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The one German who is lazy for real.


Spike is a very confused dragon. A very confused teenage dragon to be precise. And weird things happen around him all the time. He asked his new mother about how to cope with some of these stuff and she advised him to write everything down. Seeing the wisdom in Applejacks words, he does exactly that.

//This is a Germans attempt to practice the English language. Just think of any mistakes as Spikes, because, well, he never went to school. Title shamelessly inspired by another story that you don't mention in polite conversation. The plan is to add an entry everyday.

Chapters (31)
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So. No one else commented on it, this seems new. So I thought I would. So far, I find this interesting. See stuff from a confused spikes perspective. About to read more entrys. I like this so far, well done.

Entry # 6
backed = baked
drunk = drank

Spike ist schon etwas leichtgläubig. Ich würd ja ein Wörterbuch benutzen, nur um sicher zu gehen.

:rainbowlaugh: Zu geil! Armer armer Spike, ich wette Iron Heart lacht sich tot, wenn sie die Geschichte hört.

They didn't even give me a hint when I'm allowed outside of the castle again.

And I admit I did't come to that conclusion on my own.

In beiden Fällen handelt es sich um Hilfsverben.

The saddest part is, I actually know this stuff.

Nobody is perfect.

Five bucks says apple bloom is dating sweetie belle

Applejack brought her over today so we could hung out a bit

I have to say that your english is pretty damn good. I did notice that "hung" should probably be "hang"

Anyways I'm gonna keep reading


I would like my five bucks now, that if you don't mind, that is :fluttershysad:

I'm a sucker for cute little scenes like this... I LOVE IT:unsuresweetie::heart::moustache:

Dude, I love it, can't wait for some more chapters.


Well , OK. Will release one now.

"and think of granny smith":unsuresweetie::raritystarry::moustache::twilightoops::applejackconfused:

This is so much better that studying for a biology test.

5632660 translation:Spike is a bit gullible. I'd even use a dictionary, just to be sure

translation: Too horny! Poor poor Spike, I bet Ironheart laughing themselves to death when she hears the story

translation:In both cases, there are auxiliary verbs

The "too horny" got me laughing so hard.

I like the problems that are coming up, It will be interesting to see how things work out...

I instantly thought of pokemon when she was laying on the tracks

Mama Applejack Yaaaay!

Short, but to the point. Cute!

If Spike is Twilight's son and AJ is Twilight's wife, then wouldn't that make Applebloom Spikes aunt? Haha, poor Spike. :ajsmug:

"Its Twilight we're talking about. She is a very smart mare but can be pretty obvious to the simpler things in live. So mare up and just tell her in the face."

Obvious should be oblivious.

Live should be life.

So just mare up and tell her to her face
So just mare up and tell her face to face

Still enjoying the story.

5634088 Applebloom is dating Scootaloo. They live together. Earlier chapter.

Did you stop working on this or do you plan to add to it at some point?

It's on hiatus for now. I will get back to it in the future though.

These are enjoyable and brief. Good job.

This should be a good read :)

Glad to see more of this particular Story. Eagerly waiting for more =D :twilightsheepish:

This sounds like a solid start. Curious to see where this goes.

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