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Manehattan: a rich and powerful city on the east coast of Equestria.

Filled with glitz and glamour, it attracts crime like a magnet attracts iron filings, and the citizens are at risk from the enemies that would destroy their lives.

Applejack, a country transplant, has come to work at the offices of a prestigious newspaper that covers Manehattan.

At the same time, a blonde-maned young superheroine has been spotted fighting the enemies of the city!

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Alright, here we go...

urth #3 · Mar 13th, 2017 · · 2 · I. ·

Applejack the supermare, it is so fitting for her.

When is the next chapter coming out?


I got the idea from your fic!

You are going to love the next few chapters. It's just a series of callbacks to things we have already established in what I like to call the Burstverse, i.e. the body of works we have created together.

Alsvid #6 · Aug 1st, 2017 · · 3 · II. ·


The best part is that there are people in real life who are just like her.
Does she remind you of anyone? I am sure she is quite familiar to you.


Close! It's the first daughter, Ivanka.

Basically, Jane is a mishmash of a highly intelligent and calculating Ivanka Trump, who is more dangerous and hateful than her real life counterpart, and Aryanne the infamous Nazi pone. Hence, the shadow of her father lurking over her.

If Aryanne represents the old specter of oppression, Jane is its modern face. I am sure you can't wait for her to get what's coming to her.

I saw this fic of yours mentioned in a thread in a group I'm part of and let's just say I'm not impressed. It seems so cut and dried, bland and boring....so boring I only made it through the first two chapters and part of the third. With it being anthro I thought you might try to at least make it a bit ponified but outside of a few names and descriptions, it feels more like you're just copying the city of Manhattan, putting an e in the middle of it and making it a replica of the human world entirely.

Also, why the hell is Applejack in Manehattan to start with? Is there an actual reason or did you just put her there because it was a necessity? AJ doesn't remind me of the type to just show up in a big city for no reason. Also, your character "Jane" seems horribly out of place. Seriously though, that is one of the most generic human names possible and yet you put her in an anthro story.

Oh and FYI, regarding the filly unicorn being a maid, you do know child labor is illegal, right? This city of yours seems to be a cookie-cutter of Manhattan so you may as well go all out on it, including labor laws. I have a feeling this story of yours will likely turn out to be as outlandish and political as your posts in an "Unsafe Space" so I think I will stop where I am.

Alsvid #9 · Aug 17th, 2017 · · 4 · III. ·


To answer your question about Jane's use of child labor:
Jane is an evil capitalist who breaks the law on a regular basis. She is shielded by her privilege and her money, which is why she does things like that.


So basically this is an anti-capitalist and anti-Trump story? I mention anti-Trump because I saw in the comments someone brought up Jane being like Ivanka Trump. You know communist nations are the ones that allow child labor and I'll be honest, I doubt Ivanka herself would get away with using a child as her maid.

You're the author and I can tell your story is a way of expressing your emotions. My stories often do the same but I still have one question, WHY IS APPLEJACK IN MANEHATTAN?

Alsvid #11 · Aug 17th, 2017 · · 4 · III. ·


I doubt Ivanka herself would get away with using a child as her maid.

"When you're a star...you can do anything..."


You're not answering my question. Why the hell is Applejack in Manehattan?

urth #13 · Aug 21st, 2017 · · 8 · III. ·

You mad bruh?

8372408How are things going?


We're moving up!

urth #16 · Jan 10th, 2018 · · 1 · IV. ·




And so it is.

We're getting closer to the confrontation with the Evil Empress.


There are lots of fun little references to pop culture in this chapter, as well. See if you can spot all the Quentin Tarantino references, the Metal Gear references, and such.

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