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Shiny Beam is stuck in a rut. He's lost the fire that once made him a great writer. All is not normal in Ponyville, however, as a strange anomaly thrusts him far, far into the future, where no trace of ponies are left on Equestria... except for one survivor. This long-secluded pony recants the tale of his life and the end of Equestria.

In this barren land, Shiny must find hope. And a way back.

Featured on EQD! http://www.equestriadaily.com/2012/03/story-resolution.html

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Sweet Celestia, this is gonna take me a few nights to read; but what I have read so far looks excellent! Nice work mate!

Looks well-written but very sad :raritycry:

I wasn't too sure where this story was going at first, I sensed something sinister in Blind the way he was pulling apart everything about Beam, but I'm glad that turned out to be me just being cynical. I loved how tyour narrative matched up against the setting, despite being in this nihilistic the content of the conversation was so much more rich that it made the dead space surrounding thse two ponies seem almost tranquil, whereas the first paragrah with Sky was the exact opposite, full of content and information, but left both Beam and the reader devoid of any real connection.I also liked the lore you developed for this story, it corresponds surprisingly well with the show's canon without making it a big deal. The ending was surprisingly uplifting, given what had to be read before we got there and seemed to instil more hope than sadness from the reader.

This was a pleasure to read, keep up the great work!

Inb4 EQ-
*checks EQD*
OMG That's a fast one

It seems to me that Shiny may be Blind's dad since he never has seen his dad, he does not like talking about it, he knew he was going to be their before it happened, this has many things that add up to that theory. This is a very well put story i would like to say, it was a very good read and would love to see expansions on shiny's future. It would be plausible on the Equestria History in this since it all has a start and a end.

Ah. In this fic, the Equestrian sun is like our sun in the fact it turns into a white dwarf.

When I was writing this, my aim was to make the relation between Blind and his mother subtle, and the relation to Shiny much more noticeable. However, the reviewers and most readers found it much easier to discern who his mother is as opposed to who his father is. :twilightsheepish:

Hey, it's you!

*tracking, will read*

Wow, incredible story! Not much more I can say, simply amazing.

My initial thought:
Shiny's your daddy. :rainbowlaugh:

No, really. It was quite a nice fic - well written and you certainly introduced some interesting ideas there. If you'd like to write a romance sometime in the future, it would be interesting to read how Shine and Twilight's relationship started. :raritywink: Just an idea, though.

Oh, and I'm curious if went like that:
1. Shiny meets Blind Force in the future.
2. He gets back and marries Twilight.
3. At some point he tells her about Blind Force.
4. Blind Force is born and lives his life.
5. At some point Twilight tells him about a meeting with his father in the future.
6. Blind waits on the desolate planet for all eternity.
7. Go back to 1.

Time paradoxes make my brain hurt. :rainbowlaugh:

Wow, just wow... words simply cannot describe what I felt reading this- it's just <undescribable>.

Why did I not comment on this when I first read this? :rainbowhuh:

Sadly, that means I haven't read this for quite some time, so I can't really comment on specifics... Sorry :ajsleepy:

Anyhow, this was an excellent story. Nicely done :yay:

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