• Published 16th Feb 2015
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Scootaloo and Sombra - RabidTonberry

Brief glimpses into the home life of Scootaloo and Sombra

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A Trip to the Crystal Empire

Scootaloo was excited. Today was the Coronation Day. The one day of the year where everypony celebrated the anniversary of Princess Twilight Sparkle's crowning with a three day weekend, and also the low low deals on new and slightly used hot air balloons at Screwballs discount dirigibles. But Scootaloo didn't care about that, although she did think that the Striker Z Balloon by Pegasus Dynamics looked sweet. No she was excited because her dad, King Sombra, was taking her to the Crystal Empire for the weekend. She bounced in her seat staring through her window trying to make out the oncoming train station through the perpetual snow storm that ravaged the northern part of Equestria.

"You certainly seem excited Scoots," Sombra remarked from the seat across from his rambunctious filly.

Scootaloo stopped her bouncing and turned her neck to look at her father, "Well yeah I've never been to the Crystal Empire before," she said with an attitude that basically screamed, "Duh, come on Dad."

Sombra tilted his head, "Didn't your school come here last year for the Equestrian Games?"

Scootaloo rolled her eyes and went back to looking out the window, "Yeah but that was a school trip. All we did was participate in the opening ceremony and take our pictures with the stupid crystal heart."

"Well I understand why you wouldn't consider that a real trip then. The crystal heart is stupid," Sombra chuckled as the train conductor chimed on the intercom in to let them know that they would be arriving at the station in a few seconds. Sombra grimaced as the train passed through the barrier that protected the Empire from the elements of the frozen north.

Scootaloo saw this, “Are you alright Dad?” she asked.

Sombra gave her a reassuring smile, “Don’t worry I’m fine. I thought I might have trouble visiting because of the crystal heart so I asked your Auntie Nightmare if she knew a way to get past it so she gave me this,” he said pulling his mane out of the way to show Scootaloo the tiny gold hoop earring that was pierced through his ear. “This negates the hearts effects and allows me to walk freely through the town. The aura the heart gives off still stings a bit though but I’ll be good.”

“You look like a dork with your ear pierced,” Scootaloo chuckled.

He rolled his eyes at his daughter, “Don’t get used to it. I have to give it back to Nightmare on monday,” he huffed as the train made its stop at the station.

Once the train completely stopped Sombra got up and levitated their saddlebags out of the overhead compartment. “Hey where are we staying at Dad?” Scootaloo asked as Sombra situated her bag onto her back.

“Don’t know yet. From what Nightmare told me. There’s no shortage of hotels or motels in the Empire now a days so we shouldn’t have any trouble getting a room.”

“Could we stay at a real fancy place so I can rub it in Diamond Tiara's face at school on Monday?” Scootaloo asked as they were making their way off the train.

“We’re going to stay at the fanciest place we can just for that reason alone,” Sombra said ruffling Scootaloo’s mane as they exited the train unaware of the shocked looks the crystal ponies on the train platform were giving them, and one such pony screeched and bolted as fast as she could to the palace. Scootaloo and Sombra paid no attention to this.

“Ahhh this brings back so many memories,” Sombra exclaimed breathing the fresh Crystal Empire air. “You see that toy store over there Scootaloo?” He said pointing to a brightly colored building with teddy bears lining a display window. “That’s where I use to keep all the foal laborers. They were perfect for getting into those tight little places in the crystal mines. Oh oh and over there,” He pointed to a building with a sign that said Twinkle Spark Attorney at Law. “That use to be where my pony slaves used to line up to receive their weekly rations. I can still see their mud encrusted faces as they received their weekly bread and water. And over there,” he pointed towards an upcoming elegant fountain. “That’s where I would publicly execute the ponies that decided to question my rule. So much blood so many memories,” he sniffed.

“Whoa, do you think any of the bloodstains are still there?”

“There’s only one way to find out,” he smiled heading towards the fountain and its surrounding park with Scootaloo in tow. Paying no mind to the Crystal Ponies that gave them a wide berth or cowered in the corners and alleyways of the street.

“Cool there’s a real big stain right by the fountain here,” Scootaloo awed.

“You’re right that is a big one, and if I’m not mistaken that one belonged to a pony that was trying to incite a rebellion in the mines. I believe his name was Bolt or something,” Sombra mused scratching his chin in remembrance.

“What about this one over here,” she said pointing to a small splatter near a plaque.

“That might have been Princess Platinum’s child. I’m not too sure though. What’s the plaque over there say?”

“It says ‘We leave these stains on our past visible so we may never forget,’ what’s does that mean?” Scootaloo asked tilting her head in confusion.

“It means your old man really left a lasting impression on these Crystal Ponies,” Sombra boasted with a grin. “I bet some of them even wet themselves at the mere thought of the Mighty King Sombra!” he laughed.

Scootaloo joined in with her Dad's laughter but she was interrupted when she heard the jingling of a bell approaching. She looked around and noticed an incoming Crystal Pony pushing a ice cream cart. “Hey Dad can we get some ice cream?” she pleaded hopping up and down a little in excitement.

“Yes we can get some ice cream Scoots so calm down,” he smirked walking to the ice cream vendor. “Hello there sir-”

“AHHHH!” the pony stallion yelled once he saw who was coming towards him. He then immediately ducked behind his ice cream cart and cowered.

Sombra unfazed by all this reached the cart and put his fore hooves on top of it, and looked down upon the cowering gray stallion. “Excuse me sir how much is an ice cream cone?” he asked.

“Please don’t kill me King Sombra, and please don’t put me back in the Crystal Mines. I have a wife and a kid to think about,” the pony sobbed.

Sombra raised an eyebrow at this, “Sir if I planned on killing you. You would be dead already.”

The Ice Cream Vendor poked his head out from the tiny ball he made himself into and gazed at Sombra, “You mean you’re not going to kill me, or enslave me and the rest of my family and friends to work in the mines?”

“Not today at least,” he shrugged. “Right now I just want to buy some ice cream for my daughter,” he gestured to Scootaloo that was waiting patiently off to the side.

“You…you have a daughter? When did that happen?”

“About a year ago it’s a long story. Now are you going to serve me or not?” Sombra leered staring straight into the Ponies eyes.

“Yes King Sombra sir! Its five bits a cone. What flavor would you like?” he shrieked in a panic.

“What flavor would you like Scoots?”

“Chocolate please,” she smiled.

“Alright one chocolate cone, and for you sir?” he gulped.


After receiving their ice cream cones they went and settled on a nearby bench. Scootaloo gladly went to town on her ice cream cone. While Sombra sat just taking in the glory that was the Crystal Empire and slowly making work of his own ice cream.

“This all used to be all mine, and one day it will be again,” he sighed.

“What was that Dad?”

“Nothing Scoots,” he said ruffling her mane. “Just reminiscing and maybe planning my future takeover. Or retake over I guess would be the more accurate term.”

“You said you weren’t going to think about work during our trip,” she glared.

“I know, I know, I swear this will be the only time I bring it up,” he gave her a reassuring smile.

That satisfied Scootaloo for she only wasted a second before returning the smile and diving right back into her ice cream. Sombra chuckled at her before taking a direct bite of his own ice cream cone. They sat there in silence just enjoying the mid afternoon day. Just father and daughter enjoying some ice cream in the park. But it wasn’t long before Sombra’s ear perked up hearing the distinctive sound of metal clad hooves marching towards them. Sombra watched curiously as a battalion of ponies decked out in gold plated armor marched and stopped before him and Scootaloo. One pony stood out amongst the group. He was a white Unicorn stallion with a two tone blue mane and instead of gold his armor was colored purple. The purple armored pony step forward and growled at Sombra, “Sombra! You think you can ju-” he stopped when he noticed the orange Pegasus filly that was sitting next to former Tyrant of the Crystal Empire, “Scootaloo?”

Upon hearing her name Scootaloo looked up from her ice cream, her muzzle stained brown in a few places. “Oh hi Prince Shining Armor,” she waved.

“Scootaloo quick runaway do you have any idea who that stallion is!?!” Shining shouted.

Confusion washed on Scootaloo’s face as she looked at Shining Armor and then at her Dad who simply shrugged. Scootaloo looked back to
Shining Armor, “Umm yea he’s my Dad,” she answered.

Shining Armor blinked, “Come again?”

“He’s my Dad,” Scootaloo repeated.

Shining Armor blinked again and sat down, “Since when?”

Scootaloo answered, “Oh about a year. It’s kind of a long story.”

Shining Armor took off his helmet and rubbed his forehead as he tried to process the information he was just given. Sombra took this opportunity to lean in and whisper, “How do you know Shining Armor?”

“I was a flower filly at his and Cadence’s wedding,” she whispered back.

“You were a flower filly? I have a hard time picturing you agreeing to be such a thing.”

“I was bribed with tickets to a Wonderbolts show okay!” Scootaloo grumbled.

“I’ll have to see if Shining and Cadence have any pictures of you,” Sombra teased right before devouring the rest of his strawberry ice cream.

“And that’s how I ended up as her father,” Sombra said finishing the story on how he ended up adopting the orphaned Scootaloo. He was currently sitting in the personal royal dining room of the Crystal Palace. Sitting next to him was Scootaloo, who was more preoccupied with devouring her second helping of spaghetti and garlic bread than the story Sombra was telling. Across from them was a confused looking Shining Armor and the Princess of Love herself Cadance who was dabbing her tears away with her napkin.

“That was so sweet of you Sombra,” she sniffed. “Don’t you agree Shining?”

“So you’re not here to attack the Empire?” Shining finally asked. The question had been burning in his mind ever since Cadance invited them to the palace for dinner.

“Shining don’t be rude to our guest,” Cadance scolded her husband.

Sombra chuckled, “No it’s quite alright Cadance,” he smiled. “No Shining Armor I’m not here to attack the Empire today.”

“Today?…So what about tomorrow?”

“No I plan on taking Scootaloo sightseeing tomorrow.”

“So the day after tomorrow then?”

“Afraid not will be heading back to Ponyville that day.”

“So next week?”


“Next month?”

Sombra shook his head.

“Next year?” Shining raised an eyebrow.

Sombra shrugged, “Maybe but I wouldn’t count on it. I don’t really have anything planned at the moment so it’s not set in stone. I’m sure you know the saying Prince Shining Armor. I didn’t enslave the entire Crystal Empire in a day.”

“That’s…that’s not how that saying goes at all,” Shining mumbled.

“Oh Shining don’t be such a worry wart he said so himself. He’s only here to visit,” Cadance told Shining, patting his back in an attempt to comfort him. “Now Scootaloo,” she said turning her head to address the filly, “How do you like living with Sombra?”

Scootaloo looked up from her plate with half a piece of garlic bread sticking out of her mouth, “Mmhr mh ma mer.”

“Chew your food and swallow first Scootaloo,” Sombra interrupted.

Cadence giggled at Scootaloo behind her hoof while Shining Armor narrowed his eyes and looked at Sombra, “You do normally feed her don’t you?” he questioned.

“Of course I do! She just really likes garlic bread. Do you think I’m some kind of monster,” Sombra answered offended.

“Yes,” Shining answered earning himself a smack on the head from his wife.

“Shining be nice he’s being civil so should you,” she scolded.

A large audible swallow brought everyponies attention back to her, “I love living with Dad. He always makes sure I’m fed and have a clean bed to sleep on and everything, and when I get bullied at school he gives the bullies horrific nightmares.”

“Nightmares?” Cadance questioned.

“Uh huh, Silver Spoon has to go to therapy now because of them,” Scootaloo smiled.

Shining Armor and Cadance slowly turned their heads and looked at Sombra who only gave them a toothy grin in reply.

Sombra levitated Scootaloo into the oversized bed of the Crystal Palace's spare bedroom. The little filly had tired out not long after devouring over three helpings of spaghetti and four and a half loaves of garlic bread. Shining and Cadance had gladly offered the spare bedroom to Sombra and Scootaloo. Well Cadance gladly offered. Shining was rather reluctant but relented when he realized that he would be able to keep a better eye on Sombra during his stay this way. Scootaloo snuggled into the bed with her fore hooves reaching out to a nearby spare pillow and pulling it against her barrel. She let out a peaceful sigh as Sombra tucked her in and gave her a light kiss on her forehead. He turned around and walked out of the room, turning off the lights and leaving the door open a crack as he left. He turned around and started walking down the hall. Cadance had told him that she and Shining would be waiting for him in the parlor. He didn’t need any help finding the room. He knew where it was.

He entered the medium sized room that used to be where he once displayed all his trophies of war. Now it was used as a personal parlor where the royal couple could gather with family and close personal friends in a non-professional manner. In one corner was a small bar, where Shining Armor was making himself a drink. Along the walls were pictures and mementos of the couples personal life left on display. In the middle of the room were a couple of chairs and a couch surrounding a coffee table, Cadance was currently occupying one of the chairs.

Sombra was walking along the walls of the room examining the various pictures when Shining called out to him, “Would you like a drink Sombra?” he asked.

“I don’t drink,” he absent mindlessly replied as he looked at a picture of a teenage Shining playing with a foal aged Twilight inside what looked like a fort made of books.

“Really, I thought all evil tyrants drank?” Shining asked while straining his cocktail into a rocks glass.

“Never really acquired the taste for it, but if you’re looking for a drinking buddy I would recommend Discord. He’s always trying to drag me to some bar or whatever,” Sombra shrugged.

“Oh, do you and Discord hangout a lot?” Cadance asked.

Sombra continued to look at the various pictures around the room as he replied, “Not as much as he would like to. I’m usually too busy looking after Scootaloo, or working on something for the Equestrian League of Evil.”

“Equestrian League of Evil?” Shining asked.

“The Organization I created to take over Equestria. It’s not perfect, but hey it pays the bills.”

“Umm…how exactly does that pay the bills?”

“Through sponsorships mostly, but there’s also your normal forms of criminal activity that we use to generate revenue,” Sombra answered.

Shining Armor looked at his wife and gave her a pleading look that begged, “Please let me lock him up.” Cadance just rolled her eyes and waved a hoof dismissing his worries. “So Sombra how, are you liking living in Ponyville?” she asked.

Sombra didn’t answer. He was too busy staring at something on the wall.

“Sombra?” she called again.

Still no answer.

Cadance frowned and got up from here chair. She walked up to Sombra and saw that he was staring at an old group picture of her and her college roommates. She gave him an odd look and poked him in the side. Sombra instinctively jumped, turned around, and crouched down preparing to pounce. Upon seeing that it was the princess he righted himself and blushed. “Sorry about that,” he apologized, scratching the back of his neck with a hoof.

“It’s alright,” Cadance giggled, “I didn’t mean to startle you, but why were you staring at a picture of me and my roommates from college?”

Sombra’s blush grew darker making itself visible through his dark fur. “Well I know those mares. Well technically I only know two. Actually I only know one; the blue one attacked me on a day before Hearts and Hooves Day. But I’ve seen the mint green one around town,” he rambled out looking away.

Cadance looked at him suspiciously, “That does sound like something Colgate would do. She’s never really learned how to court a stallion without looking like she’s desperate. And Lyra does live in Ponyville so I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve seen her around.”

“So her name is Lyra?” Sombra asked trying to hide the interest in his voice, it wasn’t working.

Cadance gave the faintest of smirks, “Yea, she lives with her friend Bon Bon. You’ve probably seen her around as well she owns the local sweet shop.”

“Is…she her…marefriend?” he shyly asked.

Cadance was at full smirk, “No they’re just friends, Lyra doesn’t swing that way, and she’s single so you’re free to ask her out. But I’ll warn you Bon Bon is very protective of her so you better not hurt her in anyway. Bonnie can be really threatening when she wants to be.”

Sombra wasn’t really paying attention to what Cadance was saying. As soon as she said that Lyra was single he had released a breath he hadn’t known he was holding. He came back halfway through and realized what she was implying, “Oh no you’ve got the wro-”

“Oh please,” she interrupted rolling her eyes. “I don’t need to be the Princess of Love to figure out you have a crush on Lyra.”

“She’s right I can even tell you do,” Shining chimed in from his lounging position on the couch, “I would personally advise against it though. She’s crazy.”


“She is not crazy Shining,” Cadance scowled, “She just has an odd hobby.”

Meanwhile in Ponyville

It was a quiet tranquil early evening in Ponyville. Ponies were out and about enjoying the pleasant weather. The local outside café was filled with families and couples enjoying their time together. One such couple was the Princess Twilight Sparkle and her marefriend Rainbow Dash. It was their weekly romantic night out. They had just gotten back from a play that was held by the local community theater and even Rainbow Dash had to admit she had fun; it was a Daring Do play after all. And they were now having a nice romantic dinner.

Twilight watched as her marefriend dug into her fettuccine alfredo. She giggled at the Pegasus as an errant noodle went flying and landed in her short multicolored mane. Sometimes she wondered how she ended up with such a brash tomboyish lover, but to be honest she wouldn’t have it any other way. “Rainbow,” she called sweetly.

Rainbow looked up from her plate, sauce dripping from her muzzle. “Yea,” she said looking deep into Twilight's violet eyes with her rose colored ones.

“I could lost get in those eyes,” Twilight thought blushing, “I just wanted to say that I lo-”

She was cut off as loud resonating Thum sounded throughout the town shaking the very ground itself. Rainbow took off in surprise knocking over their table and sending her plate of pasta sailing into Twilight’s face.

“What the hell was that,” Rainbow screamed.

Twilight just sighed with a mouth full of fettuccine.

Deep within the basement of the candy shop/house, Lyra Heartstrings cackled madly as another Thum resonated. Her amber eyes shone brightly through her safety glasses as she gazed at the giant stone ring in front of her. Another Thum issued forth from the ring shaking the very foundation of the building. She smiled brightly as she lit up her horn and began feeding magic into the device as eldritch symbols appeared along the edges of ring. A glowing purple aura began to issue from the inner wall of the ring, slowly pulsating and filling in.
“YES!” she screamed in jubilation, but it was cut short when a resounding crack issued from the ring.

“Oh shit,” Lyra jumped into a nearby barrel filled with miniature jawbreakers as fissures snaked their way around the ring splitting it apart. For a minute it still stood with only the magic that resided within it keeping it together, but that soon died out with an ear splitting shriek as the ring exploded outwards. After a few minutes Lyra stuck her head out of the barrel. She sucked on a jawbreaker as she checked the room for any damage, satisfied that no lasting damage to the house had been done, she sighed and rested her chin on the rim of the barrel. Her ears perked up when she heard the door to upstairs open.

“Lyra, you okay?” Bon Bon called from on top the stairs.

“Yeaa,” Lyra moaned.

“Princess Twilight stopped by she was wondering if you might keep it down. It was the oddest thing though, for some reason her mane had noodles sticking out of it.”

The only reply Bon Bon got was the sound of a jawbreaker cracking under the pressure of Lyra’s teeth. Bon Bon frowned, “You better not be spoiling your dinner with candy young lady. Dinner is almost ready so come upstairs and wash your hooves.”

“You’re not my Mom, Bonnie,” Lyra pouted sinking back down into the barrel of candy.

“I made your favorite.”

Lyra rose up slightly out of the barrel, “Mac and Cheese from the box?”


Lyra jumped out of the barrel knocking it over and rushing up the stairs and out of the basement. “Hey you get back here and clean up that mess I planned on selling those tomorrow!” Bonnie shouted.

“So she’s trying to open a portal to another dimension so she can study a creature called a human?” Sombra asked.

“Yes, she has this theory that somewhere on another plane of existence evolution took a different turn where apes evolved into the dominant species instead of us ponies,” Cadance answered.

“Like I said she’s crazy,” Shining yawned relaxing into the couch.

“She’s not crazy,” Cadance scolded. “It’s just an odd hobby she does in her spare time. Her main profession is being a music teacher.”

“I see,” Sombra said looking at a nearby clock on the wall. He looked back to Cadance and the now sleeping Shining Armor, “Thank you for the evening you two, and for allowing Scootaloo and I to stay here during our visit, but it is getting late and Scoots and I have a lot of sightseeing to do tomorrow. So I must bid you a goodnight.”

Cadance smiled, “Don’t mention it Sombra. I love entertaining guests even if they’re evil tyrants,” she giggled. “You have a goodnight now and if you are Scootaloo need anything during your stay here don’t be afraid to ask. I just have one favor to ask.”

Sombra tilted his head and beckoned her to continue.

Cadance sighed and looked at her snoozing husband, “Don’t listen to what Shining said about Lyra being crazy. She’s a really nice mare, but most ponies write her off once they find out about her strange hobby.”

Sombra chuckled, “Do you really think something like that would bug me Cadance? Despite my good manners and raising a child. I am still evil. Oddness does not bug me. She would have to at least agree to go on a date with me before I would allow myself to pass judgment on her.”

“So you’re going to ask her out?”

Sombra shrugged and walked towards the door, “We would have to actually meet first but yes,” he said walking out leaving Cadance alone with her slumbering husband. Sombra walked down the hall towards the room he was given. He stopped by Scootaloo’s room first to make sure she was alright. He smiled at the little ball she had rolled herself into underneath the covers. He gave her a light kiss on the forehead again before heading to his own room and nodding off for the night.

The rest of the weekend went by too fast in Sombra’s and Scootaloo’s opinion. Sombra spent the vast majority of the time showing Scootaloo the sights. Such as the spot where he executed his first prisoner, the mass grave where he dumped all the bodies of every army that tried to dispose him, the crystal mine where the slaves worked (which was turned into a museum that Scootaloo and Sombra both found boring), and where he had his big fight with Celestia and Luna. Scootaloo absorbed it all listening, asking questions, and hanging on to everything Sombra said. During the evening they went back to the Crystal Palace and Scootaloo explored every nook and cranny of the palace while Sombra silently took notes on redecorating the place once he took it over again. During dinner time Princess Cadance and Shining Armor joined them. Cadance told stories to Scootaloo as Shining Armor and Sombra relaxed and occasionally told tales about their time in the military. All and all it was a good weekend. But alas Sunday afternoon rolled around and it was time to hop back on the train to Ponyville. Shining Armor and Cadance personally took Sombra and Scootaloo to the station in their personal royal carriage. They said their goodbyes on the platform and Shining Armor gave Scootaloo a spare helmet from his royal guard uniform so she could rub the fact she spent the weekend at the Crystal Palace in Diamond Tiara's face. During the train ride home Scootaloo leaned into her dad nodding off, clutching her helmet, while Sombra tried to figure out how to introduce himself to certain mint green mare.

Author's Note:

Edited by: PixelFluttershy

You can thank Bloodborne, Witcher 3, Wasteland 2, Axiom Verge, and Shovel Knight for the delays.
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