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Spiral really has no idea what they're doing and they hope you like what you're reading.

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Why am I thinking George Shrink when I read this? :duck:

Dude, I am loving this so far. Your descriptions of how unbelievably immense everything seems - a sky-filling eye, the wind displaced by a blink, the miles upon miles of fur - are all wonderfully evocative. Hope to see more.

I'm glad you took a few liberties and allowed him to be heard by his sister. That could've gotten annoying if every conversation was one-sided.

A little wary about him getting tossed outside, as it pulls him away from anyone else he might interact with, and turns it all into a sorta Honey-I-Shrunk-The-Kids lawn-jungle survival kinda thing. Still! I'm hopeful.

Because the main character is small?

Thank you very much! Appreciate the comment, and I hope to keep up this impression later on in the story. Trust me though, not going in that direction.

Fun fact.
You can reply to multiple posts....
Inside of a single post. Nifty huh?

1) Okay, he is really tiny. So tiny, that I suppose he is less then a 1/100 of a millimeter (that is 0.0003 inches approx, if I am correct). What is his size actually? Just curious.

How do they even see or hear him? And what is more importantly, yet vulgarly - how did he live in his early days, right after his birth?

"Honey, where is the baby?"

Maybe I am missing something, sorry about that, English isn't my native language.

"Magic" as answer would be enough, but still...

Or maybe he was born normal and started shrinking after then.

The main problem, as I think, is that I expect the world for him be really different - well, at least for sounds and noises. The world itself is really noisy, and I really doubt he could withstand his sister's scream in the morning - or was she actually whispering at him? Also, I don't think he can prank someone with fake infestation... Unless I got it totally wrong.

2) Text.

Man, ya da ossum. The whole text is da ossum. Now I can't get rid of it, keeping rereading chapters. Couldn't stop.

Instafav, instaplus, instafollow.

I really like the characters so far also.

3) Could you please tell when the next chapter would be? Realy-really-please?:pinkiesad2:

Conclusion: please. I beg you. More of this.

Which I quickly realize. It's been a long time since I've been on fimfiction.

I'm going to go with the usual bullshit answer that 'magic' is the usual reply, as well as the fact that I like writing this stuff. And thank you! Hopefully the next chapter will be up in a couple of days or so.


Awwww, okay. I would like to know the details about his size...

"Have you written it now?"

I'm not so sure on his size, only that he's really, really, really, really small.

not yet :derpytongue2:

Hmm, so it looks like you took a few liberties with him being able to be seen/heard, but at least it's by someone who knows he's there. But, how's he supposed to be seen and heard by someone who doesn't know he's there?

Also, those "favors" he has to do sound hilarious.

Heh, I wondered that too.

You could just have it that he was born at a normal size, then instead of growing up, grew steadily smaller, year by year, until he hit adolescence, at which point the shrinking really ramped up and finally came to a stop at mite size.

I kinda doubt it's going to come up in the story, but if it did, you could go that route.

Uhhhh, instant favorite! The idea itself is one of the best! :yay:

Yeah, this way he should have srunk at really fast rate, if everything was so huge for him.

4914718 that was the first thing that came to my mind when reading this , how would the mother even know they were pregnant in such a case?.....

I honestly hope he meets one of the mane six, and falls in love

Like could you imagine like him falling in love with Rainbow Dash? How big and tough she is just to a regular pony, and he's like a speck

I actually do plan for Dust to meet the Mane Six at some point.

His little sister sounds like suck an asshat, poor guy. XD
Well, here is looking forward to the next chapter!


And what is he going to do with this love at his size? He will become a romantic? This is highly close to *waifuname*-fagism, you know.

Suuuuuper fun little story.
Dust shows potential to have a very strong character (not literally but... You get the idea), and the descriptions of the environment around him were insanely entertaining to imagine.

Conclusion: gimmie moar!

soooo... I don't want to look rude, or haste you somehow... But how is a progress?


Like Maybe.....half the chapter is done.

I hope that it is a really big chapter! Good luck with it, waiting for it.

Welp... not at all my cup of tea, personally. Is there going to be a lot of M/M going forward?

No, mostly m/f from here on out.

There could be a part where he gets inhaled, stuck to the nose wall with snot, then snorted away into tissue. :-D


I'll keep it in mind


Now now, to each their own. Look at this shit I'm writing.

I know, I know. But still, that isn't even a fetish on the internet. Unless it's in some dark twisted corner I haven't seen yet.

5056544 Anything's a fetish. As long as someone gets turned on by purple suspenders on an apple, it's a fetish. :derpytongue2:

Lemme rephrase. It's not a GOOD fetish.

It's a fetish that freaks you out (me too, actually). That is more correct.


I vote for exploration of furest (you got the pun, right? Right? Fur + forest), an encounter with some insects (pretty please with cherry on the top), clitoris exploration or vaginal insertion, genitalia and maybe for drama some size growth? Or even further reduction because of his "talent"?


I'll definitely make sure to keep all of those in mind, and hey, maybe some of them have actually been guaranteed and planned before to happen.

And I LIKE your idea of making him smaller, make the ultra small even moreso!

What would he have to deal with being smaller than he is? Seems a bit redundant.

Kinda what
General Spritz said. Dust is already tiny, so making him even smalller won't change anything significantly - he is already too small. But I am sure you will suceed in making this interesting.
Unless you change everything for him. You can make him so small, that the environment won't have any affect on him but this would radically change his life - if he is so tiny wind won't even send him flying, then he would totally get deaf.
Like, there is an old joke
"Hey, how did you manage to remain dry, it is raining cats and dogs outside!"
"Meeeh, I was avoiding raindrops".
You can make him so tiny that he would be able to get through things molecular structure, like some ghost... But that means that he is somewhat a molecular size. I would really know how you will describe the world for him. But that means that there would be no obstacles in his way! He can fly and fly and fly in every direction, and his only enemy would his stamina and strength.

As tempting as your spoilers are, he's only mortal. It'd take a lifetime to cross the head of a pin, and he'd starve long before that.

Nah, just kidding. You are right.
Still, there are a lot of aspects of Dust's life that can be answered this way: like how the hell he can be heard for such tiny size? And can be even seen without any effort? Land Trotter kinda noticed him...

I remebered one thing: an adventure inside some mare's boob... But this is kinda dumb. Though, would really like to see that! Lactating is kinda assumed.

I almost Googled that, just to see if it actually existed.

Try MyMassivePony irc, I can answer to you there :D

I thiiink I'm all set on that front

I'd like to see a part where Dust Mite somehow ends up in the panties of a mare, particularly his sister :trollestia:


Dude, she is just a teenager.

This was okay, but I hope the next giant he is on is somewhat of a certain cyan pony we all know and love

I think he is running out of ideas or are too busy to contuine.

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