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Spike and the Mane Six end up in an Equestria like no other, jam-packed with allusions to certain famous Anime and Manga works. Will they ever get out?

Will Applejack become a real Mahou Shoujo or will she Lose Her Way? Can Pinkie Pie really be a resourceful cyber-cop, or will the criminals of Ponykyo City get the better of her, even with her Pinkie Sense?

Is Rarity's after-school music club ever going to become a real success - and will her Romance Route with Spike ever get off the ground? Can Rainbow Dash outrace the fearsome mountain-pass drivers with her little Toyota? What if Fluttershy was a vampire-killing vampire, employed in the service of a special vampire-slaying organization? Would Twilight be able to pilot a giant robot?

All of these questions, and more, are answered in this story.

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Figured I'd beat everyone to it because of the description

That is not a good cover picture. It causes misleading to many people even though they read the description.

BTW if you did not know, that is the symbolic flag of the japanese imperialism 'the rising sun' during WW2. Similar to nazis, they plan to take over the world mainly the pacific but lost the war.

Oh buck...This gonna get good~! :pinkiehappy:


That's basically what I'm imagining how everyone looks like. (Spike older of course).

Oh hell yes. Please let this be a shonen harem comedy. With mechas.

4464349 Except that it's also the current military banner and naval ensign of the contemporary Japanese Maritime Self Defense Forces.
Also this is interesting lol.

Yes. This is fantastic. All the anime and manga cliches! ALL OF THEM! :trollestia:

It's just like my Chinese cartoons!

Also, I noticed almost every anime reference in the description. Nice touch. Will we actually see something like that in the story?

Also, please give Spike a Geass. :moustache:

I'm sorry to be the buzzkill here, but the story's flow with Spike turning into this anime protagonist is a little off.

Let me use the "Power Ponies" episode as an example. As you may know, in the episode, Spike and the others knew they had just gotten sucked into the comic book and after they figured out the riddle, knew they had to beat the Mane-iac to get out. In your story, I can see that everyone is appropriately separated, except for Spike and Rarity because so far it seems they're the only ones who remember the mirror, but if Spike does remember the mirror, he seems a little too accepting of the current situation. It would be more believable if Spike continued to freak out as he reality of what happened comes to him.

I understand that Spike and the others have essentially turned into specific characters, and at this point, it would be better to have the anime/manga characters' friends comment on or be confused at Spike and Rarity's behavior while the two remain defensive and shifty. In addition, Ryuuko, at "Spike's" house, should notice something off with her brother's behavior; since the story is in third-person, after Spike leaves, you could have Ryuuko think that her brother was acting strangely. Or better yet, change it so that Spike elects to stay home and Rarity comes over and asks the same question she does at the end of the story in "his" room.

Also, the usage of the Japanese in the story; oh, the usage! While spot on, unlike most writers tend to do, tone it down a little. If you keep writing the Japanese in randomly, you'll seem like a weeaboo. We can basically understand that they're speaking in Japanese now; that's been established. Personally, I would have Spike notice that he was speaking a different language and that he understood it somehow. And finally, I believe the first course of action for Spike and Rarity is to find Twilight in the middle of all the crazy they were just thrust into. I just don't want people to be upset if they think the author doesn't know what they're writing about and are doing it anyway.


You win the prize! *gives you a Baby Celestia*


Must...resist...urge to use this...as....story cover...


It looks like I've gotta watch Code Geass now. Originally, I was going to put Twilight and Spike in Evangelion Units with the Serial Numbers filed off, but I think everyone is Tired Of Evangelion by now, for good reason, and CG is a little less overwrought that Dramagelion, so you may very well be onto something there. Also, Evangelion's heavy-handed tragedy doesn't mesh nicely with what is (mostly) a light-hearted, fun little Ode to Japanese Pop Culture.

I never actually watched CG, so this is an opportunity!


This is a GOOD post.

You know what I was terrified of you mentioning when you said my story was off? The glaring typos and the dreadful use of tenses in this story. I'm glad you didn't hit me with 'Do you even English, bro?' AND instead offered insight on things I totally didn't even bring into consideration until you alerted me to them.

P.S. I'm a weeaboo of the worst order. Confession: I began taking drawing lessons just so that I could draw muh very own animes. Oh, the shame. Oh, the delicious beers I drank while drawing. :derpytongue2:
<mfw after beer

EDIT: I should probably mention that, if I do get my drawing chops up, I'm going to meticulously convert this story into an actual manga-style thing. And it will be terrifying ridiculous awesome.

Oh, and most importantly? Thanks for spending your time with this, everypony.

I appreciate you all THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS MUCH. *holds arms out wide*

It's moments like these that make life that much more liveable. True facts.:applecry:

Would Twilight be able to pilot a giant robot?

How giant are we talking? Mere 20-50 meters or 16 billion lightyears giant?
'Cause I dig that!

Ohmigosh. What fresh hell is this?

Welcome.....to kill la kill :pinkiehappy:




>Don't lose your hay
>Pony La Kill

And later on, she gets a skimpy uniform with magical powers or something. :pinkiehappy:

Which anime is this supposed to be?:derpyderp2:


It is actually several animes, mish-mashed into one setting. People seem to be enjoying the task of discerning WHICH ones, so I won't reveal my secrets just yet.

However, it is glaringly obvious that Kill La Kill is one of them. For good reason, too. I've been DYING to put the ponies in the world of KLK for a while, now. :pinkiesmile:

Ponykyo City



Wantanabe? You sure about that?

He introduced himself as Sensei Otomo Motosada

:unsuresweetie: Nnnnnn...a teacher doesn't actually introduce him or herself AS "sensei", normally. It's...obvious they're the teacher if they're in the classroom.


:facehoof: Don't. Just...don't. Sometimes, horse puns just...don't work.

So anyway...I see what you're trying for here, and it's succeeding.



Keep your eyes peeled for the Pinkie Chapter.

I promise that when I even out my drawing chops and put this into actual manga-style form, I will reconsider some of the names. You have my word.

You ever read the Mahou Sensei Negima manga? The Summer Arcs would be great fodder/inspiration for some of the stuff for this story.


Hey, I remember Negima. That was aaaaaaaages ago, though(or so it feels). I have been looking at Dirty Pair 1980's to prepare myself for Pinkie's Cybercop Arc, along with Ghost In The Shell and Code Geass, to prepare for what people are suggesting.

Keep up the suggestions. This fic ain't even got off the ground yet. FEED ME YOUR CRITIQUE AND SUGGESTIONS. I HUNGER.

This is the suggestion box.

Are you insinuating I should put Spike in Negima's school sandals to spice up his storyline a little? I can see the potential for sure. :yay:

4477725 Well, I hope you will use some inspiration from the DNAngel manga... god there was one villain that made bawl like a little schoolgirl. Cant remember his name though.:fluttercry:


That was rather fast, thank you. Well done, and splendid. I enjoyed every second of your review; I chuckled to myself as I vicariously experienced your reading of the story, it was like seeing it through fresh eyes.


Take your time. I honestly was thinking about removing them because this review is worth 10 reviews, in my opinion. You can do all of theirs and then mine, or just do mine whenever.

Why did you stop writing this story?

That cover picture is not the Japanese flag anymore. That is no-no Japan, the one that committed war crimes so bad the Nazis told them to chill.

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