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A man comes to Ponyville. A horrifying, awful, evil man. He has come with the purpose of delivering a dark and evil object, but he has arrived at the wrong destination.

Twilight Sparkle must face the evil of Mr.Plinkett, and the horror of the PIZZA ROLLS!

Crossover with RedletterMedia. Specifically the "Mr.Plinkett" character.

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You get a Pizza Roll!


..............are you saying that you don't like Pizza Rolls?

I loved it! I think the Pony ruined it though. There was too much Purple Pony and not enough Pizza Rolls/Plinkett. In fact, make it Plinkett chasing Twilight who's for some reason possessed by a second Plinkett. Also the random pony possessed by a Pizza Roll.

This is similar to the what I do when someone doesn't like my comedy.

Comment posted by TheBronyFromBeyond deleted Nov 6th, 2014
Comment posted by TheBronyFromBeyond deleted Nov 6th, 2014

Oh gods, Proto stahp! I need my lungs intact sometime this week:rainbowlaugh:

She had overdosed on Pizza Rolls.

Impossible. I once ate two hundred over the course of a day, and those bodies were REAL easy to hide, and you can't prove nothin'.

Always reminding me why I followed you.

5232501 Oh no you don't! Go Rotom! *Rotom possessed the microwave and becomes Heat Rotom* cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/9/99/479Rotom-Heat.png Now use Overheat on Protopony350!

I overdosed on pizza rolls once

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