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I write about small pastel-colored ponies and do bad things to them. Ask me about anything, I love talking about my stories even more than writing them.


Not one to waste, Pinkie finishes her massive beverage before boarding the train to Dodge Junction during the episode "The Last Roundup". Now she's on a quest to relieve herself, but things just keep going wrong!

I wrote this over the course of 4 hours out of sheer boredom. I hope you enjoy it, at least. :)

Rated "Everyone" - However, contains mild "potty humor" and some cartoonish violence.

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Comments ( 12 )

Why was Pinkie so desperate to go in that episode?
Now we know...
Great story! Short, simple and sweet - very nice.

I'm tempted to rewatch the episode just to see if Pinkie really did say "Pickles" at that one point. I'm not sure if that makes me obsessed, pathetic, or just really weird.
But I digress. This was a really funny one shot. :pinkiehappy:


She totally does! :pinkiehappy: That's actually where I came up with the "food names" mantra thing.

Surprised the ending wasn't

Her stomach grumbled. “Shoot… Now I’m hungry. Cherries sound pretty good. I wonder if they have any here or chimichangas. ooo cherry chimichunga or... ”

Pinkie you will have so many cherries, you might have other problems... :pinkiesick:

I'd like to see this be adapted into a comic it looks really good to be one.


It's a distinct possibility.

4867681 Maybe this scene can answer your question:

omg this is so funny i loved it it is just so funny

This was great! Is this is the Unshown Canon Group? If not it should be. This was one of the best stories I have read so far!

5095924 it's in there now!

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