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Finding Fluttershy - RemixHero

Fluttershy has gone missing and her friends intend to find out what happened!

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"So what was with that story and the Ursa Major, Shadow?" Twilight asked him. Twilight, Discord, & Angel Bunny had reached the Bat kingdom but still have yet to find Fluttershy. However they had obtained two Bat ponies to help them get Fluttershy back (Whether they like it or not).

"Oh That was a story how we found an Ursa Major and beat it saving the Kingdom!" Shadow said proudly. Twilight looked at him for a second not buying what he said.

"Oh really? What color was it?" She asked him.

"Oh, it was Green of course!" Shadow said

"Really and where did you say you fought it?"

"By the Lagoon of the Mermares, that's where they always go when they want to hurt innocent ponies."

"Right right, except for just two small things."

"What's that?"

"Your lying!"

"What?! No I'm not."

"Ursa Majors are a dark lavender and they are peacefully creatures, they wouldn't hurt anypony." Twilight told him. Shadow looked ashamed that a mare he didn't know figured it out. "Why would you lie about that?"

"It's hard being a knight for the King when your kingdom is hidden." Shadow said "Besides it's even harder taking care of an idiot of a Bat." He pointed to his brother ahead leading them all.

"Your brothers alright, what's the problem?"

"He can't fight for himself, he always need somepony to protect him."

"I'm sorry, but isn't there any pony else that can watch over him? Like a father or something?"

"Died over 200 years ago, after a fallout of kingdoms" Shadow said.

"Fallout of kingdoms…?"

"Yeah it was nuts,everyone for themselves. All this started right after the princesses rule."

"Princesses rule? As in Celsetia and Luna?"

"No, our princesses, Princess Carina and Princess Gemini. They protected the kingdom and helped us all, we took it for granted though, eventually they kingdoms demanded more and more out of the Princesses and eventually they separated the kingdoms into three. Bats, Stone, and Everfree. Each kingdom has one ruler. The Bat kingdom has King Bloodworth, the stone kingdom has Princess Carina, and the Everfree kingdom the biggest of them all has the newly crowned Queen Gemini."

"How did Bloodworth become king?"

"Well, no pony is really sure, a lot supect he hypnotized the princesses into giving him power, but I don't know."

"Hmm, is he s good king to you all?"

"Good?! You kidding? Bloodworth is a cruel as a Changeling!"

"Then why stay around with him? Why can't you leave to one of the other kingdoms or live in equestria?"

"Because the ponies in equestria don't care for creatures like me or my brother. The only one who would ever accept us a little would be Princess Luna. But still, even if we wanted to we can't. Even if we wanted to live in the other kingdoms of everfree, the rulers wouldn't accept us. Princess Carina is a stone alicorn while Queen Gemini is a true everfree alicorn. They pay no mind to us bat ponys so we don't really have a choice to live here."

"I'm so sorry Shadow..."

"Yeah but it's not a problem, the problem here is that Bloodworth is a psycho. He wants to take over Equestria. That's my guess why he wanted the mare, with a wife he can find a way to gain more land and make more bat ponies to the point where normal ponies are slaves to him,"

"More Bat ponies? Wait how could he do that?"

"Magic spells I guess, we can't drain blood from ponies without… Consequences…"


"Yes. We can drink blood however it is a death wish not just it out victim but to us as well. Bat ponies can drink blood from animals without a problem, but for some reason pony blood is different. If a Bat pony drinks the blood of a normal pony they become what we now call "Savage." However the real name of this is called The Dracula Virus."

"Dracula? The vampire pony from those old horror stories?"

"Yep. Once the blood of the pony has entered theirs it becomes a race of adrenaline until the heart completely kills the vampire, but during that time they become a blood hungry kill and will kill anything around it. The virus is harder to control now then it was in the past, if we even get a whiff of pony blood we start to lose control and just well… you know. That's why we are now more hidden then ever, to protect ponies and ourselves. But that idiot will kill us all out if he tries to take over your lands."


"So now I'm gonna ask you the questions, for starters, I thought there was only Three Alicorn princesses in Equestria, how are you one?"

"Oh, it's a long story..."

"I'll listen"

Twilight told Shadow the story about her switching her friends cutie marks and all the adventures she had before she became a princess

"Wow, that's incredible. To think you were just a bookworm and now your a princess"

"Yeah...hey look it's the castle!"


Twilight and Shadow looked at him. They huffed.

Shadow knocked on the place doors

"Who goes there?"

"Tis I Shadow, and I bring a Mage of the stone ponies and a royal adviser of the Everfree, they wish to see the king as a congrats to finding a wife"

"How'd they know. He hadn't sent any kind of message out about it yet."

"We had heard from some ponies visiting our kingdoms. Our rulers do not know of this yet we wanted to see if it was true!" Twilight yelled to him.

"I guess you can come in..." The doors open Twilight, Discord, Shadow and Cloak walk in.

Everywhere around the kingdom looked like it could use a clean up, it was in worse condition then Celestia and Luna's old castle. They walk down a dark hall with pictures of the old kings, they get to the room where Bloodworth was, Shadow and Cloak kneeled, Twilight and Discord did as well.

"My king. These two have come from the sister kingdoms to say congratulations on your engagement." Cloak told him. Twilight looked up at him, he was different then all the other bat ponies she's seen so far. He looked like King Sombra in a way, he had a short jet black mane with a silver crown, he had dark grey coat and was wearing a red cape, hiding his wings. He turned to the two of them. His eyes were blood red and his fangs hanged out from his mouth, they were like daggers. But he was very different from the other bats, he had a horn.

"My engagement? But I have yet to announce it to any kingdom yet. Tell me, how did you know?" He hissed at Twilight. She told him the same thing she told the guard. "I see... I don't remember you, miss...?"

"My name is Eclipsa."

"Eclipsa? What a beautiful name."

"Yes yes, may we meet the bride to be, Fluttershy?" He looked at her for a moment then turned away

"Of course you both may, in fact you should stay for the wedding"

"No it's ok we've already imposed on you enough..." Twilight tried to reason.

"I insist Miss Solaria."

"It's quite alright, your highness."

"Yes yes, no wedding is complete..." He stopped his hoofs twice on the ground and instantly Bat pony guards showed up, grabbing Twilight and Discord "...Without a Captive Audience."

"Hey let us go!"

"Sorry my dear but you aren't what you say you are, and I believe your friend isn't either. Guards chain them! I don't want them doing anything." The guards put shackles on their hoofs. His horn glowed a bloody red and then used a spell, destroying Twilight and Discords disguises. "Discord. And Princess Twilight. How wonderful for you both to be here!" He smiled.

"WHERE IS FLUTTERSHY?!" Discord demanded.

"My queen? She's right here of course but it doesn't matter, she doesn't care about you two anymore." He walked by a mare, it was Fluttershy.

She was cloaked in black coving her body like she wasn't there. Discord tried to break the chains and use his magic but nothing was working

"What did you do to my magic?!" He demanded, Twilight tried to use her magic but failed as well.

"That spell I did has nullified your magic, it's useless as long as your in my castle. Guards take them away, I don't want anyone interrupting my perfect wedding." Bloodworth and Fluttershy started to leave while the guards started to drag them out of the room, Twilight needed to see Fluttershy, she hit the two guards holding her and flew to Fluttershy, the guards slashed her wing and made her fall, she landed near Fluttershy and Bloodworth and grabbed the hood she was wearing, pulling it right off.

Twilight looked at her sweet friend and could not believe what she saw. Fluttershy was dressed in a black dress with a spider web train on the end. Her fluffy feather wings were now sharp and bat like. Her round ears were now pointy. Her coat and mane were dull and her once beautiful teal eyes were now a pale red. But the worst was her teeth they were sticking out, she had fangs. Twilight backed away for a second, one of her best friends was now a vampire.


Twilight fainted from the shock of what had happened to her dear friend Fluttershy. The guards started to take them all away, Fluttershy grabbed her hood and put it back on. Bloodworth put his hoof on her neck and waked out of the room with her, he said something that echoed through the dark and ominous room.

"Come my beautiful bride to be, we have much to do..."

Author's Note:

I guess the first thing to say is I'm sorry for making you all wait so long to find out what happens next. I was having a lot of trouble thinking about if anyone even cared about this story anymore after a long time since I updated it but I decided that instead of leaving the story hanging I would finish it. So orignally this was meant to be a Filler chapter with the Next one coming out on the same day, I decided to make it better instead of it being Filler that I would explain this world more. So to make up for being gone so long the chapter is longer than the other ones have been. Hope this was worth the wait, and hopefully the next chapter won't take me as long. Enjoy please tell me what you think in the comments below!

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