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I'm a goofy fun loving guy who likes to read, write and play video games. My favorite character is Twilight and my favorite CMC is Apple Bloom. I like Spike stories


Why is it that love can be so complicated?
Spike wants one thing to be with Rarity but he starts to grow feelings for someone else. Will Spike ignore these feelings or will he learn to love someone besides Rarity?

2/21/15 Edited chapter one so it would seem less forced.

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ok three things
1. Are you going to make this socially awkward for spike and the readers
2. Are going to be breaking down the forth wall with pinkie or other characters
3. For you cover art it should be simple to upload straight from your photo files when it ask for cover arts assuming you have a pic save and not getting one from google image

The CMC loves Spike!!!!

You're writing way too fast. It feels way to quick when you just go from one spoken sentence to the next. Break it up a little with thoughts or facial expressions, otherwise it feels and sounds like there's no emotion. That's how I feel anyway. Well, it's still early and hopefully this is just beginning.

I agree that while I was writing I should have added more emotion and thoughts for the characters but don't worry I can only get better from you guys.:pinkiesmile:

The grammer is a little improved here, but I still feel like there weren't enough full stops and/or commas. It's only little bits now though, so keep it up.

I'm trying to improve my writing but this is my first fic and it's best to learn from experience. Thanks for the feedback and I take advice to heart.

The moment they step into SAA a welcoming licking is coming.

Fatboi I have no idea what that means but I like it!

If no spikealoo im just up and leaving

Nocturnis you just want spike to choose between 3 adorable fillies you monster!

5510273 i wrote whispers of instinct of course I'm a monster

oh the complex that created here which is the recipe for disaster

Dregnight things are crazy but it's not over yet

Choosing will we awkward so.....

5515414 Damn right it'll be awkward but isn't someone's first love awkward too?:heart:

5515599 More awkward when choosing the lucky girl.

5515620 I guess Spike has a real conundrum, you'll have to wait and find out who chooses:pinkiesmile:

Spike i have a solution for your conundrum 1 word; foursome

Oh yeah btw I like to thank the people who favorite my fic, this is my first one of many and I will try to update as fast as possible:moustache:

5529709 Calm down don't forget about the rest of the CMC :raritywink:

5529948 i will but still............O. T. P.

5529966 I call this a hunch but I think you like Spikealoo

I don't know it just came to me:pinkiegasp: oh shit I'm a fucking mind reader

5530519 *puts on a magneato helmet* try it not bastard

Hnng hmm fuck this "Swallows cyanide pill and falls GTA style"

5530609 crap you saw the rest of my plans for whispers of instinct and it caused you to commit suicide well at least now the info won't leak

This will bite Spike in the ass. HARD.

Oh, let's be honest. Karma's got a blanket spread out, setting out the condiments, getting silverware ready...

5533273 You know what it will

This date better be entertaining.

5533391 it's going to be less romantic than this chapter but I will do my utmost to give you what you want

Give the baby dragon a break! This is his first ever crushes who have feelings for him and couldn't break their hearts.

5533415 the problem is he knows what he's doing I don't want to make this a harem because in real life that doesn't really happen

"Yeah, but I never been on a date before what do I do?" Spike asked. Twilight walked up to him, wrapped her front leg around his shoulder and said.

"I have no idea"

I had to read this three times to get a perfect image of twilight either way now all spike gotta do is fix the problem with sweetie

5534088 it's coming don't worry but shit will go down

5534200 this gonna end with a lot of slaps to the face

then he finds out that royalty is allowed to date 3 people... right? RIGHT!?

it most likely to end with the three filly having a competition then forcing spike to decide on the winner which who he might/might not mostly

FIMfaction really need a drama tag or some sort of customize tagging

If it goes South then hop on a train to the Crystal Empire and find shelter.

5534689 Yep slaps all over that face.

5534559 He is doing something that is morally wrong but not illegal he is not married so.

5534895 Shit he could be pampered by the crystal ponies lucky bastard.

5535378 Herding is a natural thing.

Ooooooh boy

5558375 Yep shit just got real nothing is more scary than a purple pony princess :twilightangry2:

5558574 how about three scray fillies

5516448 I don't know if applauding you would be wrong...

This is why Twilight and her family should've tell Spike about dating and relationships and they have no one to blame but themselves.

Spike you done goofed big time... :twilightoops:

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