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Leo Archon

I'm an amateur fanfiction writer with a love of many fandoms.Expect most of my works to be crossovers.


Twilight Sparkle, Captain of the Red Wings of Colton, has misgivings after her last mission to Maresidia. Voicing her misgivings, however, causes her to lose her position. Little does she know that her demotion is just the beginning of a new adventure, one which will encompass her world... and beyond.

An attempting at retelling the story of Final Fantasy IV, with ponies. NOT, however, a glorified walkthrough. Elements of the story WILL be changed to better fit the characters.

New title card courtesy of Aakashi on DeviantART.

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Pony version of FFIV... Twilight as Cecil... I can live with that
although I think she would fit Rydia or Rosa better

Holy crap...a pony version of my favorite Final Fantasy?

And what's more, it's actually...GOOD?!? :rainbowderp: Like, REALLY good? Oh man, today is my lucky day. :rainbowlaugh:

Also, it doesn't hurt that both RD and Kain are probably my favorite characters in their respective series. Keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:

IV was my favourite.
Definitely keeping an eye on this one :pinkiehappy:

Not quite sure if I'll like the characters that could be assigned to some roles, but I'm still gonna read it.

405899 I chose Twilight (and the other Mane 6's roles) carefully. I thought about who would fit each role best, and shuffled them around based on that. Given the large cast of characters in Final Fantasy IV, I've had to think about other ponies as well. So, we've seen 3 of the Mane 6 so far, as well as some of the supporting cast. More will be revealed as time goes on.

Now, as I said in the description, this is NOT a glorified walkthrough. Elements of the story will be changed to better accomodate the differing characters.

Feel free to make predictions as to future characters, but I'm not breathing a word until each one is revealed in-story. Also, keep in mind that there will be some OCs (like King Colton).

406080 really what I find, Twilight works best for Cecil, Rydia and Rosa, shoot why not make her Edge and Kain too and the whole final party could be Twilight :trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::trollestia:


I am so very excited to see where this goes. I'm a little displeased by the Twility ship, but that's your call and I supposed that ship was gonna set sail one way or the other. All word play aside, well written and true to the source, can't wait for more.

This fanfic contains WIN! :rainbowkiss:

i kinda hope to see spike as one of the characters :moustache:

I'm making my prediction for Edge to be Pinkie Pie right now. She's honestly the only pony that fits the honorable King of Eblan. :pinkiehappy:

Awesome, another Final Fantasy crossover fic :twilightsmile:
Seems good so far, keep it up,

Unless you change some major elements in the storyline later on, you'll probably have to label this as dark.

There's quite a bit of death and destruction in the game.

You win 5 mustaches for this crossover and I haven't even started reading it yet, the concept is just that awesome.

There are certain ponies I so wanna see as certain characters. Can Anyone say Starswirl the Bearded as FuSoYa?

So...Rarity's Rosa because she's good with archery?

Damn, there goes my idea for the story I've had on hold for months. XD

The grammar and story are good enough to probably get you ~4.6 on EQD, but there are a few flaws. They basically boil down to the need to focus some more on explaining what really needs it and nothing else.

There's a solid base for a story, with a plot (not in that other way...), but I never really felt immersed in this world. I have a few guesses why:

-When you mentioned Twilight's annihilation of a town and her potential for a relationship w. Rarity it felt sudden. It was well-done, but I don't really get a 'why?' for either.
-"Dark Knight" and "Dragoon" are clearly meant to give Twilight and Dash characterizations, but this means nothing to someone who doesn't know FF. That might be why I'm not enjoying this fic that much so far.
-It's a bit heavy on having Twilight justify everything to everyone. No thoughts kept private? Seems like a slightly shaky characterization. Maybe I just thought this b/c of the high % of dialogue.
-Essentially no description of setting at all in the first two chapters?

An easy way to do this would be to find a really good writer to help you edit, someone who might be able to give you the perspective of someone who doesn't already imagine the FF world as it is as part of the setting. Obviously this isn't Ponyville, Equestria which we all already know, so what is it?


I was initially going to disagree with your comment, but when I think about it you're right. FF IV is probably my favourite of the series, but thinking from the perspective of someone with no knowledge of the game, you have a good point.

I, however, with my experience, am enjoying this crossover quite a bit.


You Read my mind that is exactly what I was thinking!

Now for my predictions: Sweetie and Scootaloo will probably turn out to be Palom and Porom. Applejack will turn out to be Yang. Fluttershy will turn out to be Rydia.

Hah! I so called Fluttershy as Rydia last chapter! I can't wait to see if any of my other predictions will hold.

wouldn't it only make sense for Luna to be the Lunarian sorceror

Yes... But It just wouldn't be the same if the Pony being FuSoYa wasn't rockin an awesome beard. FuSoYa is over 50% beard.

415522 Eh, I hate to disappoint, but Starswirl will not be FuSoYa. That honor goes to somepony else. Good guess, though.

Also, a quick note: I have yet to play The After Years (I really should get my PSP and copy of CC back from my sister), so I have no plans to include that content in this fic. Yet. That may change later on.

Dang. Oh well. BTW, would I be correct in guessing that Edward and Anna are gonna be a certain couple of mares. Ones who make so much sense, especially considering what one of their cutie marks is?

Wild guess is that Leviathan will be Steven Magnet

This is amazing
Trixie as Baigan just works so well

415655 You're just going to have to wait and see, like everypony else. :raritywink: Though the next chapter may contain a few clues.

...I can Accept Starswirl as Tellah. Please Proceed.

Fluttershy as Rydia and Starswirl as Tellah? Awesome :pinkiehappy:

... yeah, okay, now I'm wondering who Edward is... for that matter, who you have in mind for Yang...

... ... If Yang is AJ, I'm probably going to start laughing and not stop.

Like I said in Chapter 1, I'm calling it now., Edge is Pinkie Pie. Any takers?:pinkiesmile:

i was surprised to see rainbow dash as kain i would have thought spike would have made a better kain what with kains love of rosa and spikes love of rarity

Yang could be Big Macintosh. Or Applejack. And the Twins would probably be the Cake twins.

My bet is Lyra. Its obvious because Lyra has a harp Cutie Mark and Edwards weapon is a harp.

Excellent so far. I take it Lyra is to be the spoony bard?

All the logical guesses are taken...


I do believe your right. No bets.


Yang as AJ? Makes perfect sense to me.

Anybody willing to take a gander at Palom and Porom? I'm betting it will be Sweetie and Scootallo.

I honestly See Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle as Palom and Porom. And am I wierd in thinking that FuSoYa would be Princess Celestia and Golbez would Be Princess Luna?


No actually now that you mention that would be both awesome AND make perfect sense. Though if that's the case then Zemus/Zeromus would HAVE to be Nightmare Moon. Or... Maybe Discord. Though on that note I doubt it would be Discord as awesome a bad ass he is he's too I dunno something about him just rubs me the wrong way for casting him as Zemus/Zeromus.

What I'm looking forward to are the Four Elemental Fiends! Rubicante is one of my favorite villains!

When I think 'Bard' I think Lyra, Octavia, Vinyl Scratch or Pinkie Pie.

Of the four, Lyra and Pinkie are my best suggestions, though I do agree Pinkie would make the most logical Ninja.

I wonder what the Dwarf Analogs will be... Underground Seaponies? Buffalo?


Buffalo would definitely be the dwarfs. Little Strongheart being the princess.

Huh. I happened across this right after I dug out FF4 Advance for completely unrelated reasons. Creepy.

Let's see...I saw Rarity as Rosa coming, since crossovers seem to always make her either a healer or an archer (because of the afore-linked picture). Also yay Rarilight. Element of Loyalty getting turned into Captain Mind Control is amusingly ironic. Zecora's an odd choice for Cid, but okay -- I can see some zebra alchemy mixing stuff up during Troia's obnoxious "no metal" chapter.

Anyway, critique of the story. Right. My main concern so far is that despite the advertised goal, a distressing amount of the intro is basically a verbatim cutscene transcript.

Oh by the way...the three Mysidian mages in the flashback cutscene supposedly didn't die. You can find them alive and annoyed in the Baron jails. Maybe Rosa rezzed them or something, I dunno.

Alright, someone mentioned last chapter that it relies too much on meta-knowledge of FF4, and I have to agree. We rarely get any description of setting whatsoever. We just had a scene of Twilight charging full-tilt across a bucking desert while wearing stuffy black armor and leaving a trail of eviscerated wildlife across the dunes, but without a single word actually describing the picture -- the only reason I have one in my head is because I'm looking across my desk at a cartridge sitting in the bottom slot of my DS.

You need to build things from deeper down in the bedrock. Probably the biggest hallmark of Final Fantasy is a setting so jaw-droppingly vivid and lovingly intricate that people didn't really care that half of the plots are so painfully formulaic (warriors of light collecting elemental crystals to stop a demigod who wants to plunge the world into void, gee). It's Scenery Porn: The Game. Almost every game in the series pulled out every stop and pushed their respective hardware to limits utterly unheard of at the time, specifically to make that come to life. Without pulling us into that, this story feels less like a crossover, and more like Cheerilee's class is putting on a play with no budget.

This isn't a speedrun. Smell roses, smoke, and sea salt. Look down from mountaintops at forests amid clouds. Gawk at impossible, beautiful rock formations twisted sideways by intense magnetic fields. Take a good, thorough double-take at a revolting sin against creation with way too many mouths that is quite rightly called a "monster". Walk through a magitek tower where the only two sounds are your hooves on ceramic, and the ominous, everpresent buzz of glowing traceries on claustrophobic walls that's just loud enough to keep you from thinking straight. Soak the sun, sweat profusely, get dizzy from heat, lose your hoofing on a dune, tumble down it headfirst, hack up sand grit, and then look up at painted bluffs and dancing frigging cacti.

Bring an impossible world to life, and make us feel it. That is Final Fantasy.

Oh, and if you didn't already have a dark tag, it...uh...probably warranted one by the time Fluttershy summoned a feathery avatar of destruction to stomp a dude into gooey paste. :fluttershbad:



All of this.

A ponified form of the only FF game I've ever played other than tactics? Genious! Although it didn't take long for me to not save and get fed up when I played. I hope I don't have to worry about saving with this one.

I knew it. Lyra is the Spoony Bard. I however was expecting Shining Armor to be Golbez

428598 Eh, sorry, but I don't use ponies I haven't seen. And since that episode hasn't come out yet, I thought it best to avoid confusing myself.

Looks like RaisingShad0ws called it right. Nightmare Moon/Luna is Golbez.

Think I found an error

"By this point, Lyra's body had completely faded away, individual sparkles of magic floating off into the air...."

Shouldn't that have been clover's body?

428704 *facehoof, followed by three facedesks* That will be corrected momentarily, sharp-eyed reviewer!

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