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Someone who struggles making good stories, but always has the optimism of a 4 year old, despite being a 17 year old


This takes place the night after Fluttershy was turned into the bat pony in Bats.

Fluttershys animals are running a wild and Fluttershy is nowhere to be seen. Shes not home or in the garden even Discord doesn't know. What could have happened to Fluttershy?

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 20 )

I love the story I hope to see more :twilightsmile: :pinkiehappy: :rainbowkiss: :moustache::yay:

4767542 I'm glad you like it chapter 2 is coming soon!

yay i just read the comments and i am so excited
sorry :trollestia:

4778855 I'm glad your excited for the next chapter.

This is great!:yay: I cannot wait for chapter two, I love this and to think that chapter to is coming :pinkiegasp: CANNOT WAIT:pinkiehappy: !

4794252 :twilightsmile: I am thrilled that you like it so much

hi me again i loved this chapter to, and about your author's note i don't really care about when you put up your chapters Just make sure that they are good :yay: so keep up the good work

when is the next chapter going to come out? just wondering...

4999126 Soon I lost track of time With High School starting I have been pretty busy. But Hopefully I can get Chapter 3 out later today.

Actually based on the comics, Discord is able to make animal talk in pony language

5100476 I didn't know that, thanks for telling me!

Amazing work! Keep it up :raritywink: Can't wait for the next chapter!

"I wanted to know if you had seen Fluttershy the Cakes need her because mice are eating all the baked goods! IT'S HORRIBLE! But I saved a cupcake!" Pinkie said

"Where is it?" RainbowDash said chasing a squirrel.

"In my stomach!" Pinkie said


Ahh... Angel does care for Fluttershy :twilightsmile:

Hope she's alright...

5560566 It took me forever thinking of a Great line for Pinkie to make think of something during of a time of Crisis.

5560695 He may be a jerk to her in the show but thats because he needs her. (Also I think he would make a beter bunny if he used his cuteness for good)

what's going to happen next

6217050 I'm still writing it. I Am putting two chapters out on the same day due to how stupid the next one is. The next one is sort of a plot filler, it won't really have anything to do with the story, until the end. It will be out as soon as I can finish the chapters

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