just don't feel like writing it. Full of silly one-shot material keep popping into my head. I WILL try though.

Well, that was interesting. Had a very "28 days later" feel to it. I genuinely enjoyed this little fic, and even thought it saddens me that you won't continue this, it was well written regardless. Keep up the good word!

I think I will continue it, or at least expand on the first chapter by quite a bit. I want this to have more of a... Sense of finition.

That was interesting, to say the least. I enjoyed it. Well done.

that was one of the sadest stories i read so far. :fluttercry: but enjoyable, in the sad way :pinkiesad2:


Don't worry, it get's worse. Then better... Then it all goes to hell!

633066 cant wait. im ready for it!!:flutterrage:

Plus sad instrumentals

that cliffhanger and i thought psycho ponies were mean

Hmmm. I assumed zombies, but whatever that pony was seems far more interesting at the moment.

I agree, which is why I find it far more interesting. So kudos to you for doing something different :pinkiehappy:

This is crazy good. I'm guessing those ghostlike ponies with white eyes were windigoes (wendigoes, I don't know)?
Well damn. I just want to know what happened next now. As well as what happened to cause this, and who the stallion is.
Gonna read the next chapter now...This is a cool story.

Aww yeah. I do like cliffhangers, actually, they provide pretty solid evidence that some serious shit is going to go down.
Was the pony who grabbed him Applebloom? If so, I think you made a slight spelling error, you put "come on, we need tha go!" shouldn't 'tha' be 'tah' assuming it actually is Applebloom and you were typing as she would speak (is that phonetic spelling? I'm not brilliant at definitions).
Anyway, you've added another layer or two of mystery to the story, so it's safe to say I'll be tracking and all that jazz.
Keep this awesome work coming!


You and your dark stories...well you can't have light without darkness. Very glad you decided to do more than a one-shot.

And I thought I wasn't ever going to read a fallout based story. So far, the saddest part of this story is Lyra and BonBon breaking up (JK:twilightsmile:). They are reminding me way too much of one of TAW's clop-fics (a LyrabonDash story, I don't recommend reading it).
I hope the stallion in this story gets autopsy reports of what happen to the mane 6, because I'm sure at least AJ and Rarity are dead, and he also needs a name.


Oh, he has a name... hehe.

I liked the Twist you threw in there. It was written well and threw me for a loop. :pinkiecrazy:


655253 Actually, darkness is the absence of light. Therefore they exist almost completely seperated from eachother in a sort of mutually exclusive competition. =3

(p.s. I realize what you were trying to do, but... :trollestia:)

Dat last entry in Twilight's log.

Local Inhabitant Morale:

Quite ominous.

Aside from that, I'm incredibly interested in what happens next. Great story. :twilightsmile:

ah yes, apocalyptic log stories. these ALWAYS end well :trollestia:

also, for that punful pun, you get dumped into a tub of maple syrup.

I'm starting to think you like writing stories where the fillies share the spotlight; CMC in Steam, Gears, and Wings, Pipsqueak in Insults, Featherweight in Challenges and Kisses, and now Twist in Journals (sorry, going brain-dead in middle of night and trying to find something to do:derpytongue2:)

Huh... It's not really on purpose, I just like using characters that are rarely used.


If' you're looking for something to do, go to my blog posts, I put up debates and the likes, strike up an arguement! You'll be wiser from it.

Oooooh... this is pretty cool stuff. :D

Iodine pills. Why did the doctor give her Potassium Iodine pills before everything happened?

Ah, never mind about the iodine pills before it all happened. It's interesting to see how Rarity was seeing everything happening around her and her complete obliviousness.

Reading complete! Loading proper response...

It wasn't obvious it was Twist from the last chapter? How odd. I got it, anyway. Also, to the hospital, check the town hall, and then head west I say is what he needs to do.

Yes, Twilight, you were missing something staring you right in the face. The Swirl index (Magic interference or what have you) continued to rise the entire time.


Bug StapleCactus, comment above yours.

Rog' sorry for the misdirected pony rage lol

Lost one, gained one.

Not sure what to think about that.

I'm so HAPPY that this updated. And poor Twist...

Finally. This story was far too interesting to be discontinued. Also, even though I'm not a big fan of Twist, I hope she doesn't die.

I think I realized Of Journals switched writers when a chapter actually hit 4k:twilightsheepish:

1455255 Did they lose Twist? It really wasn't clear. She was riding on his back and then someone stabbed her and the story says absolutely nothing about the results of that afterwards.

1469913 The way that I read it, it implied that they were minus one by the time they exited the hospital, so I'm not holding my breath that something good actually came of it.

1470036 I reread it several times and I didn't see it implying anything one way or the other. It just mysteriously stops mentioning her.

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