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Manehattan: a rich and powerful city on the east coast of Equestria.

Filled with glitz and glamour, it attracts crime like a magnet attracts iron filings, and the citizens are at risk from the enemies that would destroy their lives.

Applejack, a country transplant, has come to work at the offices of a prestigious newspaper that covers Manehattan.

At the same time, a blonde-maned young superheroine has been spotted fighting the enemies of the city!

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Vampire Fruit Bat ponies are just fairytale monsters, right?


It's only a few weeks to Nightmare Night, and Vampire Fruit Bat ponies are already pullulating and proliferating among the shadowy corners of Canterlot City.

An intrepid Pegasus Swordsmare, one of the best duelists in all of Canterlot, finds herself thrust into the frontlines of a fight for the very future of Equestria itself.

The hidden hand of the Vampire Fruit Bats claws at the heart of the city.


Professor Deborah belongs to Scoots2.

Leo belongs to Burst.

Alsvid belongs to myself, naturally.


Intro/Steel Blade - Jean Love

Claret's Theme/You Won't See Me Coming - Jean-Jacques Burnel and the Stranglers

The Vampire and the Professor(Battle Theme)/Navras - Juno Reactor

The Demons Attack!/Das Omen - E Nomine

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In a vastly altered Hong Kong, where Equestrian influence has advanced society by several decades, a joint task force comprised of nationals from both states suppresses pernicious elements threatening to mar the serene, luxurious lifestyle of Hong Kong's citizens.

Alsvid, the Zebra woman belongs to myself, of course. [on the left]
Leo, the Human man belongs to Burst. [on the right]
The Professor, the Pegasus woman, belongs to Scoots2.

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In a mysterious mirror-image of Equestria, a land of Gods and Demons, of Titans and magic-wielders, the prophecies of times long past have awoken.

On that day, the Goddess displayed her power and majesty; all lost some, but some lost all in that fateful moment.

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Princess Celestia finds an iPhone, and, like most intelligent creatures, when given a smartphone, she proceeds to take a picture of herself with it.

I only did this because nobody else seems to have done it - to the best of my knowledge, that is! The soundtrack for this fic is '#Selfie" by The Chain Smokers. Enjoy. I know I certainly did.


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Spike and the Mane Six end up in an Equestria like no other, jam-packed with allusions to certain famous Anime and Manga works. Will they ever get out?

Will Applejack become a real Mahou Shoujo or will she Lose Her Way? Can Pinkie Pie really be a resourceful cyber-cop, or will the criminals of Ponykyo City get the better of her, even with her Pinkie Sense?

Is Rarity's after-school music club ever going to become a real success - and will her Romance Route with Spike ever get off the ground? Can Rainbow Dash outrace the fearsome mountain-pass drivers with her little Toyota? What if Fluttershy was a vampire-killing vampire, employed in the service of a special vampire-slaying organization? Would Twilight be able to pilot a giant robot?

All of these questions, and more, are answered in this story.

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A Weird West yarn with Applejack as the unwilling anti-heroine, beginning in the mysterious Appleloosa town.

Chapters (10)