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Celestia had heard of the enchanted comic book that pulled ponies in to complete it's story, and now it's happened again. Not about to allow subjects to be eaten by works of fiction for long, she assembles a small group to deal with the threat. Specifically, those who already seem to know a thing or two about comics; Spike, and one other...

Also the occasional stowaway.
Series of short, silly, senseless tales vaguely in the form of parody, hope you enjoy!
Teen primarily for violence.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 24 )

The thrilling adventures of Blueblood and Spike, eh? Sign me up for that!

And it seems like Blueblood picked something up from Rarity after all.

That was a pretty good read. I hope for more chapters to come!

This is quite funny, and quite the coincidence. I'd suggested to some prereader friends that I'd like to see this sort of idea done, since the enchanted comics had SO much untapped potential for parody!

Blueblood would be the one male in the setting to properly weaponize whining. :raritydespair:
Under-dog... Killer Croc, I'm guessing. Fits. Fits well.

I wonder: do you intend to follow up with a series of ponies/characters getting sucked into different comic parody-verses? There's just so many possibilities!

Croc hadn't even entered my mind, to be honest, I just needed a flimsy, throwaway villain that might be susceptible to Rarity Tactics, Blueblood having no fighting skills of his own in this incarnation. For that, a big, dumb diamond dog (also fits with the whining thing) was the best I could think of, but glad that worked out! :derpytongue2:

And yes, vague ideas floating in my head for Ghost Buckers, Ju-Mane-ji, whatever I can sink my literary hooks into to keep things from getting stale, but first a few more chapters of super heroes! :twilightsmile:

... All the yes!

... If only I could use that gif on mobile.

Lol. Aw, no silly wall-eyed laser vision... Oh well! *shrug* Still fun.

I couldn't fit it in this chapter, but Ditzy'll have plenty of opportunity to play with various super powers. :pinkiehappy:

4347675 SUPAH-DERP!

I thought her daughter would be the comic fan. XD

*sudden image of Derpy Hooves as Wonder-Mare*

Such hate for bean-bag chairs. :raritydespair:

Good choice for the first guest star.

Derpy + heat vision = Man of Steel level destruction

Her cluelessness is cute, but then you add in that she doesn't read comics, further justifying it. I guess that makes sense, though.
I forget, did you plan this to be DC counterparts only? I recall the Power Ponies being somewhat of a mishmash of superhero archetypes.

There's no particular plan, I'll play with whatever I can think of something for. For now, however, DC's all that's been coming to me. :twilightsheepish:

I'll try brushing up on Marvel stuff a bit before writing the chapter after the upcoming one and see if I can think of more than Spider-Filly shooting web at the wrong targets and just making a big mess, Blueblood suppressing the urge to recoil while commenting on his recent grooming. I recall Star Wars had a series of comics, too, so Star Horse (completely different roles for all involved) may be somewhere down the line. :pinkiehappy:

Lol. Next time... Dark-Mare IS!!

... Or not.

That said, this was a hilarious chapter... I think I missed why she was just staring at Blueblood, though, after he was unmasked.

Blueblood as a ponified Batman... To be honest, I can more clearly imagine him becoming Green Arrow, especially with the recent CW show.

It's a shame to see Derpy go, if only for a while. Her simple-mindedness and cheeriness makes her an enjoyable character here, and the dynamic between her and Blueblood made for some of my favorite moments in this story.

On a side note, the color-coding of the comic book onomatopoeias didn't really add anything for me. Nor do I care for the attempt at Applejack's accent in the author's notes.

Derpy Doo, a hero both within the comics and without.

She took a deep breath before Batmane frantically held up a hoof. "AWAY FROM ME, AWAY FROM ME!!"

Shortest chapter ever.

Oh crap, badly aimed heat vision. :twilightoops:

At least in this particular use-case, one beam is just as good as two.

Another fun chapter.

This is best thing to crawl out of the cesspit of clop that is Fimfiction for quite a while.

And, just because its a Blueblood and Spike story, this will probably never get a fraction of the views it deserves.

I like the way the enchanted comics give B.B a chance to play the hero - without compromising the fact that he is probably one of the least combat capable characters outside the comic books.

The story is light, well paced and well written.
Well worth reading.

Well, I'm in stitches.

Blue! Don't banish Iron Will. He's just a somewhat harmless motivational speaker who wanted to live out his favorite comic.

There are going to be some non superhero comics? And some more adult comics? It is rated teen... :unsuresweetie: This could get very bad for Blueblood.

This entire chapter feels like one big pony spoof of the first Matrix movie. Though sadly, I've never seen the first movie. Basically, I've seen the entire trilogy, except for the good one.

On another note, I didn't even know The Matrix had comics. I wonder what else you have in store for this fic.
Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog? Fleetway's Sonic the Comic? Nah, Sonic/MLP has been done to death.
Scott Pilgrim? Hmm...
Buffy the Vampire Slayer? ... Meh.
Kickass? If you're going with Kickass, here's hoping you shred that comic to bits. I hated the movie for its premise and tone alone.

Small confession? I don't think The Matrix was ever a comic, I'm just playing with anything I can get enough of a laugh out of to not stop a few paragraphs in. :twilightsheepish:

I'd give some more examples of what's down the road for this story, but that would be spoilers.

Glad you enjoyed! :pinkiehappy:

Don't worry about old Will, he's not getting banished from anywhere. Except his maze, if the missus is feeling crabby. :eeyup:

You'd be surprised. Hell, I was surprised to learn that Joss Whedon's Buffy and Angel got their own comic books after the shows ended. But I get it. You covered/spoofed Matrix 1 in this chapter.

The Haytrix? Now there's a previously unmade pony pun.

Heh, the blue pill would have made for such a shorter chapter, and movie too for that matter.

Fun chapter.

No more need for the disguise, I think. The armor was removed, starting with the helmet, revealing the long, golden mane of Prince Vladimir Blueblood the 52nd, along with the rest of his head. Carefully placing the glittering, heavy outfit on it's usual display in just such a way that it looked as though he was just keeping a possibly ceremonial suit of armor by his desk for decorative purposes, Blueblood once again pondered the necessity of the act.

Blueblood actually doing something? NICE!

"I am not being pompous, I'm being polite. Do you want to [hearpompous?"

Clever author.

"You lied to me," she said, as though the last few minutes hadn't happened at all, "nice ponies don't lie to eachother. I trusted you when you said you needed help and you used me. That hurts." Her voice dropped slightly, not quite becoming a growl, but very much filled with... Not anger, but perhaps, disappointment? "Now go sit in the corner, all of you."


Super Mare stomped, the noise as startling as the cracking of pavement under her hoof. "NOW!"
The surrounding felons quickly scattered, some shoving eachother aside for a few seconds as they fought over different corners of the room before all were seated, facing the walls.

"...Might I ask why? You're very much allowed to strike back, you know, it's even encouraged."

True, but she's a nice pony and with all her strength and little ability to restrain herself well, she might kill them. And that would be bad.

Oh, cancelled. Well, too bad.

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