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Applejack will always love you 'cos that's jes' how she is, sugarcube <3


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Die happy. (an' exhausted) :ajsmug:

I had no idea what the hell was going on half the time and the characterization was screwed up, but hey, futa ponies! :rainbowkiss:

Futa ponies, what is this I don't even.

Uh... am I supposed to be deletin' paraspritey comments here? I don't mean to be uncharitable about it, but that ain't really what this page is about, and it hurts the feelin's of the ones who are enjoyin' themselves to sass on them that bad. I don't go around lookin' up fics that I don't like and givin' em lip. What do? :ajbemused:


I think let them be. I kinda feel like it too - wtf i'm reading? Why my strong and proud Applejack reduced to... that?! Wtf? But it's nice, thought I prefer AJ as dominant type and Dash more submissive.

:applejackunsure: She is all mare- and madly in love- and it said right in the first chapter that she wanted Dash to be her stallion, she's pretty new to the whole fillyfooling thing and is reacting like some ponies see her: not down with the full extent of 'the gaaay, Dashie, the gay!'. But she's resilient and a quick study- and you'll be seeing more of her, a nice blend of the strong manly AJ and the more tender loving one, soon. And remember Dash is on your side here- wants the same AJ you want, and is just as determined as Applejack is.

Fic extended- the next chapter has run so long that I used its beginning as Turnabout's end. That makes it comparable length to the other two.

I will let comments be. Try to be pony about it- I don't like to see the folks who are enjoyin' this, scorned. With a bit of luck, future chapters will cover enough different ground that more ponies are happy- though because of the macguffin, ALMOST all of it will involve the magic bit, and hence magical futa. That's kind of the concept of the story, so if natural-grown strap-ons ain't your thing, this won't end well for you, let's just say... :ajsmug:

Twilight was such a drama queen at the end xD

uhm this is good shit to read w/ loud dramatic music

and it's also good for asking yourself exactly what the fuck have you done with your life

lol i haven't finished it yet but that like about aj's dick looking like it hung around seaports beating up other penises and taking there money had my laughing my ass off hahahahaha :rainbowlaugh:

haha alright i finished it. I thought she was actually going to be pregnant at first, then i thought "naw how would that even work" then i thought "well its magic" then it went away. No prego's haha. Twilights a bit of a nut haha. Anyway this stories great. Keep it up.

Rule #1 about Drama Queens and ponies.

Place #1 is ALWAYS. TWILIGHT. SPARKLE. :twilightangry2:

Place #2 is Rarity but is close to tying. :raritydespair:

I'm pretty sure that Twi was just freaking out at the end there. :facehoof:

At least... I kinda hope so. Otherwise this magic bit gets more complicated..... :unsuresweetie:

Haha. Nice. AJ finally look more like that hard, honest, dominant and strong Applejack I love. Hope she'll fuck Dash hard, untill she begs to stop))

Really nice chapter, I think this has been my favorite so far. Looking forward for more, keep it up!
Twilight seemed really cute in my opinion, regardless of her dramatic outbursts here and there :twilightblush:
Her personality you emulate makes her seem believable from what we've seen of her on the actual show from time to time.

As I mentioned in your thread, I simultaneously applaud how well Dash's hard-to-narrow-down personality carries over, and am sad that she's not as sympathetic as she is in my headcanon. All the same, your Twilight characterization is nothing short of wonderful. Great work as always.

It's... different, that's for sure. I don't quite understand Dash's logic, but I suppose you had to let everypony have their share somehow :raritywink:

On that note, I hope you plan on doing a Rarity chapter soon, or else I will be very cross with you. :duck:

quoting a friend
"I think, only think, that everything I know is wrong. I'm sicked by this fucking shit. I don't even know what anymore. WHO THE FLYING TITDICKS WANTS TO WRITE A STORY ABOUT FUCKING PONIES WITH DICKS. I'll tell you who; the fucktwat that needs to kill himself. With a large spiked mallet. Go chop your dick off, you fuckwhore. Yours truly; Happyface."

ahahahaha my godness

this shit, man. This shit. So fucking awesome to read with extremely loud orchestral battle music.

I can never tell what the hell mrheadhopper really thinks. Any way great story. Very interesting. Reminds me alot of Luna's Wand and other Raging semi stories. Good job bro.

Gapaot ought to like where the Appledash went with this last chapter. Though as always it's complicated.
Rarity is up next- though this does not imply she is needy in the way Fluttershy is... but that only raises greater curiosities.
Your friend shouldn't be readin' stuff that would only upset him... but I guess that's his privilege, ain't it? :ajsmug:

Sensual and loving and in-character. You're making me a happy pony!

The only worry I'd pose is you don't need to one-up each previous chapter in explosiveness of orgasmic release, ferocity of intercourse, degree of pre-coital desire/post-coital collapse, and so forth.

Don't worry. Dashie and AJ kind of blew past some limits there and discussion must ensue- and the plot continues in other directions. Applejack is serious about not continuing to escalate things.
That said, I did know some ponies wanted to see Dash ruined and ravaged- the secret there is, Dashie was one of those ponies, so it was a bit of a foregone conclusion. She kinda... made it happen, by fair means or foul. Which is typical Dashie... :ajbemused:

Dear god this is so bucking epic in more ways than one! I always thought fluttershy would be the crazy type but you take it to a whole new level!!

This whole story thus far has already blown my initial expectations I had for it-- currently, it now stands amongst my favorite fanfics of all time, regardless of its mature rating. The way you effectively develop believable character personalities while staying hypothetically in-character is astonishing. Even with the Fluttershy portrayed here, I still believe it is very fitting considering her inner-rage we've all seen and the way you tied her similar actions and dialogue similar to her 'discorded' character; as if her 'other personality' was struggling and managed to somewhat escape, if only momentarily.

I was very surprised the typical jokes such as the internet famous "balls weren't touching, therefore it isn't gay" actually serve as a legit plot device, that not only just make it sort of humorous, but made me feel attached to the characters beliefs thoughts, and ways of life in general.

Great story, keep it up! :ajsmug: x :rainbowwild: foreverrrrr!

So, in that all that it matters because I'm here for the porn, but is there something to the anti-male sentiment in this story?

It's kinda getting a little awkward. All the mares seem to agree stallions aren't any good at sex. Big Mac being treated as basically a "weak little sister"? Maybe I'm just reading too much into it but it's kinda getting weird.

Not like I'm going to stop reading, but it's just strange.

In this story, Pinkie has the attitude you describe. Applejack's family is weird and matriarchal (Applejack's mother particularly so- she's the one who thought stallions were only good for breeding purposes) and Rainbow Dash pretty much wants to conquer anypony, male or female (with few exceptions). We don't know Twilight's opinion on stallions because we haven't seen her picking up any, and Fluttershy clearly wants stalliony stallions.
You may find Rarity's opinion of the matter is quite different from Applejack and Dash's, much less Pinkie's unusually strong opinion (which seems partly involuntary- I doubt she can help it). This time, Rarity really is up next. Remember that all these ponies live in strikingly different worlds, for all that they live in the same town.

For what it's worth, in How Does Your Garden Grow Braeburn finds Big Macintosh to be much more than a 'weak little sister', and if you listened to only those two you'd think it was about anti-female sentiment...


AJ's family's "Males are weak" thing, judging by Rainbows reaction, tells me that it's NOT normal. Rather it's VERY abnormal. Sorta like a western family today bringing up their children under "Women are for babies and not being seen".

And from AJ's speech, and her disapproval of it, it's probably going to end.

48693 I've gone back and reread it and with that in mind, Rainbow's reaction was more prominent. That changes things quite a bit, sorry I didn't catch that the first time.


Also helps to think of why AJ's so reluctant to tell her, or her other friends. I take it she's more than just a little ashamed.

holys hit all this weird psycho analysis on some fanfic is weird

eeeeeey i still like this because it's ever so enjoyable with the scissor sisters-

It's funny. She's a dynamite stallion because that's how she was raised to be. But she wants to rebel, and to her, rebelling isn't being a stallion, rebellion for her is being girly and sweet, and she's been doing that as well all her life (like with the cursory hair-tie, as near to long flowing hair as you can possibly get on mane AND tail).
But she's soaked up so much disapproval about it from older Apple mares and her mom, that she does honestly feel it's shameful. Maybe somepony can help her with that. Dunno if Rainbow Dash would be the wisest about it, though.
This whole thing becomes more interesting if I can dig into how the characters really are, and build on that. Applejack really does sleep alone in the master bedroom of Sweet Apple Acres, with a picture of two ponies who aren't around, and hair-ties on the last inch of mane and tail, and a cranky angry Granny, and Big Macintosh being gentle and deferential. It's just building scaffolding around all that and seeing what else can be hung on it.

Twilight was absolutely adorkable in this.:twilightsmile:

This was very sweet. Sad Dashie made me so sad!

Tough character breakdowns are the hardest of all.

I always did think there was plenty of evidence for matriarchal pony society, but this example, with its reverse sexism and the fact that Dash is surprised by it, caught me off guard. The idea that there's a lot of cultural space covered by Ponyville is an interesting one and convenient for stories like this one, but where did it come from and how realistic is it?

As always, your writing is top notch. :rainbowwild:

No words will ever suffice so I'll post this:

The bit belongs to HER!!!!:pinkiegasp:

i like celestia speech!!!

and uhm you cried to this?

wow what a faggot.


Just joking, cool read.

WTF did i just read... read one chapter then started on the second... then i thought... 'what the fuck am I reading? WTF IS WRONG WITH ME!!! IS THIS WHERE MY LIFE IS HEADED!!!!' ... i died a little on the inside..... still have bruises on my head from me smacking it against my desk repeatedly..... can't believe I just read a chapter of that.... i am so disappointed in myself...... i can never look at ponies the same way now.....

AAAaaaaannny way. hmm now im curious as to what this "reoccuring problem" entails. I hope this gets even better. :) :yay::yay::yay::trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::twilightblush::twilightblush::twilightblush::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::ajsmug::ajsmug::ajsmug::twilightsheepish: haha sorry i saw that "comment with more than 20 emotes will have them stripped warning and i couldn't resit :D

Beautiful and adorable as always. I grinned like a fool the whole way through.

57208 Wow, that is an amazing gif. :rainbowderp:

Another successful chapter! :twilightsmile: Though. . . after the whole Rarity incident you didn't really have to put in the clop scene in the woods, since it didn't really move the plot in anyway :moustache:. . . Unless the point was to bridge it to Celestia's involvement? Oh, you clever writer, you. :trollestia:

This IS a clopfic. I was gonna say to 57505 that I'm real unworried about graphic sex but AM disturbed by graphic violence... so there's a lot of stuff out there which would societally be considered jes' fine that I find just as worrying as he finds my fic. He should skip a chapter, next chapter will only be more alarming to him, trust me on this one. But yes, every chapter will have sex because this is a clopfic and the story is being told through these experiences. Some of the updates are nearly ten thousand words- there's room for it.

And the scene in the woods moved the plot for Applejack, in that she felt understood by Rarity and swung more openly in her 'girly' direction (in public, sort of!). Be aware there's a lot going on behind the scenes- Applejack gaining loyalty to Rarity for that, matters. It also had to happen because Dash got seriously insulted and rebuffed by Rarity and if she didn't get to blow off some steam, she wouldn't just be distracted, she'd be vindictive... Applejack wouldn't let her get too cranky, she 'herds cranky ponies' in more ways than one.

Don't assume that Celestia created this magic item just because she is prepared to observe it out there wreaking mischief. There might be many magic items she's aware of- she steps in when stuff REALLY gets off the hook, like in Lesson Zero, which could have become incredibly disruptive in a way the ponies could not possibly have dealt with on their own. Trixie's Magic Bit doesn't have that power, it's just a wildcard and clearly has stuff going on that we have NOT seen yet (yes, this is plotted that far ahead)

I'm sure its a good story ... but clopfics arent my thing I was reading the first chapter drunk and I was laughing at first... skipped a few of the sex scenes by skipping a few paragraphs just lightly reading over it... couldnt stop laughing at how big a perv trixy was....

then I thought about what i was reading and THE IMAGES!!! O GAWD THE IMAGES IN MY HEAD!!!!! sober or not im disapointed in myself..... I like violence in the story only as long as the character doesnt die.. don't really care if they kill off a pony as long its not the mane6 big mac luna or celestia etc....

though this seems like a good story the "scenes" are a bit to much for me sorry to say

Wait, wait... recurring... problem... with it?


Yay, someone used an Idea I made...I'm so happy...:raritystarry: :pinkiehappy: :yay: :twilightblush:

oh my god you have no idea how much i thank you

i had this boner early up i the monring and i seriously needed it killed

thx thx thx.


No WONDER Rarity got off so freaking hard! :applejackconfused:

Her fetish was being watched in the act, and she saw YOU watching her as well!


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*falls over, dies laughing* I've seen that handle post trolling responses to multiple stories. He trolls yours here....and you not only roll with it, you roll with it WITH STYLE.

My internets. All of them. Even the backup dialups. Take them! :D

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An error: you switch back and forth between "Caramel" and "Butterscotch" for the namely Applejack's cousin.

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