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Noir de Plume

~"If you want it to make sense, YOU say it."~


This story is a sequel to Kafka-esque

One by one, their voices died.

Only I remain.

And she is coming...

As their numbers dwindled, their intelligence grew, until the last of their kind achieved the unthinkable: self-awareness.

Now, faced with the inevitable end of their species, the last changeling must battle a creature that never before posed a threat to their kind: their Queen.

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Subsequently he adopted the name Descartes. Fun little read.

A delightfully dark piece of fiction. Well worth anyone's time to read.

Very nice.

The presentation of this small piece is astounding. Keep up the good work there, Noir. =]

An interesting short story. Keep up the great work Noir!

That was short but very good continuation, I hope to see more of this even if its just next continuation

5681742 Thank you. :heart:

All of you. Thank you.

Please tell me you plan more of this.

5682851 I'm fond of Chryssie. :raritywink:

Fun fact: the line "I think, therefore I am" originally meant something else. Here.

And here I thought Chrysalis tracking down her erstwhile followers was her redemption quest, when that only begins now.

So... Chrissy never considered that she could control the changelings' behavior and slaughtered them all first?

5828811 Yes, the idea being she never had a chance to fully mature as a thinking being herself who had independent thought.

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