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It seemed like a good idea at the time; I was somewhat dead for one thing. She was offering... that was another thing.

Now I'm stuck with her for as long as we're in this thing together... until my task is complete and until she claims my soul for good.

I've still to work out whether that is still a good idea or not... considering who she is.

Author's Notes: Welcome to a new thing. I totally did not rip the general idea from Black Butler... honest. Except that it'll (hopefully) be done better in this... which isn't going to be hard honestly.

As long as I finish it anyway...

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Um..... I think I'm gonna skip out on this one. It's not the author's fault more it's I REALLY don't have a preference to when a Mane 6 character dies and I know that it happens sometimes but still.

Huh, neat. You've got me intruged. I've always liked a story that deals with bargains.

wait, this said that this was twidash, but that's not dash. yeah, i'm gonna skip on this one. rainbow being possessed is rubbing me the wrong way.

Each to their own. I'm pretty sure that there was a time when I would never even considering harming any of them...

*glances at stories*

... Scratch that last.

It's tagged as TwiDash less so for the present, more so for the past. Gotta love those dynamics. <.< >.>

And hey... It's not like she was using her body at the time...

Because that doesn't sound like all seven hells of inappropriate...

Here's hoping that it pans out :twilightsmile:

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