• Published 16th Feb 2015
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Scootaloo and Sombra - RabidTonberry

Brief glimpses into the home life of Scootaloo and Sombra

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A Nightmare (Unedited)

It was a sunny day in Ponyville, and Scootaloo was taking full advantage of it. She was currently running through the local park chasing after her friend Apple Bloom. Apple Bloom was trying to make it to the tree line in an attempt to lose her.
That wasn't going to work.
Scootaloo smirked and picked up speed. She quickly closed the gap between them and pounced onto Apple Bloom. They collided with a thud rolling across the ground and into the tree line.

“Ahaha!” Scootaloo exclaimed emerging on top of Apple Bloom from the tussle. “What do you have to say about that!” she boasted looking down on Apple Bloom.

But Apple Bloom wasn’t there.

“Wha?” She exclaimed looking around. The forest had grown humid. Unbearably so, and had it always been this dark? Wasn’t the sun just out?
Where did it go?

“You’ve been a naughty little filly Scootaloo,” a nasally voice whispered in Scootaloo’s ear sending jagged splinters down her spine.

Princess Luna looked down on the sleeping form of Lyra. The mint colored one was snuggled up in Sombra’s bed. Her mane already a mess, her mouth openly drooling on the pillow she rested her head on. In her forelegs she hugged another pillow close to her barrel snuggling as close as she could into it. One of her back legs twitched every so often as she snorted in her sleep.

Luna frowned at the hot mess before her. “I just don’t see what he sees in you,” she mumbled to herself. “Sure you’re not that bad looking as far as common ponies go, and even I have to admit your flanks are quite supple. But can they really measure up to my royal posterior? Doesn’t Sombra know that a royal ass just don’t quit?” she snorted. “Perhaps it’s my fault for pairing you up on Nightmare Night. And Sombra was pretty dense on all my advances. If only I had the nerves to be direct with him when I wasn’t in my Nightmare persona, maybe he would have been more open to my advances,” she sighed. “Just don’t think I’ve given up just yet. I admit you’re a worthy opponent though-,” she stopped as she took notice of Lyra’s twitching ear.
“Oh pony feather she hasn’t been awake this whole time has she?” she silently cursed herself but stopped when she heard a faint noise coming from another part of the house.

It was whimpering

Luna barley had enough time to make herself invisible as Lyra’s eyes suddenly snapped open. With a blinding speed the unicorn leapt out of bed and trotted down the hall.

Scootaloo ran.
She trotted at full speed through the woods. She didn’t stop for anything. Not even when the wall of diseased trees turned into the rotten looking wood paneling of house she was all too familiar with. She skidded to a stop to bank into a corner but she ran into the one pony she never wanted to see again.
Miss Merry Weather,
Her whole being froze as she felt a deathly chill run through her, even though the whole place reeked of a burning humid air that slightly burned their flesh and made it hard to breath.

Miss Merry Weather was a sickly pale Earth Pony with smiling clouds on her flank. She wore a pleasant smile on her face. She smiled down on Scootaloo welcoming her home.
Scootaloo shivered so hard she was sure she had dislocated her spine.
“You’ve been a naughty filly again. Haven’t you Scootaloo?” Merry Weather tasked stepping forward.

“No, I’ve been a good filly,” Scootaloo squeaked backing up.

“Don’t you lie to me little one. I know you’ve been telling lies again around town.”


“You told such a horrible lie to your teacher today. A lie so bad that your teacher had to come here to get the truth from me. You know the lie I’m talking about don’t you Scootaloo? Don’t you?”

Scootaloo gulped she made to turn and run away, but Merry Weather slammed a hoof down on her tail. Scootaloo yelped in pain as Merry Weather brought her muzzle down to whisper in Scootaloo’s ear, “She told me that you claimed that the reason you couldn’t fly was because I clipped your wings. Now why you say something like that?”

Scootaloo risked a glance behind her and saw that Merry Weather’s face was scarred and slightly aflame, “You really shouldn’t tell lies Scootaloo. Even if they are true,” she grinned ear to ear as fire started to whip around her and Scootaloo.

Scootaloo screamed.

Scootaloo jolted awake and began to cry. She didn’t even notice when somepony embraced her and held her close to their chest in a tight hug.

“Shh, it’s okay Scootaloo. I’m right here,” Lyra whispered soothingly into Scootaloo’s ear. She rubbed the distraught filly’s back as she continued to cry into Lyra’s chest. “It was just a bad dream. It’s alright, shh,” she continued to comfort.

Luna watched from the shadows and mentally berated herself, “I…I should have been doing my duty. Not, not, not stalking some pony out of jealously. I’m sorry Scootaloo,” She watched as Lyra picked up the distraught filly in her magic and walked out of the room. Luna sighed, “But I’m not giving up just yet mint one,” she mumbled before teleporting out of the house.

It was well after midnight when Sombra got off the train that came from Canterlot. He slowly made his way through the town, slightly stumbling from the exhaustion. It took him about ten minutes to reach his house, but he could have swore it took longer. He opened the door with a quick spell and made his way through the house while resealing the door with another spell. He noticed it was quiet, but paid it no mind. He entered his bedroom and stopped in the doorway from the sight he saw. Laying in his bed was his mare friend Lyra laying on her side and snuggled deep into her side was his daughter Scootaloo. Sombra knew that something had happened. Scootaloo wouldn’t voluntary snuggled with a pony she didn’t know that well. But at the moment he was too concerned with getting some rest, he would figure out what happened in the morning. He shed his armor off and climbed into bed. He gave a light kiss to Scootaloo and Lyra on their foreheads before snuggling close to Lyra his barrel resting against her back.

Author's Note:

The reports on my death were greatly exaggerated.
Looking for a new editor message me if interested


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I enjoyed all the fiction, keep going the good work. XD

Will this ever be continued?

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