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My name is Corkscrew, and this is my Big Book of Ponies, a book detailing the information I gathered in the land of Equestria about the various pony inhabitants. From celebrities to orphans, this book has it all!

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I like where this is going.
Novel take on all this. Can't wait for more!

Also, Horseshoepin? Why not Clopin? (assuming a pony Chopin)

I used the name that was listed for him on the FiM wiki

The part about Ditzy "Derpy Hooves" Doo was quite interesting. However, it wasn't that surprising, considering you aren't the first to portray her as an unknown intellectual.

I know. It wasn't meant to be a brand new thing, just a thing.

In fact, one of the main goals of this story was not only to create new stories, but also work off other stories. You'll find that Octavia's story wasn't a brand new thing either.

I think that, if this is meant as a chronicle, this should be set in the past tense...I dunno why the present tense bothered me, but yeah.

Anyways, really interesting style for a story and it has a good deal of potential in creating new backstories for known and unknown characters (the subtle and not so subtle holes in RD's backstory, for instance) in a non-standard/intriguing sort of way.

Nice job.

It's kind of supposed to be written in sort of a journal style.

803 Journal, chronicle...same kinda thing right? In any case, don't worry about my niggling, little doubts. This is definitely a 4 to 5 star story based on concept and execution alone.

That's good because the story is terrible :pinkiehappy: XD Just kidding I hope.

Something interesting caught my eye during Flat Hat's entry: "this wild blue pegasus. I never talked to her, she seemed like a hot shot". I think we can guess as to why a certain weather pony gave Corkscrew the run-around, eh?

How peculiarly interesting....

Will be followed.


845 Don't listen to that guy. It's a very interesting tale you're writing.

I was brushing him off with love and tolerance. I figure if at least one person likes what I'm writing that's good enough reason to continue.

Vinyl Scratch, Jetfire, Doctor and Octavia I get but the one that throws me is Sapphira. None of the ponies you've mentioned have a name that sounds like "Sapphire".....unless, of course, someone is using an odd nickname that downplays how smart she is in an effort to hide herself.

Well it wouldn't be any fun if all of them were incredibly obvious now would it? :twilightsmile:

"male-mare" Might want to watch your homophones, otherwise we get gender-confused ponies like this.

Anyways, good to get some more mystery in order to liven up the proceedings...the deeper this story gets the more these little diversions from the norm will probably be appreciated. Anyways, still going fairly nicely, particularly the bit with Jetfire. Could use an editing pass though.

849 Sapphire Shores would work as the incredibly obvious answer by name. (though you could always stretch in to include any of the blue ponies * nod nod *)

... Oh wow. I'm really ashamed about that. Male-mare. :unsuresweetie: I will fix it immediately.

Still great.
I've always wanted to have a conversation with the Doctor, as it were.

I enjoyed reading this story, especially the anecdotal, conversational style. Can't wait for the rest! :twilightsmile:

Well, unlike a lot of people, I just post chapters as I finish them. So odds are Chapter 3 will be out tomorrow, possibly sooner.



You're awesome. I love it when awesome stories update frequently.

One idea I was tossing up my head was like, since the story's pretty much told through "entries", I was thinking about making an in character blog as Corkscrew after the story arch with Jetfire and what not ends, and post regular entries in the style of this fic. I just thought that'd be amusing.
Anypony else think that's a good idea?


That would be pretty awesome! I think it would be a nice touch.

Yeah, because after the story that's building here is done, it's not really gonna be exciting enough to work as a fic, but a blog would be doable.

871 Sounds about right. (Of course, as soon as you start it you will be demanded to do "Corkscrew explores the ponynet" as the first entry)

In any case, this form of storytelling is intriguing, but limited at the same time. Blog could certainly work for entries beyond your predetermined arc.

Yeah, I removed the characters from the list that I had planned on using but have decided to just do on the blog.

This is shaping up to be a pretty creative take on the Equestrian world. (The Doctor, an Element of Harmony...crazy.)

Too many people have said that Doctor Whoof is based off of Doctor Who (the show, I'm not calling the character Doctor Who), so I decided to have Doctor Who based off of Doctor Whoof.

Red herrings are tasty fish.

Oh, dear. I should have paid attention to that 'chameleon arch' thing earlier....

Now that's a plot twist!

And a very interesting idea.

Alright, I've got a good plan for the conclusion that will wrap up this story-arch while also introducing the Ponynet, leaving the door open for a possible Big Blog of Ponies.

Er, sorry for not getting the Fourth Chapter done as quickly as I said I would. I got busy, should have it done tomorrow though.

You should continue it somehow. I'm loving the OCs.

Congratz. :twilightsmile: I liked the ending, although the section where corkscrew tells jetfire about himself seemed kinda... off. :applejackunsure:

Loved each and every chapter. One of the most fun stories I've ever read. not to say it isn't funny at parts. it was just such an enjoyable read, and it shows you had as much fun writing as we did reading keep up the excellent work I hope to see more like this.
Also I loved the variation to the whole Doctor Whooves idea :twilightsmile:

Maybe... Hm... I don't know

I'm glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

Of COURSE Colgate is a Kaled.
Nice spin on the Doctor - not bad at all. I liked it quite a bit.
Dunno if a continuation is necessary though.

That's what I ultimately decided about the continuation too. I decided it was fine the way it is.

This story is SO-AWESOME! :rainbowkiss:

you realise a clop is a stallion's dick, right?

Probably why the wiki has Horseshoepin.

Where te f is fluttershy:flutterrage:

Well, Fluttershy and Applejack will both be there if I ever make a random add on chapter.

2239 what????? gust get that off my back :pinkiegasp:

ok good story liking where this is going :twilightsmile:

people i have bad spelling

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