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Applejack will always love you 'cos that's jes' how she is, sugarcube <3

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This begins the sequel to Trixie's Magic Bit. And here... we... go... :ajsmug:

Nice teaser. This series is now semi-officially titled The Cascade of Erotic Carnage. Reading...

I'm going to give this a tentative thumbs up, due to it being somewhat imagitive and well written.
However the idea of a Futa-Rarity ass raping Big Mac just doesn't truly work for me, at least not for her first conquest. And despite the "willingness" of Big Mac, I can't see this as anything other then rape, atleast from Big Mac's point of view.:twilightangry2:

However, I can see a Futa-Rarity doing something with another filly, maybe even something approaching rape then later in the story trying something with Big Mac and the novelity of doing fillies waned.:raritywink:

... While I myself do not approve of this... Others may. I must politely speak my mind, however. And Twilight Sparkle shall assist me.


Thank you for allowing me to express this. Good day to you all.

It's okay for you not to like things Trixie's Magic Bit fans like. :ajsmug:

Folks who have NOT read 'Trixie', however, might be well advised to go read that first (though some effort will be made to support folks who are starting just with this book and never read the original).

I won't stand for folks abusin' my readers, however- 229 favorites for Trixie, and for Rarity, 18 favorites (including notable and respected fic writers) in the first couple hours alone. This is part of a CONTINUING story and in spite of how it may look, there are folks who want me to continue rather than gittin' flipped out by a brutal downthumb onslaught and runnin' away. I realise to look at the ratings it makes it appear that I am one of the worst writers on th' site. This always happens when I'm startin' off a piece of this nature, and it's no fun. It happened on Equestria Daily, too, so I have to go by actual comments, of which I've had some doozies, and they keep me goin'.

So play nice, or you'll make Fluttershy cry. :fluttercry:

I'm guessing you didn't read Trixie's Magic Bit. Mac's not just a random conquest; they've been seeing each other for a while, and Dash finds them very cloppable. (Applejack tries very hard to pretend she's not there.) The problem is Rarity isn't actually as good at reading his feelings as she thinks she is - talking would be nice, for one - and there are Apple family issues involved as well.


In general, not aimed at Mouse or anyone in particular, I predict this story will reveal a lot of interesting attitudes towards males and anal sex. Rape, too. Pick a random new clopfic and there's a good chance that it'll be some kind of rape fantasy. And the fans will love it.

In fact, let's do that right now.

So, at the moment, we have

Appletini by Cosmonaut
Rarity's Worst Day Ever by Applejinx
New World: Original Chapters by Poodicus (Which I shall skip, since the author is only posting old drafts)
Excitable by DawnFade
Dash Cider Season by FriendlyDynasty
Cupcakes Reborn by Silverslate
The Breeding Grounds by Inthend
Addicted to Lust by SergeantBuck
Corruption by TAW
A Tale of Two Ponies by darktechy


Appletini - Rainbow Dash exposes AJ to poison joke without her knowledge or consent.
"That’s enough ya hear?” grunted Applejack, her face pressed into her pussy. “Lemme go or I’ll whoop your sorry behind so hard…”
“Can’t hear ya! Sorry!” said Dash,

Rarity's Worst Day Ever - Rarity pushes her lover farther than he's willing to go.

Excitable - Hot. Consensual. PinkieScratch. In public.

Dash Cider Season - Uh...
Big Mac immediately went on top of Dash and started fucking her Anal'ly.

Cupcakes Reborn - Do I even have to look? Okay, no fucking yet, but Pinkie has already drugged Dash against her will.

The Breeding Grounds - So, we've got this horrifying setting in which stallions are only kept for breeding - and the story is about Twilight staging a little rebellion against that. Not sure if want...

Alright, I gotta go do other things.

Addicted to Lust -

Corruption -

A Tale of Two Ponies -

You could have started with strange, nice, hot, PinkieShy to get the readers warmed up.

True. But I have a story to tell and this time there's a clear direction right from the outset. If I can, I'm going to get a fullsize chapter off FAST- like tomorrow or th' next day- just to get folks started and show 'em what the cast is up against.

Let's just say 'perfect storm of bad judgement calls' which I'm doing my level best to make understandable and non-arbitrary... and sooner than you think, the ponies can start fighting back and trying to re-establish their sweet natures. But the next chapter is named Avalanche, and what Rarity did... the effects have not finished propagating.

And as usual, Trixie's situation is where all hell really breaks loose- but that would be telling :)

Well this is... something. Most of it is her remembering the night before, and that ends up coming across as slightly telly. It is a nice teaser, but almost feels like something you throw out to get readers and set up for the story. Not something that tells a story.

You're right that I have not read "Trixie's Magic Bit," I read this manly because this came up today as a new story on FIMfiction. While I did notice the mention of it being a sequel, the intro/summary did not make it seem like I needed to read the other story first.:twilightoops:

My "complaint" was only that I didn't see Futa Rarity starting with Big Mac. I have now look over "Trixie's Magic Bit" enough to see the device that makes fillies into Futa's has been around for a while and that Rarity has also been seeing Big Mac for awhile. So it does make more sense that Rarity might start with Big Mac after all.:raritywink:

My fear caused by the match-up in this first chapter was that each chapter was going to try to be more preverted or use obscene fetishes just for the shock value. That is way I gave it a tentative thumbs up. If it was just a clopfic of worsening fetishes or rapes, I would stop reading it and change my rating.:facehoof:

HOWEVER based on the comments I read, plus the first few chapters I just read of "Trixie's," I can now see that this is not a shock clop only fic but will have a plot and Applejinx wanted to start with Rarity making a very bad choice in bedroom activities and not just to have a Futa rape scene.:twilightsmile:

I have nothing against using rape, homosexuality, Futa, or fetishes as long as they make sense in the story and the plot supports their use. BTW two of my all time favorite manga series both have strong Futa aspects, Ranma 1/2 and Futaba-kun Change, except the other way around, males becoming females and both mangas done more for humor and emotional toil on the characters due to changing sex. Neither would qualify as 'hentai.' :twilightsheepish:

BTW, I have seen Trixie's Magic Bit before, just not tried to read it till now. The only real reason for this was due to the me thinking it was just a Trixie/Twilight slash story and I had grown bored with them due to the large number of almost identical &/or badly written versions of that same ship. :twilightangry2:

I am quite glad you are following up on this loose end, specifically Mac's increasingly loose end - and with Trixie's done, it is also good to see Rarity filling the, um, gap.

I await your pleasure. It will certainly be mine.

"Dearest Rarity: Nope."
lol so hard at this keep up the good work

>Dearest Rarity: Nope.

Aw shit, here we go.:raritydespair:

Wow, what a start! :rainbowderp: Seems like you'll be going all out right from the beginning, huh?

You posted up the title of the story on your blog yesterday, then I saw the description and character tags when it went up and I was instantly excited to see the relationship of Rarity and Macintosh unpacked, since we weren't given a deeper look in Trixie's Magic Bit. And then of course you go and blow it all up rigth in the first chapter! Oh, that letter... You really know how to pack a punch in a single line, don't you? It will be interesting to see what's to come, what's yet to happen ( you promised a carnage! ) - and how Rarity will eventually, hopefully, try to pick up the pieces.

Not much else to say right now except that I enjoyed the intro and I'm really excited for the coming chapters. Oh, and it's nice see how you carried a piece of your writing style / motif over from T'sMB. I refer to the time when AJ convinced Rainbow to have some tender lovings for the first time... When one of your characters cries during sex it's always foreshadowing something important! I don't exactly know why I'm pointing this out, but it's something that I find neat and it caught my attention.



I have been waiting SO much for this. I KNEW Rarity wanting to peg Mac would lead to badness. ^.^

So let's see what's in play right now:
Mac has learned he likes it in the butt. After mouthing off to Rarity that it wouldn't be any good at all, and he'd soon put
her in her place like a good little mare. So, whole bunch of reasons to leave her - he's had his notion of his place in
the relationship buggered (literally), his notion of his masculinity (which almost certainly didn't involve liking sodomy
on the receiving side) has been shaken, and his mare straight went and made him feel something he didn't want to
feel. He's probably going to go home and try to smother his worries with work, but the possibility that he might, at
some juncture, ashamedly attempt to seek male company to explore his apparent 'inner colt-cuddler' could be
amusing. At no point will he consider that he might just be a straight colt who likes it in the butt.
Rarity has a new-found love of dick-wielding, and (currently) no-one to practice it upon. I expect that her first port of call
will be to try and get Mac back, as he made her horn-cum and that makes unicorns stick to you like glue in
Trixie's Bit Equestria. Too much depends on how that particular interaction goes for me to prognosticate much here

I myself am not interested in the whole anal thing but I loved reading the Trixie story and I do believe this one has potential can't wait to see the next chapter.:pinkiehappy:

Awwww... poor Rarity :raritycry: her enthousiasm got the better of her, it would seem

Well, you didn't have to wait long... :applejackconfused:
I reckon the characters are going to start sendin' up signal flares and begging for rescue pretty soon, though!


I'm going to be saying that a lot, aren't I?

Also, that first scene in Ch 2? Yeah. I think it probably belongs as the first scene of Ch 1. Didn't you run this by the other /fic/?

Nope, Ch.1 is like a prelude and Ch.2 starts off with the recapping. There's many different folks to recap- soon you'll get some recapping of where Twilight and Trixie are at. And I've never run ANY 'Trixie' by /fic/ because I can't: ponychan /fic/ won't take it and on my thread on FIMchan /fic/ _I_ am asked to crit stuff, ain't like folks talk to me much about Trixieverse in that particular way.

If I hear stuff that's important I go in and fix it, like fixing all the habitual punctuation derps for Kurbz. It all ends up more polished in th' long run. But I can't start with Appledash homelife when Rarity's the title character- and I had to bookend chapter 2 with Appledash because it sets up the wing stuff that's explained in th' middle, and then it ends with ouch and the happy times have to be real fresh if you're gonna feel what it feels like for them.

I'll try to moderate the Ouch. As best I can. I am afraid that AJ and Dash are going to be really, really, really proud and stubborn, though on opposite extremes of the 'run wild' spectrum... no points for guessing who runs most amok :ajsleepy:

Ah, me being too lazy and indirect for my own again. "The other /fic/" is FIMchan.

The problem is one of gentleness. I'm sure I've seen you mention a couple of times that a writer can't just drop violence in the readers' lap without building up to it. Well, that goes for sex, too - I know I'm lecturing the master here.

Trixie's "Best Ride" warms the readers up fast, but effectively.
Rarity's isn't as effective, even though the warm up is a lot longer.

See, in the first one, you ask the reader to join AJ as she walks in on Fluttershy getting very laid, inspiring emotions of "d'awww," "you go, girl!" and "With RD? Awww, yeah!" If they're deeply offended by futa, you lose, but those readers are a lost cause anyway.

In the second, you ask the reader, quite likely a sleeper member of SPSAI (the Society for the Protection of Stallions' Anal Integrity), to identify with Rarity's anticipation at breaking Mac in. I assume that particular act is not the main point of this story. (If so, you're gonna hafta start rounding up more stallions, no?)

Instead, if you open on--

>Rainbow Dash glowed with that wonderful energy of post-fucking.
I- I shouldn't even have to tell you that's a hell of a hook line.

--sorry, we we're talking about Rarity and Mac. Well, if you follow Dash until she encounters suicidal Mac and then switch over to Rarity, the effect is completely different. Suddenly, we don't have to identify with Rarity's anticipation. We know she will fail, and we are free to see her as a protagonist making a tragic mistake or as a villain with good intentions, whichever we choose.

As written the text squicks out the SPSAI majority. I don't think it has to. Yes, you lose the shock value of Mac's note. But even that isn't a complete loss: For those who side with Mac, it's a Moment of Awesome. For those who pick Rarity, it's still an effective transition back to Rainbow and Mac.

Oh... Pony. You know how to rip my heart out, dont'cha? Dash and Applejack are my favorites in your stories, and you've gone and blown it all up. I feel like Charlton Heston screaming at the melted remains of the Statue Of Liberty right now. "You've gone and blown it all to heeeellllll!!!"

Interesting take on pegasus ovulation, I have to say.

Arggh. We're in for a grievous and traumatic ride, aren't we? Well, if it has to hurt, at least it's you doing it. I wouldn't trust my emotions to a lesser writer, thank everything you're immeasurably good.

Oh, and the way Big Mac went on, that bothered me a bit, which I found unusual. Huh. I started to not like Big Mac there; it made it more difficult for me to accept Dash consoling him, as it were. Probably just my issues - I am severely creeped out by the bigoted.

Why can't I give this story more thumbs and stars?!? It's friggin' amazing! Twistin' plots and plots a'twistin', just the way I like it!

So after a small breather we go on to chapter two! Yay! ... Or maybe... no. No yay. :fluttercry: Oh my gosh, what have you done?!

The beginning was so heartwarming! Seeing that small glimpse of the home life of AJ and Dash was seriously dawww worthy. Of course you had to upend it by the chapter's end! Anyway, it makes me wonder how much time has passed since the end of T'sMB. You give small clues - like how AJ now always goes without hair-ties around Dash - that suggest that there has been some progression. Maybe a few weeks, or a month or two, between the final confrontations in T'sMB and the giving of the new bits, and then Rarity's nigth with Macintosh. I'm pretty sure those weren't on the same day.

I liked the part where we finally learned the real importance of wings. This little tidbit of information gives an interesting insight into pegasus culture. Until now I thought that being such a free spirit came all from Rainbow's personality, but this suggests that the pegasi as a race have a unique view on intimacy, even if not all of them are as - forgive the word - rampant as Dash. Also now that we know about the special erogenous zones of unicorns and pegasi (horns and wings respectively), it makes me wonder if the earth ponies would have something similar to that...

Moving on, Big Mac's little 'episode' on the cliff caught me a bit off guard. Suicide is a serious subject, and it felt like it came out of nowhere. I knew of course, that the events of chapter one would have consequences, but I wouldn't have thought he'd go that far. I guess it was all just a bit sudden for me, so I'll chalk it up to overreaction on Mac's part for now. I'm sure we'll see more about what goes on in his head, I expect him not to be cured of all his woes so easily.

And poor, poor AJ. My heart goes out to her. :ajsleepy:


In all my babbling after last chamber, I failed to comprehend the sheer depths of simple-mindedness you'd inflict on Mac. Bravo.

I didn't like Big Mac on the cliff either... you'll notice Rainbow Dash is on the 'side of good' there and that's no accident. There's a lot more to her that is moral, besides just wanting to bodysex everything. You'll notice that Big Mac did NOT actually do anything, but when confronted, he was self-pitying and maybe just crying out for help- he's kind of a big baby, see 'The Last Roundup', and he might not be incredibly bright (Jay Naylor's astonishing take on him aside! real OC, that) and he's soaked up attitudes unquestioningly. He could use some growing up. There's all sorts of 'this cannot stand!' starting off this book, if anyone thought it was a two-chapter short story I would spit my bit in horror...

Regarding not starting off with NICE clop- this book is slightly different from 'Trixie'. Trixie was clop first. Rarity is 'clash of worldviews' first, it's about how everypony is reasonable to themselves- but when you combine them, sometimes relationships are a lot of work, or even fundamentally incompatible. To some extent EVERY relationship is fundamentally incompatible and it's just a matter of how much and what you can tolerate.

Yes, some ponies are more thoughtful and some more instinctual and some do fine until... I wrote a little couplet that was originally going to lead off th' whole thing.

It’s not that you aren’t fabulous
It’s not that you aren’t a star
It’s not that you’re too beautiful
It’s that you’ve GONE TOO FAR...

The big question for all of 'em in their own ways is, 'how far is too far?' What is too far? Why does one go too far? Rarity was tryin' to lock down Big Mac by over-performing for him and amazing him more and more. Dashie was unthinkingly imposing her pegasus values on earth ponies and trying to establish permissions where she knew they couldn't be, and had what she thought were logical reasons in the moment, and her own boundaries. Big Macintosh was torn up, all the values he'd never questioned in tatters- his self had been judo-flipped out from under him. Applejack was betrayed by the one fundamental expectation she was SURE would never be shaken, and that expectation did NOT just involve Rainbow Dash, either- if you think Dash is the one she's angriest at, think again.

I'm juggling events for at least four chapters- don't think I can do a chapter a day but I'm going to try to get off to a quick start so y'all can at least see ponies being ponies and trying to help. I think the fella who said 'ew, it's so drama' over Trixie ought to run away fast as he kin... a few lil' snowballing events have led to some BIG hard to fix drama, which will not go unaddressed.

I'm so intimidated :rainbowderp:. Everyone has these lengthy, well-thought out comments and I just want to tell you that I think you're doing an amazing job...
Well, I said it. :twilightsheepish:

Can't wait for more, Applejinx! :raritywink:

Whoa-ho-ho! Heavy characterization and personal growth? In a clopfic?

Jackpot. :pinkiehappy:

Now, as a personal rule, I don't Favorite clopfics (sorry!), but consider this followed. Followed like you're everypony in the Mane 6 who isn't a Paranoid Pinkie.

Feel free to tell folks about this if you can come up with appropriate ways to do so. Ain't like this is the first book I've written (have you read Trixie's Magic Bit? This is a sequel) so you know I'm going to be able to finish it and do it up properly.

Guess I'd better get movin' on chapter three- though you will NOT be getting 4-7K word chapters daily. I don't think anypony expects that...

I wonder if Rainbow Dash remembers the fact that Applejack was playing with her wings and made her quite horny (which is why she was contemplating having sex with someone on the weather team in the first place). Oh well, if that is the way Rainbow Dash gets pregnant, at least her child with be as close to one of Applejack's offspring as genetically possible (although magic would probably allow Rainbow Dash or Applejack to get pregnant on their own).


She did say wing play 'while' having bodysex. Don't get ahead of yourself, there's plenty else to worry about even if you take Dash's word for it. Who's gonna know about this if not a pegasus? They probably even consider the wing-player the father, at heart.

I bow to your authorship of the story.

Although Dash ending up pregnant from her coupling was just a thought that occurred while reading, a rather interesting thought when you think about it.


First of all, I congratulate you on the great story so far and admire your skill in somehow fitting so many incredibly well written sex/tease scenes in with a heart wrenching plot and still somehow providing a smooth and fairly natural insight into the culture of the Pegasus race. That takes an amazing amount of talent.

Second, while I personally think there would be enough "problems" for :rainbowderp: already, the fact that :ajsmug: had been fucking her and had obviously been "using" :rainbowlaugh:s wings at the same time, :rainbowlaugh: might actually have a very real threat of having ovulated then and had already had her eggs dispensed and ready in her womb when she was plowed by :eeyup:. Unless Pegasi can UN-ovulate after cooling down a bit then she could very well be looking at pregnancy which probably wouldn't be taken to kindly from :ajbemused: and would probably throw :eeyup: into a panic. Then again, even unprotected sex has a 2% chance of failure to impregnate (if i remember correctly)

I had a third thing I wanted to say but I forgot...

Yeah, the whole fertility window thing occurred to me today. For most mammals, ova have a life expectancy of about a day, and spermatozoa, up to a week. I think we can safely say Dashie won't be getting any wing-action for longer than that, so it's a question of what happened that morning.

Then again, real biology + Applejinx fic = not necessarily true. See: Pinkie's tongue.

So, fun observations.

Cats and birds are the most famous induced ovulators. Relatives of weasels, rabbits, and camels are too. Domestic chickens are an exception. According to one abstract, doves require close companions, but not necessarily male.

Just a guess from what we've seen so far in this fic:
Earth mares follow a regular cycle,
pegasus mares require physical stimulation, and
unicorn mares, emotional one.

That's really quite clever. How long was it planned? "Wings weren't touching, didn't count" was mentioned all the way back in "Best Ride."

Fluttershy's body language in "Party Soft" is now 20% more d'aww-inducing.

Oh, and while it's not an idea one can own, I can think of an author who did a little world-building bit with griffon egg-laying and related behaviors. I might just have to swipe this idea back.

Ye gods, y'all. :applejackconfused:

I'll try to distract you with more chapters when I can (I am putting out another youtube song- more woodentoaster coverin'- vocals today, I'm terrified)

But can you keep a lid on this speculation? If Dashie hears it- and she's already gutted and probably will be acting out in a big way- and if it's true that she would consider Applejack the 'father' for doing the important part...


TOOOO much grimdark. Dashie is vulnerable, please do not suggest this idea to her. For Pete's sake! :ajsleepy:

502215 *GASP!* What have I done?!

And with AJ being considered the father... oh god that would really cause emotions to explode!

@dash: "Oh, hey! uh... nice weather we're having, did you do that?

Ooooh Celestia... I've read through this part in full, and I'm heading into the next chapter gradually (I'm trying to actually, y'know, write my own projects for once too, instead of just reading everypony else's), and I'm really, really hoping for everypony's sake that this next chapter doesn't go the direction I think it might with Mac coming home to a wound-up Rainbow.... :twilightoops:

Me: Phew! That's a relief.

Inner Pinkie: :pinkiegasp:

Me: What? I saw this possibly going *much* nastier, uglier, darker places than it just did!

Inner Pinkie: :pinkiesad2:

Me: I know, I know. But this is Applejinx. I'm sure everything will work out for the better in the end... but yeah, I was also thinking "you mean like Applejack performed on you before you came out here?" when she talked about how it took a *lot* of Wingplay for a pegasus to ovulate. But hey! At least Big Mac isn't going about, forcing himself on any vaguely interested mare in an effort to prove his heterosexuality!

Inner Pinkie: :pinkieha-

Me: Yet.

Inner Pinkie: :pinkiesick:

So, we'll have to see what happens! Though in this case... oh, Rainbow, you *really* should have broken the news more gently to Applejack. :facehoof:

I must admit that I was a bit doubtful when I saw that you intended to continue this story, but so far you have not disappointed. It seems like you have yourself a really nice setup so far and I can only say that I am looking forward to the next chapters. One question by the way. Do you feel as confident writing for Rarity as you do for Rainbow Dash and Applejack, or do you feel like you know those two better? It seems like the style you use for the different cast is distinct in its own way and that Rarity differs in style from what you have done so far?

If you look closely you'll see that writin' for :eeyup: is also distinct and has attitudes and words all its own...
It's gonna get REALLY interesting later, let me just say, but we're not there yet. Suffice to say that once again, Trixie is the key to literary 'VTEC kicking in' and all hell truly breaking loose. Do you think Celestia will like her?

And so, Dash sets out on a journey of epic bad behaviour. There are going to be legends about this binge of hers. Extra points if she somehow ends up banging the old flight school bullies somewhere around rock bottom.

I'm almost sad Celestia is turning up tomorrow in the story, as opposed to later on. While her turning up early undoubtedly allows for more involvement in the story, I can only imagine the epic 'WTF face' she would make while Twilight tried to explain how fucking weird everything had gotten.

Though, I suppose she has to explain Trixie to Celestia anyhow, so that will be awesome anyway. "So Trixie, when did you fall in love with my Twilight?" "Well, she was in the middle of brutally raping me with her magical cock while assuring me it didn't mean a thing to her..."

And conversations like that are why I love the Trixieverse.

EDIT: It occurs to me that Celestia being in Ponyville and Fluttershy having a bit that's useless to her given her ... condition is a confluence of events that could lead to great and powerful funny. Particularly if exploiting said confluence isn't Fluttershy's idea.

*Checks tags*

Darn it; this isn't supposed to be a sadfic. And yet it is sad, so very, very sad to see Dashie like that.

I'm tired of folks going 'She's just a bitch! heartless! bad pony! bad!' :rainbowderp:
Time folks lived inside her head for a spell. It will be okay in the end, and you'll know her much better and rejoice with her when it's okay at last.
Until then... :rainbowdetermined2:
And: she startled the hell out of me when she freaked out at Pinkie touching her wings. No touchie, huh? I was not entirely expecting that reaction, but that little pony is mad faithful in her own peculiar way. I had NO idea how distinctive her viewpoint was when I started writing her in 'Best Ride Ever', but she was already showing it...

Dude, it makes a sad sort of sense to me. She didn't break the rules - not in her mind at least. She has to keep not breaking them to keepthe moral high ground in this. That means NO touchie.

Seems Applejack and Rainbow are the perfect couple, but unfortunatly they both have alot to learn about eachother.
I do feel realy sad for Rarity though. That's gotta be the worst way and worst reason for breaking up I've ever seen.
And, call me a sicko, but I cant help but think Celestia might be a bit proud of her student if she finds out just what made Trixie fall in love with her, hehe.
Oh, ofcorse, she'll have to keep up the proper teacher appearance and all, but I bet she'll still be proud :trollestia:

Oh Dashie.... You make me so sad with your life decisions.


Probably because mine suck too,. Ouch, that's a bitch-slap of reality. :unsuresweetie:

I'm not very sure this story would survive a CANON Celestia encounter if she where to find out her student turned rapist just to prove a point not to mention she damn near went homicidal on rainbow dash out of jealousy. I'm actually scared of this encounter. The fact that they are going to have to deal with a rampant dash struggling to keep her one rule, a distraught and angry applejack, a confused and hurt big mac, and a recently dumped, deviant rarity is going to raise enough hell as it is! Pinkie is already losing what little control she had on the situation and even Fluttershy might be in trouble before long if pinkie really did send her to take care of applejack. There is also this new "horniness leakage" problem coming from the bits which might further escalate things! You orchestrated an emotional 10g anti-matter bomb to go off in as little as a day!

I'm honestly just along for the ride now, I'm won't even try to speculate on what will happen any further..

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