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The Story Man

I'm posting some of my stories from the /fb/ general on /mlp/ and I'll be writing some other stuff from time to time.


It was the best thing to happen to you since you graduated. Your dreams started being visited by the most beautiful girl you've ever seen. She told you her name's Twilight and that she just wants to be with you.

You were skeptical at first, who wouldn't be? But the dreams got better with each time you went in. You quickly got a prescription for sleeping pills to help you stay in bed longer. The unfortunate side-effect is that you now have to "wake yourself up" in the dream by bashing your head in.

But it's all worth it to get to stay with Twilight. She's the light of your dull life, even if you do have friends to hang out with and a job to go to. How could anything go wrong with a love like this?

(Was meant to be my Halloween story, but I got jumped with exams and some personal stuff, so here it is now)

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Comments ( 27 )

Thanks for the story, Story. ;)

>says 2 spooky
>is actually 1.93 spooky
you lied to me

*sees coverart*

*Reads title of chapter*

Yep, you're right, 2spooky4me!

Not spooky. Rather... demented.

Twilight, damn you and your persuasive, beautiful, sexy, human self. :twilightsmile:

Happy ending?

Hmmm... I wouldn't mind that all that much.

Will Twilight be badass in this story?

What a dark fate when dreams become so much more alluring than reality that they force your hand.

Yandere....scary. but good story tho :pinkiehappy:

.........I need a clean pair of pants.....

So she's just a dream realm creation in this?

Yep, a figment of your imagination.

Sounds like he's in his own personal hell in that case. O_o

Well, he's in a coma.

Anon is going to die in about 3 or 4 days tops.

5383319 Here's hoping they can help him then. Not only would he be stuck there with her for eternity but it'd be JUST her, didn't read anything about the others being in that world with her.


You beat me to it but yeah Yandere twi is not good twi.

6012298 I prefer a yandere pinkie or dash. :pinkiecrazy:

But nothing wrong with a little crazy Twi, right?

6014220 Na bruh im fine with crazy twilight :pinkiecrazy:

Funny thing is that in a way this is actully in character for twillight, we have all seen the way she gets when she Thinks she's being tardy, or how she acts when she's stressed, going completly psycho over some guy she's in love with really don't sound all to farefetched to me.

Not to say they were mean, but it is a bit of a ridiculous idea, to be so attached to something in your own head.

Meh...when you think about it, religion is in one's own head, and people have KILLED for that before, so...there's always that...

Just want say this would be even better with the rest of the Main six where all six of the girls start getting obsessed with the male reader and where are Twilight's friends anyway?.

I Also will assume Twilight did something to keep me from leaving her forever though I wonder what?

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