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In a mysterious mirror-image of Equestria, a land of Gods and Demons, of Titans and magic-wielders, the prophecies of times long past have awoken.

On that day, the Goddess displayed her power and majesty; all lost some, but some lost all in that fateful moment.

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I'm going to explain something to you. I've been avoiding all sorts of Attack on Titan references, pictures, videos, fanfic for the last two years. I have never watched the show. I don't know any of the characters. I don't know anything beyond the climbing and YEON Jagger Ve SiERRa that popped up a couple of months ago. The more hyped the thing is, the more I avoid to keep from being influenced by my own hype.

And you tricked me into reading a Attack on Titan fanfic.

I don't even care that it has pony characters, it has Attack on Titan on it, in it, drowning in it. Do you know how that feels to start reading something and finding Attack on Titan in it. I feel like I too learned of divinity this day.

And I like it.

Yo, this needs a crossover tag. Also, presumably either an anthro or human tag, or you need to rewrite this so it's about ponies rather than people.


Done, thanks!


I am glad that my tale entertained, held your interest long enough for you to ferment a passing interest in the events unfolding within.

I strove to create a palatable Attack On Titan crossover that was JUST different enough to surprise people into reading it. You may notice other changes. I am very happy that you like it and appreciate you taking the time to read it.

GAME: Try to spot all the OC cameos. There's a big one in this chapter! And another, but more cleverly hidden.

A few small notes:

Ranks in the Victorious Sun chapel go like this:

Anchoress => Metanchoress => Archanchoress => Matriarch => Matriarch Prime

Now go forth and make some OCs.

But religion is bad.

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