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A great evil has arrived on the Apple farm, and also it has DESTROYED THE APPLES!

Applejack and her sister Skeleton Bloom are about to embark on an adventure that will test the apple powers inside of them! Also Apple Bloom was on fire a lot and also was reduced to bones.

And also if you keep reading you'll get to see a fight on a train and also a battle of wits or something.

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The fire ripped through the barn at the speed of fire


You're a reeeeeal master of your craft, Proto. xD

Soon, the world will know... The Troll(fic) King :V


No, for I am NOTHING compared to the TRUE MASTER of the crack fic. I can only dream to one day capture a small fraction of his brilliance!

Also I should probably make like a blog post or something about that guys stuff. He was probably the subconscious reason that I even came up with half of this stuff.

Ohmygods what.

What have you opened my eyes to? Whyyyyyyy?!

"It is tea time have a sip." Said Garfield as he took tea kettle and tossed it at the guards.

"AHH NO." Cried out the guards as the tea melted them into skeletons.

xD I DEFINITELY see where you're getting it from. Small fraction? hah xD More like a large chunk!


HA that's my favorite part. The sequel is just as good, maybe even better.

"THIS IS THE END FOR YOU!" Applejack jumped onto the motorcycle and sped to the speed of apples!


"You PINEAPPLES!" She yelled. This was a huge insult to apples. Pineapples are like the "blackface" of apples. It's really really offensive. Applejack would be kicking the crap out of her if she had heard that.


So much what. So much glorious what.

Holy shit. I legitimately did not see that coming.

They've been enemies for years, but that's a story for another time.

Gooby Proto....


Speached Twilight

I've found my new saidism, gentlemen. :V

I am so glad PP brought you into my life :D


Lets just say I have plans for this writing prompt!

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