• Published 16th Feb 2015
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Scootaloo and Sombra - RabidTonberry

Brief glimpses into the home life of Scootaloo and Sombra

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First Date (Unedited)

Bon Bon smiled and waved at the last costumer of the day leaving her store. As soon as the door closed and she knew the customer was far enough away she sighed and slammed her head onto the countertop.

“What a day,” she muttered into the granite finish. She took a deep breath and let it out before rising up and closing the store.

She had just flipped the opened sign to close when she heard a loud bang come from upstairs. She looked up at the ceiling for a second and shrugged before locking the door. She headed back behind the counter to begin totaling out the register when another loud bang and a pop came from upstairs. A concerned frown appeared on her face. She turned away from the register and headed to the back of the store and up the stairs that led to her and her roommate’s apartment.

She open the door to the apartment and called out, “Lyra are you al-” she stopped. Her concerned frown turned into one of confusion as she watched the mint green unicorn run and teleport all over the apartment in a panicked frenzy.

“Lyra, what in Equestria has gotten into you?” Bon Bon yelled trying to get her friends attention. It worked; Lyra teleported right in front of her. Bon Bon noticed that she had curlers in her mane and a frantic look in her eyes. “Are you okay Lyra?” she asked.

Lyra grabbed Bon Bon’s cheeks and pulled her in close. “Thank Celestia you’re here Bonnie I need your help,” she said staring straight into Bon Bon’s eyes.

“Uhh…with…with what Lyra? What’s wrong?” she stammered out slightly frightened by her friend’s erratic behavior.

“I don’t know what to wear for my date with Sombra,” Lyra whined releasing Bon Bon from her hold.

Bon Bon sighed as she slid onto the floor. She covered her head with her hooves. “What a day,” she muttered into the carpeted floor.

“What do you think about this one Bonnie?”

Bon Bon looked up from her scotch on the rocks she was nursing in her hooves and glanced at Lyra. She was wearing a simple black dress that hugged her form nicely. “Like I’ve told you the last ten dresses it’s perfect. Just pick one and be done with it already,” Bon Bon grumbled before downing the rest of her drink.

“But Bonnie this is our first date. I want to make a good impression,” Lyra whined.

“Why don’t you just go naked?”

“Naked on a first date, Scandalous! I don’t want him thinking I’m some whore Bonnie.”

Bon Bon sighed, “Then just stick with the dress you’re wearing then.”

Lyra checked herself out in a nearby mirror. “The black? Are you sure….I don’t know…I’m going to try on the purple one again. I’ll be right back.”

Bon Bon facehoofed, “Fine but you better bring me another drink on your way back.”

“Will do,” Lyra called back as she trotted down the hall to her bedroom.

“I bet Sombra isn’t going crazy as her about this date,” Bon Bon muttered under her breath.

“I don’t know what to wear,” Sombra screamed as he ran through the men’s section of Carousal Boutique. “Should I go with a bow tie or a regular tie? Casual or classy? Casual or classy? Wait a minute! What color goes well with me coat color…I don’t know! Rarity what color goes with my coat?” Sombra yelled at the seamstress.

Rarity didn’t even look away from her cards, “You’re dark grey dearie. It goes with anything.”

“Thank you,” Sombra called back before diving into a rack of suit jackets.

“I swear he had a week to prepare for this date and he’s just now choosing his outfit, stallions.” Rarity tsked as she threw a couple of green plastic chips into a multi colored pile on the table in front of her. “I raise fifty,” she said smirking at Scootaloo from across the table.

“He’s been busy. He reworked his whole entire work schedule just to have this date. He even rescheduled a changeling invasion for it,” Scootaloo replied while nonchalantly throwing a few more chips into the pile.

Rarity glared at the pile of chips, “Again? I bet Chrysalis wasn’t happy about that.”

“No she wasn’t, although Dad did say that he would make it up to her,” Scootaloo said.

“That’s nice of him. Well at least the girls and I get another day off from saving Equestria. Maybe we can finally have that spa day we’ve all been talking about having,” she said while pushing her remaining chips into the pile. “All in,” she said staring down the little filly.

Scootaloo smiled and pushed her remaining chips into the pile as well. She then flipped her cards over before walking off to check up on her Dad.

Rarity eyed the royal flush on the table. “It’s a good thing we weren’t playing for real money or I would have just lost this week’s profits,” she muttered as one of her eyes began to twitch.

Scootaloo trotted up to her dad who currently was behind one of the changing curtains. “Hey Dad how’s finding your outfit going?” she asked.

“Good, I think I’ve found the perfect outfit,” Sombra said pulling back the curtains. He was wearing a simple black vest that was lightly accented in a dark purple. “What do you think?”

Scootaloo let out a wolf whistle, “Looking good Dad!” she said. “But,” she stopped and looked around, “I think you need a jacket to go along with it.”

“I was thinking the same thing squirt,” he said ruffling her mane, knocking loose a few playing cards she had hidden in it onto the floor. Sombra eyed the cards before picking them up in his magic and sliding them back into Scootaloo’s mane. “Keep those hidden from Rarity or she will throw us out.”

“Will do Dad,” she chuckled as she patted them down back into place.

“Are you two doing alright over here?” Rarity asked as she approached the two.

“Yes we’re fine,” Scootaloo said blushing as she turned around to face Rarity.

Rarity eyed her mane, “You know darling I really wish you would let me style your mane one of these days. It’s such a shame you always go for the just got out of bed look.”

“It’s not a look! I did just get out of bed!” Scootaloo grumbled at the mare.

“She’s not lying she really did just get up from a nap before we came here,” Sombra added.

“I see,” Rarity said prying her eyes from the filly’s mane to look at Sombra. “You know darling I think I have just the coat to go with that vest,” she said grabbing a coat off a nearby rack in her magic and levitating it over.

Sombra took the jacket in his hooves and inspected it. It was a simple black sports coat with a royal dark purple lining. “Yes I think this will go quite well with the vest Rarity. Thank you,” Sombra said smiling.

“Don’t mention dearie,” Rarity replied returning the smile. “Now if you don’t mind me asking where do you plan on taking Miss Heartstrings this evening?” she asked.

“Oh I plan on taking her to that new restaurant that opened on the outskirts of town, and then…well will just see where the night takes us after that,” Sombra said while slipping on the jacket.

“Oh that sounds lovely, but who will be watching Scootaloo?”

“Actually Discord offered to watch her for me.”

“That’s nic…wait Discord is watching Scootaloo tonight?”

“I get to spend the night with Uncle Discord! Awesome!” The orange filly cheered.

“That’s right, now Rarity how much do I owe you?”

“I…uh…,” she cleared her throat, “Nothing dearie it’s on the house.”

“Are you sure?” Sombra questioned.

“Yes, yes I am. Consider it your late Hearths Warming Eve present,” she said giving Sombra a smile.

“Well thank you Rarity,” he said returning the smile. “Now if you’ll excuse me, Scootaloo and I really must be going.”

“Of course, good luck on your date with Lyra and Scootaloo,” she went on leaning down to Scootaloo’s level so she could look her in the eye, “don’t let me catch you cheating the next time we play poker or there will be hell to pay,” she deadpanned, sending a chill down Scootaloo’s spine.

“Yes mam,” Scootaloo swallowed.

“That’s a good filly,” she said smiling. She patted Scootaloo’s head knocking out the playing cards she had hidden in her mane. “Now you two have a good evening now.”

As they were walking out the carousal Boutique Scootaloo leaned over and whisper to her Dad, “How did she know?”

“When it comes to poker Scootaloo, not even I have been able to get away with cheating that mare.” Sombra answered.

Scootaloo and Sombra walked in silence as they cut through the town’s market place to get to Discords. “So,” Sombra began breaking the silence, “do you have any issues with me going on a date with one of your teachers?” he asked.

Scootaloo peered up at him, “Why would I?” she questioned back.

“Well I don’t want to make things awkward for you at school, and I don’t want you to get jealous…”

“Dad,” she spoke up stopping him, “You have nothing to worry about. I don’t care if you date Miss Heartstrings, she’s cool,” She said reassuring him.

“Alright if you say so,” he added as they exited the market place and entered an alleyway that was between Quills & Sofa’s and a brick wall. In the middle of the brick wall was a door. Sombra approached the door and knocked.

“Coming,” a voice yelled from behind the door before opening and revealing Discord. “Ahh Sombra and little Scootaloo! It’s so nice to see you,” he said smiling wide.

“Evening Discord I’m just here to drop off Scoot’s.”

“Of course Sombra,” Discord said leaning down to look at the filly. “I got some real fun planned out for us tonight,” he said grinning at her and ruffling her mane making her giggle.

Sombra glared at Discord, “What kind of fun?” he asked.

“Oh you know terrorizing Ponyville, annoying a princess, maybe have a tea party if we have time,” Discord said shrugging.

Sombra stared down Discord before slowly nodding, “Alright, just make sure you both don’t end up in jail like the last time,” he said.

“I promise,” Discord grinned.

“Alright,” Sombra said nodding once more before looking at Scootaloo. “You be good for Discord okay?” he said leaning down and giving the filly a hug.

Scootaloo returned the hug, “Okay Dad. Have fun on your date.”

Sombra ruffled her name and stood back up, “Don’t get into too much trouble you two,” he said before heading out on his way.

Scootaloo and Discord watched him go and as soon as he was out of sight Discord turned to the filly and asked, “Want to go to Canterlot and use Celestia’s mirror pool to spy on your dad?”

“Uhh Duh,” she answered.

Discord smirked and snapped his talons teleporting them away.

Sombra approached the door that was off to the side of the main entrance of Bon Bon’s Bon Bons. He ringed the doorbell and waited. It wasn’t long before a disgruntled Bon Bon answered the door. “Thank Celestia you’re here,” she said pulling him inside and leading him up the stairs into the living room. “She’s been driving me nuts,” she grunted before turning to a hallway and shouting, “LYRA YOUR DATE IS HERE!”

“BE OUT IN A MINUTE,” Lyra yelled back.

Bonnie sighed and turned back to Sombra, “She’ll be out in a minute,” she said rolling her eyes getting a chuckle from Sombra. Bon Bon eyed him up and down, “So you’re Mr. Sombra. I’ve seen you around town but this is the first time I’ve ever see you up close,” she said circling him.

Sombra curiously eyed the mare as she circled, “Yeah I don’t have much of a sweet tooth so I’ve never had a reason to come into your shop, and please you can just call me Sombra,” he told her.

Bon Bon nodded as she stopped right in front of him. She glared into his eyes, “I’m going to be blunt. You may a personification of dark magic but I have a certain set of skills Sombra, and if you do anything to harm Lyra. I will not hesitate to take you down. For good,” she said.

Sombra frowned at the mare, “I may be evil Bon Bon, but I have no intention of ever harming Lyra,” he said with a tad of venom in his voice.

Bonnie smirked and patted him on the head, “Good, also no hanky panky on the first date,” she added before walking away and settling down on the nearby couch.

Sombra opened his mouth to rebuttal, but he forgot what he was going to say when Lyra’s voice chimed in bringing all of his attention to her. She was wearing a form fitting black dress that stopped just a little below her cutie mark, her mane was about the same although it looked like it was recently combed. Sombra closed his mouth and willed the blush forming on his face away. He cleared his throat with a small cough and nervously chuckled out, “I’m sorry what did you say?”

“I said hi,” Lyra giggled. “So how do I look?” she asked bashfully.

“Breathtaking,” Sombra awed making Lyra blush deeply, the red seeping through her mint coat.

“I thought you were going to wear the purple one?” Bon Bon asked from the couch interrupting Lyra and Sombra’s awkward staring contest.

“No I decide you were right about this one,” Lyra answered as she shook the blush from her face.

Bon Bon facehoofed, “That’s an hour and a half of my life I’m never going to get back,” she groaned.

“Oh hush, I would have done the same for you if you were freaking out before a date,” Lyra chided her roommate. “Now if you’ll excuse us I think it’s time for Sombra and me to start our date,” she said smiling at Sombra.

Sombra smiled back, “I believe you’re right Lyra.”

“You two have fun,” Bonnie said as they made their way out of the apartment. She looked at the clock, “I have enough time to take a four to five hour nap before she comes home and wakes me up to tell me about the date,” she grumbled as she let out a sigh. “She’s lucky I love her to death,” she said with a small smile.

“You’re looking nice tonight,” Lyra told Sombra as they walked to their destination.

Sombra smiled, “Thank you. I believe you already know how I think you look tonight,” he teased.

“Yea,” she replied lightly blushing. “So how was your day?”

Sombra sighed, “Hectic, I had to redo whole the schedule for the next two months. Sometimes it isn’t easy being the leader of an evil organization.”

“I’d imagine,” Lyra said nodding her head. “What is it that you do exactly?”

“Besides keeping everyone in line?” he chuckled. “I manage the schedules, the budget, I make sure we file the proper permits whenever we have an invasion or whatnot, I’m also in charge of the recruiting and the application process whenever somepony wants to join the organization.”

Lyra whistle, “Damn that’s a lot of stuff. However did you find time to go on this date?”

“I dropped some of the work on Nightmare Moon this week,” Sombra smirked.

“You’re kidding?”

“Nope, I left a whole stack of potential applicants on her desk and told her to sort through them tonight,” he replied chuckling.

Lyra laughed, “I bet she wasn’t happy about that.”

“Oh she wasn’t you should of seen the glare. But she’s my second in command and she needs to start doing her fair share of the paperwork,” Sombra said still smirking.

“I bet you’ll be getting an ear full when you go back into work,” Lyra giggled.

“Oh yeah, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. So how was your day?”

“Boring,” Lyra groaned. “I’m currently in a lull at work where there’s no upcoming concerts for me to make the kids practice for. So I just have them continually going over the basics and I…”

“This is boring Uncle Discord,” Scootaloo whined. She was sprawled out on a giant cushion that sat near the edge of a large round pool of water in one of Canterlot Castles many rooms.

“Just be patient Scootaloo. This is just the small talk that leads up to the date and the potentially embarrassing moments that your father might find himself in,” Discord grinned while hovering just above the mirror pool.

“Can’t you use your magic to make it go faster though?” she asked.

“Sadly no,” he pouted. “Your father trained himself to sense my magic whenever it’s used around him. So if I did something he would instantly know that I was interfering.”

Scootaloo sighed and buried her face in the cushion. One of her ears perked when she heard the sound of the door opening.

“Well hello there Celestia,” Discord said greeting the new arrival.

Celestia eyed the two as she entered the room and closed the door. “I thought I sensed your presence in here Discord, but why is little Scootaloo here with you?” she questioned.

Scootaloo lifted her head off the cushion and regarded the Princess, “We’re spying on my Dad while he’s on a date,” she answered.

Celestia blinked, “Sombra on a date? Count me in,” she smirked summoning another cushion and sitting next to Scootaloo.

Lyra looked at all the other ponies waiting in the lobby of Cha ling, “I hope we’re able to get a table,” she told Sombra.

Sombra smiled showing his fangs, “I wouldn’t worry about that,” He said walking up to the host. He whispered something to the host and the host smiled before nodding. Sombra turned back to Lyra and beckoned her to follow.

Lyra followed them through the main dining hall and through the kitchen until they entered a private dining room and Lyra’s breath was taken away. The whole room was candle lit and sitting in the middle of the room was a single table with a bouquet of roses. “Oh my, Sombra!” she squealed. She then deadpanned, “This is a little over the top,” she smirked.

Sombra blinked and looked around, “Yeah I guess it is a little much, but I’ve always believed in the go big or go home method of dating,” he said before turning to the Host. “Sorry, but could we lose the candle light and get some normal lighting?” he asked.

The Host bowed, “Certainly King Sombra, will get right on it,” he said before turning and exiting the room.

“Wait, did that pony just call you King Sombra?”

“Well that is my official title after all.”

“Yeah, but let’s be honest the only thing you’re really the king of is dorks,” Lyra said giggling. Sombra just rolled his eyes at her. Lyra composed herself, “Sorry I couldn’t help myself,” she said flashing Sombra a goofy smile. “But in all seriousness. As far as I know, nopony really refers to you as king unless they work for you.”

“Well you see,” Sombra began, leading Lyra to the table. He pulled out Lyra’s chair with his magic and Lyra sat down. He walked to his chair across from her and sat down, “How should I say this…this restaurant is special. You see it’s ran entirely by Changelings.”

“Changelings?” Lyra repeated as if on cue two undisguised Changelings entered the room. Lyra watched as one began to put out the candles and the other turned on the chandler above them. The Changeling then approached the table.

“Good evening King Sombra. I will be you and your dates waiter for the evening my name is,” the Changeling paused when he noticed Lyra staring at him. “I’m sorry mam would you prefer it if I changed to a more soothing persona? I know my appearance can be unsettling to ponies who aren’t use to being around changelings.”

Lyra blinked and lightly blushed as she recovered from her stupor, “No no, you’re good. I’ve just never seen a Changeling up close before. Your coat is just so shiny,” she awed.

The Changeling chuckled and smiled, “Thank you I just had my chitin polished this afternoon. I was saying earlier my name is Pablo and I will be your waiter this evening.” He levitated them a menu each. “Can I get you anything to drink or do you two need a minute?”

“One of my friends told me that you guys make your own wine here?” Lyra asked Pablo.

“That’s correct miss,” Pablo beamed with pride. “Our special tonight is our dry red if you’re interested.”

“Oh yes I’ll take that one,” Lyra replied.

“Excellent, and for you my Lord?”

“I’ll just have a water,” Sombra replied.

“Most good. I’ll have those drinks right out to you two,” Pablo said before giving a small bow. He then exited the room with the other Changeling following.

“So is this restaurant a staging area for the Changelings to gather before they invade Ponyville? As a resident of Ponyville I think I have the right to know if my potential coltfriend might be involved in my inevitable enslavement into the Changeling collective,” Lyra asked arching a brow at Sombra.

Sombra chuckled, “No it’s nothing like that. Have you ever wondered how Changelings gathered love for the hive?”

“The thought has crossed my mind a few times.”

“Well you’re looking at one of their methods right now,” he said gesturing at their surroundings. “All across Equestria you’ll find Changeling operated restaurants. Inside the restaurants are a few changelings whose job is to gather the feelings of love that are floating around from the patrons that are having a meal with their families, loved ones, their dates, and such. It’s a completely safe and even legal way of gathering what they need for their hive,” Sombra explained.

“Wait, how is this legal?”

“Celestia knows all about these places. As long as they don’t harm her subjects she allows them to function. After all Changelings need to Love to survive and Celestia isn’t heartless. She just keeps it secret so there isn’t a mass panic or outcry from the populace.”

“If that’s the case why does Queen Chrysalis keep trying to invade Equestria? Seems rather pointless after learning about all this.”

“Oh that’s easy to explain, she’s a power hungry bitch,” Sombra simply stated.

Lyra busted into a fit of laughter, “You’re kidding? That’s her whole motivation for invading us,” she choked out in between giggles.

“Yup, that’s why I don’t help her much whenever she proposes a new invasion plan. But when you get down to it that’s pretty much everyponies motivation in the League.”

“…Even you?” Lyra asked hesitantly.

“Little bit,” he said with a shy smile. “But it’s mostly a family thing. My father was evil, his father was evil, and his father was evil, and so on and so on. My father used to claim our lineage could be traced back to the pony that committed the original sin,” Sombra explained with pride in his voice.

“Were they all ruggedly good looking embodiments of dark magic like you?” Lyra asked with a sly smile and wink.

Sombra blushed, “My dad was a warrior king while my grandfather was a shadow government puppet master. That’s actually how my family gained the Crystal Empire my grandfather influenced the nobles to instate my father as king of the empire and the rest they say is history,” Sombra said as Pablo came back into the room with their drinks.

Pablo levitated them their drinks. Sombra and Lyra thanked him and asked for a few more minutes to look over the menus they had been neglecting. Pablo bowed and exited as Sombra took a drink. “Now,” he began, putting down his water. “I think that’s enough about me. I think it’s your turn to tell me about yourself,” He said smiling at Lyra.
Lyra blushed at the attention, “What would you like to know?”

Princess Celestia titled her head in confusion, “That’s how the Crystal Empire was formed?” she said in disbelief. “I always assumed he staged a coup and killed the royal family.”

“You didn’t know?” Scootaloo asked.

Celestia shrugged, “Luna and I were going through a shoot first ask questions later phase back then. All we knew was that there was a pony there using dark magic and enslaving ponies.”

Discord clapped his claws together and laughed, “Oh this is rich Tia. Do you know what this means?”

“No, Discord I don’t know what this means,” she replied snorting at him.

“This means you’re the secret puppet master of the Crystal Empire,” he said smiling widely at the alicorn.

Celestia blinked, “I’m what know?”

He floated over to her and put an arm around her neck, “A puppet master my dear girl. You see the current rulers are your adopted niece and her husband, which you appointed. Now even though they are technically their own nation they do seek your guidance constantly and even sometimes have answered to you. But now that we know that Sombra was actually the rightful king and your chosen rulers overthrew him that means you’re the puppet master behind the usurpers,” he explained.

“Oh, please” she said grabbing Discords arm with her magic and pulling it off her, “I am no evil puppet master. I do not force Cadence or Shining to come to me for help on ruling their country. They come on their own accord, and if the Empire was unhappy with them and wanted Sombra back I think they wouldn’t have been so happy when we defeated him when they reappeared in our world. Also I can assure you that Cadence is directly related to the previous ruling family of the Empire,” she finished with a huff.

“Wouldn’t that mean she’s related to dad?” Scootaloo questioned.

“Yes but in capacity I do not know,” she answered with a frown. “I may have to bring this up with Sombra sometime,” she muttered to herself under her breath as she turned her attention back to the pool.

“So your mom is the lead choreographer for the Canterlot ballet and your dad is the head librarian of the Canterlot national library,” Sombra whistled, “That’s impressive.”

“Yup, the first time I met Twilight she couldn’t believe I was Musty Tome’s daughter,” she giggled taking a sip of her wine.

“Why’s that?”

“My Dad is very shy and quiet. Likes to spend most of his days reading or writing one of his short stories. I on the other hoof am pretty loud, outgoing, and have experiments blowing up in my face almost on a daily bases. I take after my mother obviously,” she chuckled.

“Does your mother also have things blowing up in her face on a daily bases?”

“You’d be surprised she likes to use a lot of pyrotechnics in her shows. The nobles hate it,” she chuckled.

Sombra blinked in surprise, “That sounds like a ballet I would actually stay awake during.”

“Oh it’s a riot. We should totally go sometime. I bet even Scootaloo would enjoy it.”

“Already including yourself in family outing I see,” Sombra smirked.

Lyra instantly blushed her whole face going red, “I uhh just….you…know…as an educator think it would be a good,” she stopped and took a deep breath to clear her head. “Sorry…don’t know why I was trying to lie with the whole I’m her music teacher card there,” she sighed and looked down at the table. “I’m sorry I was a little too forward there. I get overly excited sometimes and don’t think things through,” she pouted.

Sombra reached over and grabbed her hoof in his. He gave it a gentle squeeze, “Hey its okay Lyra, I was just teasing you,” he explained giving her hoof another squeeze. Lyra looked up and gazed at him, “I’m sure Scootaloo would love to go see your mother’s ballet, especially if there’s fire and explosions,” he chuckled. “I swear that filly is going to earn a cutie mark relating to being a pyro in some way.”

Lyra chuckled at his remark and smiled. “I’m sorry, I guessed I freaked out thinking that I over stepped my boundaries there. I mean this is only our first date so maybe I shouldn’t be making plans for all three of us. I should probably save that for another date, don’t you think?” she smiled at Sombra.

Sombra laughed, “Sounds good to me.” He said as the door opened revealing Pablo and another Changeling. They held several plates of food in their magic and they floated them to the table as they walked to it. “Dinner is served,” Pablo beamed.

“I don’t want to go to some stupid ballet,” Scootaloo pouted, splashing her hoof into the mirror pool disrupting the image for a second.

“Are you sure? I happen to find the shows that Mrs. Sure Hoof puts on to be most exciting. Especially since she added a live cannon for her most current production,” she said with an inquisitive smirk aimed at the filly.

“I’d have to agree with her Scootaloo. The rendition of Swan Lake they did last year was most exhilarating. I’m even sure a few ponies sitting on the front row got singed a bit from the explosions, if I’m remembering correctly,” Discord mused rubbing his chin.

“That does sound awesome,” Scootaloo grumbled under her breath.

Lyra looked up from here plate of grilled vegetables and stared at her date. She levitated a piece of cauliflower into her mouth as she studied Sombra. He was in the middle of cutting up his steak, rare. He had ordered it off the restaurants secret carnivore menu. It didn’t bother her that he was eating meat. She assumed with fangs like his that he would partake in the custom every now and then. But something was bugging her. Something that was nagging her in the back of her mind. “Sombra?” she called grabbing his attention.

“Yes?” he replied.

Lyra blushed, “I uh…” she stammered and rubbed the back of her head. “I was just curious about something.”

“And what would that be?” he replied giving the mare a reassuring smile.

“Well considering how long you’ve been alive I was just wondering if you were ever married before?” she asked cautiously.

Sombra’s expression softened and he looked down at the ground, “I was once,” he muttered.

“Oh,” she replied softly.

He looked back at Lyra and gave her a small smile, “But that was long ago. Let’s not dwell on that any longer. Instead let’s dwell on what we are going to order for dessert,” he said levitating the dessert menu, Pablo left for them earlier, over. He placed it between them opening it. “I’m thinking something chocolaty. How’s that sound to you?”

Lyra grinned at the dark stallion, “Perfect,” she replied.

Celestia looked over to Discord and asked, “Did you know he used to be married?”

Discord shrugged, “Not really something I would ask him Tia dear.”

Celestia huffed, “I’m beginning to think I don’t know as much as I thought I did about Sombra.”

“Gee you think?” Scootaloo remarked at the princess.

Celestia eyed the filly, “Scootaloo are you needing a timeout?”

Scootaloo opened her mouth.

“On the moon?” Celestia added.

Scootaloo quickly shut her mouth, “I’ll be good,” she squeaked.

“Oh, Celestia I think if I eat another bite of this mousse I might lapse into a chocolate coma,” Lyra groaned floating her spoon down to the table with a clank.

Sombra chuckled, “Well we can’t be having that now can we?”

“I don’t know the idea of being able to just lay in bed for a couple of months is tempting,” Lyra joked.

“I bet it does but I don’t want to be the pony that has to explain to your roommate that you fell into a coma while on a date with me,” Sombra added.

“Yeah she can be a bit over protective at times,” Lyra giggled. “But she means well and her personality does eventually grow on you. We’ve been friends for years.”

“You know she threatened me right?”

“Oh she does that to all my dates. You’re a big strong stallion I’m sure you can at least survive a few rounds against her,” she chuckled.

Sombra playfully rolled his eyes at her. Lyra laughed at him. “How about we finish up here and go for a walk, before I take you back home?” he asked.

Lyra smiled, “Sure!”

Sombra smiled back and lit up his horn. He reached out to Pablo with his magic, sending the Changeling a message, “We’re ready for our check.”

A few seconds later Sombra got a message back, “Your meal is on the house tonight Lord Sombra. Queen Chrysalis hopes that your date has gone well.”

Sombra blinked in surprise as he repeated the message in his mind again.

Lyra looked at him with concern, “Is everything alright?” she asked.

“Yes everything’s grand actually. Just got surprised there for a second. Apparently Chrysalis decided to pick up the check for us,” he said with a little disbelief in his voice.

“That’s nice of her.”

“Yes it is,” he mused scratching his chin. “A little too nice if you ask me,” he lit up his horn again.

“What are you doing?”

“Just asking Pablo a quick question…. And yup I knew it. Chrysalis is hoping that we might be opened to the idea of her feeding off our love if our relationship goes any further,” he said groaning.

Lyra burst into laughter, “Tell Pablo to ask her to wait till at least after our fifth date before asking if we would be interested in a threesome.”
Sombra blushed hard, but he relayed the message with a smirk.

“What’s a threesome?” Scootaloo asked the elder beings with pure childish curiosity.

Discord opened his mouth to answer but was instantly gagged by Celestia’s hoof, “It’s when three friends hang out and have a good time,” she answered.

“Like when I hang out with Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle?”

Discord pulled Celestia’s hoof out of his mouth, “Not quite but I’m sure you three will have a threesome at some point. Probably during college,” he said with a laugh.

Celestia glared at him as she blasted him with a bolt of magic. Scootaloo watched this all in confusion.

“It’s a lovely night isn’t it?” Sombra asked starring up into the night sky.

“Mhmm,” Lyra replied.

They were currently walking down the street lamp lighted main street of Ponyville on their way back to Lyra’s apartment. Lyra let out a content sigh and leaned further into Sombra’s side. Sombra looked at her and smiled, “Comfortable?”

“Yes, your coat is quite soft. It’s a shame I can’t keep you for the night and use you as my pillow,” she pouted.

“Maybe next time,” Sombra chuckled.

“I’ll hold you to that,” she said giving him a wink.

“So I guess that means you’re up for a second date sometime?”

Lyra just giggled as she stood up straight and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. “That answer your question?” she said to a stunned and blushing Sombra. She flicked her tail at his nose as she turned and walked further down the path. After a few steps she realized Sombra hadn’t followed. She looked over her shoulder at Sombra who still stood there blushing, “You coming!” she yelled at him waking from his stupor. “You know,” Lyra began once Sombra caught up, “I’m not complaining or anything. I’ve had a lovely time with you tonight, but as far as first dates go this ones been pretty tame. No cheesy one liners, no magical mishaps, not even a jealous ex-lover or current lover.”

Sombra chuckled, “Well I don’t have any current or ex-lovers anywhere, unless they’re currently one of the living dead. I’ve never really been one for one liners especially of the cheesy variety, and as for the magical mishaps we can save that for the second date. I decided to behave myself tonight since we are being watched.”

Lyra stopped in her tracks, “We’re being watched?” she asked frightened.

“You don’t need to be scared. We’re just being watched by a bored Chaos God, a Solar Goddess with too much time on her hooves, and a certain filly who’s now officially grounded for the next two week. I mean really? Did they think I wouldn’t be able to detect them watching me through a mirror pool? Oh and by the way princess I will gladly have dinner with you and discuss my past.” he laughed looking up and starring at them through the mirror pool.

Celestia blinked in surprise and looked at Discord, “Well it looks like he’s not too upset about it.”

“Speak for yourself Celestia. I just lost visitation rights for a month most likely and the worst part is he’s probably going to make me actually work next week,” Discord wailed.

“You bet your ass I am, now get Scootaloo to bed. Its way past her bed time” Sombra’s voice yelled through the pool.

“Uncle Discord, why do I always end up in trouble when I hang out with you?” Scootaloo grumbled.

“That’s just a risk you have to take when you roll with the God of Chaos kid,” he said scooping up the filly in his arms. “We’ll see you later Tia,” and with a snap of his talons he was gone.

Celestia watched as they faded away. She looked back to the pool and saw that Sombra was almost back to Lyra’s place. She sighed, “Sorry for spying Sombra. I’ll send you a letter in a few days about getting together for dinner,” and with that she teleported out of the room.

“Sister?” a voice called from an opening door. “Are you in here? One of your guards said they saw you entering this room,” the owner of the voice continued into the room revealing herself to be Luna. Luna surveyed the room and frowned as she walked further in, “Where in Equestria are you Tia? You promised you would help me with this paper-,” she stopped, noticing the image of Sombra in the pool. She looked closer into the pool and saw that he was with the mint green unicorn he was paired with on Nightmare Night.

“I believe her name was Lyra. Now what are those two doing out together at this hour?” Luna thought to herself. She continued to watch as they walked to a side door on one of the local shops. They began to say their goodbyes, and just before Sombra turned away to go his own way home. Lyra grabbed him in her magic. She pulled him in close and gave him a kiss.

Luna’s eyes narrowed on the unicorn.
Lyra released Sombra and gave him a wink before disappearing behind the door.
Luna snorted and ground her teeth as she teleported herself out of the room.

Author's Note:

Hey look I actually updated something.
This chapter turned out alright. Not exactly as I envisioned it. I mostly use it to lay some ground work for some stuff further down the road.
And as usual,
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