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This story is a sequel to Swooty Bell Adventures Part 2: The Legend of Twix Bar

Swooty Bell is in for it this time! Her nemesis Mr.McMeany has returned, and this time he has teamed up with Megatron!

So ok yeah it's time for Swooty Bell, Twilight Purple, Twix Bar, and introducing Spine the Penguin, to fight back against these robotic invaders!

Swooty Bell will fight the evils of Megatron! She will face McMeany in an epic showdown! She WON'T learn McMeanys secret plan!

Hang on because this is going to be a crazy ride!

(Please note that Spelling and grammar mistakes are intentional, for this is the universe of Swooty Bell!)

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What was this written on? BECAUSE I WANT SOME OF IT!


Yes he is but OH NO will she be able to stand up to his spider legs? STAY TUNED!


This was written on really really tired.

Author Interviewer

Use this and you will gain the power of a Prime Rib

I can't.

Author Interviewer

what happens when quarter sounder with cheese comes in contact with quarter sounder without cheese?

Author Interviewer

oh no they lost this is a bad end :(


They become a Royal With Cheese that is also a robot.

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