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This is a letter discovered in an underground facility that is seems to be a magic research laboratory. In this letter, an unknown pony had written details about Princess Luna's transformation a thousand years ago. It seems he was involved.

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Comments ( 9 )

crud. is a lot of crud this is

Let me just explain, since I only said "nah."
The story ... just felt, I guess plain?
For a first time, it's not bad, I'll say that...
But I just really didn't get anything.:rainbowhuh:

5130250 It is plain, now that you mentioned it. Well, it just kind of popped inside my head and I had to write it down, so there... :twilightsheepish:

I like it!:pinkiehappy:
It really has emotion and detail, and I enjoyed reading it.:scootangel:
Instant fave.:heart:

Hmm. Well, let's ignore all of the grammar mistakes, which you probably now know there are many. For your first one-shot, this was an interesting premise, but like what was said before, it is a little plain. An interesting take on the origin of the Alicorn Amulet (I'm assuming that's what that was), I'll give you that. I get that you're going for the open-ended ending, but I don't think it really works this time. We kind of need something more than just 'someone who loved Luna.'

7045869 Ah, I didn't think you'd read this one. It is quite plain, looking back.

7046497 Well, I found myself in your story list and saw that it was short, so I figured why not?

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