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Someone who struggles making good stories, but always has the optimism of a 4 year old, despite being a 17 year old


Vapor Trail was always a shy mare, but after getting into Wonderbolts academy with her best friend Sky Stringer she was able to finally to express her emotions in new ways, all except one, her hidden feelings for her best friend. During a practice at the acedemy however everything changes for the two of them whenever Vapor Trail is severely hurt in an accident at the acedemy. During her recovery Sky starts to think more about their friendship and that if it was possible that she like him more than a friend, but is it too late to tell her how he feels or was the accident to much for her?

My first attempt at a Dramatic Romance Story for Valentine’s Day, hopefully people like the story, anyways Happy Valentines Day


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This needs a comprehensive proofread and an edit.

Stinger, not Stringer.

Ahhh! My heart! Why did you do this to me!

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