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Applejack has always been known for two things, Being honest and eating apples. What happens when both of these things are called into question?

Applejack must face her inner demons. Applejack must face herself.

Join Applejack as she travels an amazing dreamscape that is both beautiful and hellish at the same time. Join Applejack as she faces her destiny!

Yeah so I wrote this between the times of about 3:17 AM and 4 something AM.

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"You fell into a scream coma.

This is the funniest typo because all I see is someone in a coma, yelling their head off.:rainbowlaugh:


That ain't a typo. She literally fell into a coma from screaming.

Author Interviewer

her night scream fun minute

I can't

This was great. :D

This is the funniest story of an allergy death I've read. :rainbowlaugh:

Beaitiful... simply majestic.

To put it short~ a masterpiece

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