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Someone who struggles making good stories, but always has the optimism of a 4 year old, despite being a 17 year old


Nightmare Night a night filled with treats and scares but 5 ponies spend it camping after hiting every house in Equestria telling horror stories to pass the time, until one of them makes it interesting. Whoever tells the best story wins all the candy. And So It BEGINS....

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NO!!!! why cliffhangers :( :fluttershysad:

5166502 Sorry but you won't have to wait long the first story comes out Sunday!:heart:


I don't get what this one is a reference to but still good chapter. Mustache for you.:moustache:

5199022 it seemed like this was a reference to a movie a horror story.

5201705 Ohh what you saw in the authors note in chapter 2?

Yep. Also it seemed like a bit of it was based off Children of the Corn. Despite the fact I've never even seen it

5202097 I've never seen it either. But what I meant was this was like a parody of the old nickelodeon show "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" It's kinda the same thing telling horror stories, a group of kids ,throwing dust in the fire. That is what I meant in the authors note.:twilightblush:

5202182 oh. Never heard of it but thanks for the clear up

5202573 I think it was banned because some of the episodes were too scary for kids.:pinkiecrazy:

Are you afraid of the dark, I think I remember that... and while I may read this later, after reading your title, I leave you with this.

5208174 I was wondering when someone was gonna make that reference.:twilightsheepish:

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