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Over a thousand years ago when Discord ruled Equestria there was nothing he couldn't do except bury his loneliness. After years of creating Chaos but having nopony to share it with his loneliness slowly turned into a plan. A plan so he wouldn't have the be the only one in Equestria without companionship. He decided to create a pony who would not just appreciate the Chaos as much as he did; but somepony he could truly share it with.
Will Chaos reign or will Princess Celestia and Princess Luna stop him?

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My first guess would be that English isn't your native language.

Aww so cute i love it!

That is so cute! I love Discord and Screwball stories!
There are some grammatical errors, but I enjoyed this!

Oh, and was that making Screwball out of a cloud a Hercules reference?

SCREW BALL! I love her

D'aww:heart: Screwball is so cute:pinkiehappy:

The amounts of cuteness Screwball possesses is insane! :heart: :pinkiehappy:

When you said six ponies were playing, I counted eight. I think you meant to say two earth ponies, a colt and a filly, they are kids, right?
Just to clarify: filly is a young female pony, mare is an adult female, colt is a young male (but in the Ponyverse can also refer to an adult) and a stallion is an adult male.
Also, what's hopsacking? Is that like hopscotch?

“W-We promise not to say anymore of those things and swear to start enjoying the chaos that he made,” pleaded the frighten unicorn. “R-Right guys."

They all immediately shook their heads in agreement.

I think you mean "nodded" their heads.

Darn, the next is the last? *sigh*, ok....

I don't care if they were children... Who the FUCK taunts an all powerful creation of chaos itself that can can create and turn anything they want with but a mere thought? That's just asking for it!!! Plus seriously! Cotton Candy Clouds and floaty houses! What is WRONG with these ponies?!

i saw the song coming.... it was glorious.

This was cool. Write part 2, about the time during the 'Return of Harmony'!

You're missing many commas and that makes me cringe, so I just skimmed the first chapter. At some point, I'll read it, but I hate it when people miss commas.

So...but... :rainbowhuh: why... :trixieshiftright: why didn't Screwball go to Celestia or Luna? :rainbowhuh:


I think they would probably turn her to stone as well.

That was sad. I would love to see an AU sequel were screwball and discord are reunited after his reform.

It would be neat to see what she does during the 1000 years before the show.


I wonder if this story has any nice comments…

Oh… that’s fair I guess…

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