I’ll Always Fly for You

by RemixHero

First published

After an incident during a Wonderbolts practice Sky’s Stringer realizes his true feelings for Vapor Trail, but is it too late for him to confess?

Vapor Trail was always a shy mare, but after getting into Wonderbolts academy with her best friend Sky Stringer she was able to finally to express her emotions in new ways, all except one, her hidden feelings for her best friend. During a practice at the acedemy however everything changes for the two of them whenever Vapor Trail is severely hurt in an accident at the acedemy. During her recovery Sky starts to think more about their friendship and that if it was possible that she like him more than a friend, but is it too late to tell her how he feels or was the accident to much for her?

My first attempt at a Dramatic Romance Story for Valentine’s Day, hopefully people like the story, anyways Happy Valentines Day


I’ll Always Fly for You

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I’ll Always Fly for You

It was just another day at Wonderbolts Academy, Vapor Trail was walking through the academy with her wing pony, Angel wings.

“Vapor Trail what are we going to do today?” She asked her curiously

“Spitfire said that today we’re going to be training in air emergencies such as weather malfunctions in Cloudsdale.”

“That sounds really dangerous Vapor...”

“It is, but they have all the safety protocols ready in case something happens during the practice.”

“That’s a relief…” The two ponies continued to talk, until they saw some of their fellow cadets, specifically Sky Stinger and his wing pony named Lucky Streak. The two stallions walked over to their two friends.

“Hey Vapor, Angel.” Sky said to them, Vapor could feel her cheeks turning red when seeing Sky, but she wouldn't let it show.

“H-hey Sky” Nice one Vapor, act like an idiot around him. She thought to herself.

“You guys all ready for today's emergency training?” Lucky streak asked them.

“Yep, I’m a little scared though, i've never been the best at flying in bad weather…” Angel said embarrassed.

“Don’t worry about that Angel Wings, Vapor Trail is one of the best flyers I know.” Sky told her making Vapor blush even more. Then a sound came on the speakers

ATTENTION CADETS, GET TO THE TRAINING AREA NOW!” Spitfire said over the speakers.

“Well let's not keep her waiting Wing Ponies, let's head over.” Sky told Lucky Streak and Angel Wings.

“I’ll catch up in a few Sky, I forgot something back in the barracks.”

“Alright but don't take too long Vapor, you know how Spitfire gets when somepony is late…” Sky told her. The three of them left while Vapor went to get what she forgot, it was something special to her, a picture of her and Sky when they were fillies, she always kept it with her during any kind of training as good luck. She got over to everyone lined up just in time, Everyone stood at attention when Spitfire walked past them.

“Alright Cadets, today we are doing a Weather Emergency simulation today. You’ll be going through some pretty tough stuff today so anypony that doesn’t think they can handle it can leave now.” She told everypony, a few cadets foolishly started to leave when she blew her whistle. “HOLD IT! You didn’t let me finish. Anypony who leaves Fails this part of training and has to do five hundred laps around the entire academy. Anypony still going to leave?” Two teams sighed and stretched their wings getting ready to fly around the academy, leaving four ponies, Sky Stringer, Lucky Streak, Angel Wings, and Vapor Trail. “Good now that the others are busy, today we are doing the weather emergency simulations today. It will include, Twister Resistance,Hurricane Rescue, and Blizzard survival. Each team will go one at a time and do the test once completed I will have your times posted later today. Good Luck Cadets, Sky Stringer, Lucky Streak you’ll start first.” The two ponies nodded and got into position. She then looked over to the guards and nodded her head, then she blew her whistle. “GO!” Sky and Lucky immediately started to fly towards the Twister Resistance course. “Vapor Trail, Angel Wings, get ready.” The two mares got into position. Spitfire watched the two in the twister, eventually they got out, she blew her whistle once again signaling for the two mares to take off to do the Twister Resistance. The emergency’s took a while for each team to complete, after a while Sky Stringer and Lucky Streak got out of Blizzard Survival and got to the finish.

“T-that was thrilling S-Sky!” Lucky said shivering from the blizzard cold air still.

“But hey, w-were out, and did g-great!” Sky shivering said, the two shook to get the remaining snow off their bodies and wings, a few tiny ice shards came off their wings too.

“I bet we set an academy record Sky!”

“Yeah! Although I do wonder how Vapor and Angel are doing?” Sky wondered. Vapor and Angel were toward the end of the Hurricane Rescue. Getting the last dummy out of the house.

“Almost… done!” Angel was saying, she threw her arms up in happiness, knocking over one of the dummies. “Oh no!” Vapor immediately went into action, flying after the speeding dummy, it landed in the water near the small base where they were training, Vapor went underwater and got the dummy back to safety. “I’m so sorry Vapor!” Angel Wing apologized for.

“It’s ok, lets keep going we’re almost done!” Vapor Trail encouraged her friend. The two flew into Blizzard survival, the winds and snow were not making it easy to navigate… but that’s when everything went wrong. As the two ponies continued to fly through the Blizzard, something started get to happen. Vapors wings started to become stiff, The water from the Hurricane Rescue we’re making her wings freeze! She struggled to keep flying but the ice was just to much, a powerful gust of wind blew her of balance and made her hit her head on a nearby cliff, she soon started to fall out of the Sky, straight towards the ground. Angel tried to her best to catch up to her, even all the guards around… but they weren’t fast enough to get her in time. As Sky and Lucky were chatting and waiting for Vapor and Angel to get back, they saw medic ponies rushing to the ground… something went wrong. The two tried asking what happen but they no longer needed to, Angel Wings flew over to them in tears.

“Angel! What happen where’s Vapor Trail?!” Lucky asked her worried

“She… she.. she fell to the ground! Her wings froze during the Blizzard Survival and put her off balance… I-I tried to catch up to her but I… I just couldn’t, she hit the ground!” She could barely hold back the tears before she started to bawl her eyes out, hugging Lucky Streak. Sky had a worried blank expression on his face before immediately flying down to the ground to see the medic ponies taking her away to a hospital. He tried to go after it but Spitfire stopped him.

“Hold on a Minute, Sky Stringer. There’s nothing you can do right now.”

“Hold on?! HOLD ON?! THAT'S MY BEST FRIEND THAT JUST GOT HURT I NEED TO GO SEE HER!” He yelled to Spitfire. He then realized his actions “I-I’m sorry Ma’am, I can’t stay put, Vapor Trail is my best friend and I need to see her.”

“You’ll see her later, right now we need to get back to the academy and get this situation handled. I promise we will see her as soon as we can” she told him sincerely. He nodded and flew back up to the academy, an officer was questioning Angel Wings about what happen during the training, the other cadets flew over to them, not finishing their laps due to the emergency.

“Sky, are you gonna be ok?” A mare by the name of Water Lily asked him.

“I’ll be better when she’s not in the hospital anymore.” He told her sincerely.

“It must suck that your marefriend is in that condition.” A stallion named Head Strong told him.

“She’s not my Marefriend she’s my best friend, besides she’s never liked me like that.” The other cadets just gawked at him.

“Your… kidding right?”

“Your all she ever thinks about, dude! She’s always blushing around you!”

They all started talking about times she would show obvious signs for her loving him, then it finally clicked in him.

“S-she really does like me like that?” He asked nervously, they all shook their heads yes. He never realized that she liked him like that, it was something he didn’t even think before, until he realized he feels the same about her. “I-I gotta go!” He flew away from the group of friends towards where the emergency weather simulations happened. He flew near the cliff where Vapor hit her head. He hit his own head repeatedly saying stupid. He then saw something stuck between the rocks, a photo? He flew towards the photo and pulled it out, it was him and Vapor Trail when they were fillies. He saw there was writing on the back and his eyes widened when he read it . “My Good Luck Charm” is what it said, is old picture of them really meant so much to her? He couldn’t take it anymore he flew down to where the hospital was and ran in, he found out what room Vapor was in and rushed in, her parents were in the room in tears, and the doctor was talking with them, Vapor was wrapped up in bandages, on her wings, head, hoofs, and that was just from what he could see. He then started to listen to what the doctor was saying, he could,not hear it all, but he could hear enough.

“I’m sorry… the chances of your daughter surviving… are incredibly slim… it would be a miracle if she ever woke up… or even walked again.” He backed away in fright, at this moment, she was on the verge of death, and even if she did wake up, she would be paralyzed from the wings down, she’d never fly again, she’d never be a Wonderbolt, with him. He ran out of the room and the hospital and flew to a cloud and just cried, “Why did it have to be her? She never did anything to deserve this! She deserves to fly, not to be grounded for the rest of her life! Just… why Vapor… why not me? Please Celestia, let her wake up, let her still be the same beautiful Vapor Trail… that I’ve fallen in love with. I can’t survive without her in my life… I just can’t…” A few hours had passed since he flew to the cloud, he didn’t even realize it was raining on the ground below. He decided he has to face this, he wouldn’t live with himself if he never told her how he feels. He went back to the hospital and few in, she was alone now, her parents must have not been able to see their daughter like this and left. She was hooked up to a heart monitor, it was beeping so slow, he almost wanted to smack it to make sure that it was working right. He flew over to her and gentle moved some of her hair off her face. Tears welled up in his eyes again. The beating on the monitor seemed to get louder and louder as he started to speak to her.

“Vapor… I don’t know if you can hear me…”

Beep… beep…beep….

“I pray to Celestia that you can… because I have something to tell you…”


“Vapor Trail… I love you… so much… and I just wish I realized it sooner…”


“And even if you can’t fly with me anymore I promise…”


“I will Always Fly for You…”