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Princess Celestia finds an iPhone, and, like most intelligent creatures, when given a smartphone, she proceeds to take a picture of herself with it.

I only did this because nobody else seems to have done it - to the best of my knowledge, that is! The soundtrack for this fic is '#Selfie" by The Chain Smokers. Enjoy. I know I certainly did.


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But seriously, this needs the random tag.
Thumbs up!

Meh, it's cute. :twilightsmile:



Lol. Anon.

As soon as I saw this, I immediately thought of hilarity and randomness. Turns it is as Celestia is portrayed as a pony who takes billions of selfies. :facehoof:

I had a good laugh here and there and it made my day by lightening up my mood. :pinkiehappy: I'd like to see the sequel (that is if there is going to be one of course.).

My cousin: Hey kovich let's go bowling.

Me: hey cousin it is your cousin lets not go bowling.

Me: I'm going to read a random story about selfies.

My cousin: you wana go shoot some pool?

Me: no I'm reading crazy shit.

My cousin: you wana go see some Great clop with tittes!

Me: no this website has plenty of that.

My cousin: ok then kovich... Let's go bowling?

Me: OMG Roman noodles...

Random maximin level achievedâť•



This story... was so good, it almost bumped "Why can't Rainbow Dash become a Princess" off my Five Fave list.

Overall: 2547/2563

This was one of the most beautiful fics I have read in a while. Bravo dear author, bravo.

This... this... this, is beutiful. :fluttercry:

Oh so funny! I can "see" Princess Celestia doing that. Keep up the good work.

Whelp... That escalated quickly.

4966574 * Screams, Runs, and Hides * NOOOOOOO THEY'RE INVADING FIMFICTION

Celestia+iPhone= The death of all that is good and right in the world. :pinkiehappy:

That was GLORIOUS!

Vinyl caught a glimpse of Celestia's jiggling Cutie Mark from her vantage point behind her turntables, and bit her lip. "Dat flank," she murmured to herself.

This is officially the best fanfiction in the history of ever

Interestingly random.

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