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Hey, that's pretty good.

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Apparently some of you find my story good enough to like and favourite, thank you, now if you could excuse me, I have to commit you people to a funny farm because your all insane enough to think this is any good :applejackconfused:

Finally, another Superpower Lottery Challenge fic!

4495860 That moment when the power was "Be a god but not omnipotent" :applejackconfused:

So in other words on the same level as the Princesses.

4496223 you must be good at linking things together, I like you, and yes, the princesses and Novas powers will have similarities, but only in some places, all will be reviled

I like the idea you have hear.
But as i make my way through the first capter, it seems clear. You need a editer or read your Story a bit more.
You some how managed to start your story. ( on capter 1)
Then a cut, and everything start's over again. (still in capter 1)

I only had time for the first one but i will take a look at the rest.

4500247 Whoops thanks for pointing that out I quickly fixed that, if any mistakes like that pop up again please point them out, though they shouldn't considering I wrote the first chapter at 2 in the morning :twilightsheepish:

4501397 honestly I would be fine if someone just shoved it into the general "story" folder, but I guess the Humans with powers but not costumed would fit as well

Can we get a list of all five powers?

4502231 Theres actually a funny story to that, you see, when I read the thread, I thought we could only get one power, so I only clicked it once, and I got THIS pretty much GG when I got this and I started the story right away, I went back some time after and read it properly, soooo in some future (very far future) you may see a story with
Temporal Monster Physiology (control time)
Magnetic Projectile ( Rail Gun)
Malignance Nullification (Fuck all attacks directed at me)
Eclipse Manipulation (I laughed at this one, a big fuck you to Celestia and Luna)
and finally Ice Manipulation.

Now, normally I am not a Grammar nazi, however, OH MY GOSH THE HORRIBLE GRAMMAR

4503485 if you feel up to it, please point out the worst of it, I sometimes write these chapter late a night, if not at least give me something to work with here, just saying "ITS BAD UURRRR" helps none

4503498 oh, don't paint me as the bad guy here. Have you ever little to no sleep, while at the same time, have Finals? Your Judgement won't be that great

4503659 Okay lets set some facts here, first, I get a fine amount of sleep, I just happen to write before I go to bed around 2, second, Finals? I don't know how young you think I am but I'm well past school, if you want nothing more then to come here, complain about something and then make no effort to try and help fix the problem that apparently bothered you so much in the first place, then just don't comment mate. I'm wasn't trying to paint you as a bad guy either, if you thought that I apologise but that kind of response was unneeded.

4503716 I wasnt complaining, I was making an observation. And, unlike other people, grammer doesnt bother me that much

Huehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehue....... Giant, red "fuck up everything" button. I love it.

4504060 All Right then, lets leave it at a simple misunderstanding

4504082 a.gifb.in/g600107907.gif

great story maybe you could make it about how they try to stop him and fail because he has infinite power :moustache:

4504851 if I did that chapter one would be: Nova was god, The end.
You gotta set limits mate, if you have ALL the unlocks right at the beginning of a game, theres nothing to aim for, besides I have plans already

Umm... You're kinda supposed to reroll powers that make you into a god tier monstrosity.
MurderDog able to make metal minions, wings of ice, and mess with other people's particles, and giant robot vampire that breaths lava suddenly seem balanced.

More blood to oil my gears with mongrels.

A new chapter almost every day, in fucking spoiling however wants to actually read this :ajbemused:

4509229 i think this is very interesting, this is a type of story I don't see often at all, and almost never well done. So this proves to be very interesting and I appreciate the daily updates. :D

4509349 that was actually my attempt at humour, seems I should have tried a different approach.

4509353 Please define what you mean by 'type of story' and if you feel up to it, also tell me what failings said 'type of story' usually have. also I'm glad you find it interesting.

4509389 there are a lot of stories that are, human with powers in equestria, many of them god-like, but almost none of them outright say, "Hey, this human became a motherfucking god." and the ones that do usually aren't that good, but this one is very much so far.

4509400 all right so from what your saying all I have to do is..... not fuck. yup got it 100% understood

4509409 what I'm saying is, keep writing the plot like you are, and maybe get an editor for grammatical mistakes, and this story is golden. I can't wait to see what happens next

4509608 Well I got off my lazy arse and got a grammar checker, lets hope it'll keep my story readable from now on, using this chapter to test it.

4509389 nah, humor is kinda difficult to track while in text

Nova takes a twig off the Tree of Harmony and takes a Chaos weed, then makes a sword that is immune/absorbs Harmony and Chaos magic.
A shield that reflects all attacks and a sword that absorbs all energy, Defense has never been so annoying.

4520552 Nothing is Overkill for a DIVINE BEING, it just means their minds are not advanced enough to comprehend it and what better way to say "Don't Attack Me" then to make something that is normal an offensive weapon defensive and vise-versa (Chaos logic)

4521023 Chaos Logic? THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS CHAOS LOGIC?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

4521133 what is Chaos; Chaos is illogical logic and that makes it a paradox. Just the same as a sword that is a shield and a shield that is a sword, it's illogical but it works (somehow) that's Chaos Logic

Great and extremely descriptive chapter that actually is enjoyable due to it not having a sense of being rushed. Relaxing music is a great bonus. Will the next chapter have Luna share the memory of the encounter with Celestia and the mane 6 and we see their reactions to the dream sequence?

4528022 As pointed out in the chapter, while Luna doesn't think Nova is completely 'Evil' he still has killed and caused untold damage, not only that but he easily rivals the power both she and Celestia have, making him an even larger threat in their eyes, however Luna will be sharing her shared dream with at least her sister.
4535760 I had the dream when I was still a child, I've always had a stupidly vivid imagination, this lead to a few things, one was my amazing comprehension skill, another was my ability to write short stories (which I stopped doing years ago, only started back up now) however the down side is that I often get bored and distract myself easily, another side effect is that images of gore or even just basic descriptions can make me really sick :pinkiesick:

What the hell is up with the random capitals? Because that's a big red flag for me.

4557150 If You're Seriously Complaining About The Occasional Capital Letter When It's Not Needed Then You Can Seriously Fuck Off. :trollestia:

Towards the end you have accidentally pasted one of the first paragraphs.
And yea, the grammar is god awful.
Interesting story though.

an army of demons?
that would be really cool.

Harmony+Harmony= Harmony, Harmony+Chaos= Unity, Chaos+Chaos= Chaos.

Incomplete Harmony vs Divine Harmony= .........Whatever just happened to them just now.

4559881 The grammar gets a lot better at and past chapter 7, when I actually got a grammar checker.
also this chapter was written at 2 in the morning.

4559898 I'm sorry, but who do those demons belong to? :pinkiecrazy:

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