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Daring Do visits her oldest foe, Ahuizotl, in the Hoofington Insane Asylum after receiving a letter from the administrator telling her that he was found a gibbering wreck.

She was prepared for a ruse, or something of the like.

She wasn't prepared for what she found in his cell, or the gruesome story that he told her.

A story of an ancient ruin and a nightmare that has been unleashed onto the world.

Inspired by the works of H. P Lovecraft, Amnesia: the Dark Descent and the series Penny Dreadful.

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I still have an hour or two, so I might as well get some sleep. she thought as she closed her eyes and drifted off into Nod.

Uh huh...


This is a great start, though! It's very dark and disturbing... I like where this is going.

What is that picture supposed to mean if you don't mind me asking?

4598756 cuz im relly sensitiv and it was an scury

4598769 cuz i thoght i could handel the scuryness

Holy crap! Ahuizotl is way crazy! I am loving this! Please update! ^_^

4601293 :rainbowlaugh: I'm glad that you're enjoying this. And I'll be updating in a day or two before I leave for a trip.


And to think I already ship daring with crazy Ahuizotl...I don't think that is happening anytime soon. But horror is my fav genre and you are one of my favs now. ^_^ can't wait for the next one, keep it up.

4602791 I didn't really add any romance to this, there aren't that many chapters, sorry. :applecry:

Dr. Hoof didn't think of telling any COPS about an escaped mental patient? At first, I wondered if it meant he was actually a bad guy. But Ahuizotl's perspective doesn't seem to indicate that the doctor is in cahoots.

4602960 Ahhh... a very good question. One that will be answered soon...

Or not... depending on the answer that I can think up.... I may just leave it for a another story.

Yay for updates! This was a good chapter.

The picture was a picture of the Brotherhood of Nod, of Command and Conquer. It's a joke. ... It's a joke son, ya get it! Hah, i'm too fast for you! (dives into a nearby hat) ...No idea why I made that Bugs Bunny reference. ...But it felt good. Now, to continue reading... ...And since I should, y'know, say something RELEVANT, while I know nothing about Penny Dreadful, the story at least has me interested and is so far proving well done enough to read through. You said it's finished, so, in all probability, i'll read the whole thing. Barring ill health or getting extremely busy, anyways.

4620411 Its a TV show, it can be found on CouchTuner, which is a streaming site, enjoy :twilightsmile:

I shall check it out sir. Been needing a new, decent horror show to watch anyways. Thank you sir.

Oh my gosh! That was intense! Loving it! I just live horror and this is pretty good. ^_^ glad Ahuizotl got out of that craziness for a while at least.

needs more psychcological, like in the beginning. The creepy stuff with Ahuitzotl was in fact creepy, it made my skin crawl a little. Now its running from monsters that we know can steal faces. Personally I want Daring to start going a little crazy and her mind to break a little. Make it creepier. But other than that, good job buddy.:twilightsmile:

4644546 Don't worry, there will be more psychological stuff later :twilightsmile:


Yeah update! This is getting creepy and love the hug by the way, fuels my ship ^_^ awesome chapter, can't wait for more.

It isn't helping that I was listening to Red Space horror ambiance as I read this.:twilightoops:

:pinkiesmile:I liked this chapter.
:pinkiehappy:Especially the hug of Ahuitzotl and Daring Do.:yay::yay: I like this ship:raritystarry:

Excellent chapter, this did not disappoint in the least. The scene with the mites reminds me of the scarabs from The Mummy Series ::shudders::. anyway can't wait to see more.

4671710 The mummy series is awesome and thanks for the compliment :pinkiehappy:

This can only get more better and more creepy. The shadow beasts seem to be awaiting the proper moment to strike their targets! :pinkiecrazy:
Anyway the hard part is trying to choose appropriate music to listen to while reading. :applecry:

4674154 I wrote the first chapter whilst listening to Nox Arcana, they catch the mood very nicely :twilightsmile:

I was worried it was almost over,:pinkiegasp: Keep em coming bro.:pinkiehappy:

4676458 Ya got four more chapter before it's finished.

Nice good chapter ^_^ can't wait for more! Are we ever going to find out what the doctor and Ahuizotl saw in their dreams?

“What d’you mean you don;t know?!” she roared, fed up with his vagueness.


Ahuizotl whimpered, “I don’t know what these new rules are. I’m sorry.”

One too many spaces between "don’t know"

Daring blinked several times and tried to understand what she was seeing, but she filed to do so.


Ia Shub-niggurath, she of the thousand young.

I can see the references to Amnesia in this chapter. I'm intrigued, and am eager to see what awaits in the next chapters...

4685006 I'm glad you liked the chapter, but I won't do their dreams.

4685184 More like The Nameless City, But there's some Amnesia in there too.

actually i have no clue what stories you got this from

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