• Published 20th Oct 2014
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Let's Gather Around the Campfire.... - RemixHero

5 ponies sit around the campfire and tell the best horror stories the've got

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Remix Hero: A Crystal of Shadows

"So R.H. What's your story called?" Torch asked her.

"Mine is called A Crystal of Shadows

"Oh It's about....." Metal said before he was interrupted.

"If you say it I will throw you all the way to Canterlot!" Sweet said. He shut up and whimpered a little.

"It's about King Sombra right?" Base said.

"Yep. So let's start!"

Remix threw her blue dust into the fire and the same thing happened again. The fire turn blue and swirled around everyone whispering the same thing as before.

In the Crystal Empire everything was as happy as it could be.But it wasn't until the fateful day Sombra took over. But I'm ahead of myself he is how it all started. In the Empire the subjects had their crystal coating all the time considering nothing bad ever happened. (Well except that dragon that took the Crystal heart). Princess Amore was a beautiful princess. She had protected the kingdom over any dark magic anypony could use. She still had the Crystal guards though. She never appointed a leader but the guards chose one. His name was Umbra. He was an honest good pony never hurt a fly. Everyone was happy in the kingdom until the fateful day that a guard went missing.

"Your Highness! One of the guards is missing he never showed up for inspections!" Umbra said. He looked very worried.

"Oh who is missing?" Amore said.

"Cloud! He never showed up!"

"Oh dear! Did anyone go to his house to see if he was there?"

"Yes! We searched everywhere in the Empire! He...he..." He started to cry. Cloud was more than a guard to him he was a brother. Wait what am I say he was his brother! Cloud and Umbra were the only family they had. No parents or siblings other than each other.Now he was gone. "What should we do?"

"I don't know but we will find him Umbra!"

Day's pasted and everyday another guard went missing. It wasn't until the 10th guard that they found them. They were dead the had crystals through them. But they weren't normal crystals. They had a dark unknowing glow towards them. Everypony was sad especially Umbra. His brother was also dead. The 34 guards were now 24 but everyday once again a guard went missing. Every ten guards were found together and dead. Amore was worried that if her guards were getting killed then soon she and the empire may suffer the same fate. She spent every night inspecting the disappearance of every guard. When 30 of them were gone she finally figured it out. she called the remaining 4 guards in.

"I suppose you're wondering why I have called you all here."

"yes, Your highness we have to be alert in case the killer comes after you!" A guard by the name of IQ said.

"I know who has been killing all the guards!" She said. They all gawked at her about that. "I have been studying the killings and even took a sample of the crystal." She said.

"Well who is your highness?" two guards by the names of Mildew and Carve said.

"It was...UMBRA!!" She said the guards backed away from him and got close to the princess.

"You highness why would I.. Have you forgotten I am your best employer...THE PSYCHO KILLED MY BROTHER!!" He scamper.

"I saw You making these crystals with your magic. I know you made them!" She said.Umbra hung his head and started to laugh.

"My dear you do not know what I can do with the power I CONTROL!!" He yelled he used his true magic and made shadow crystals grow locking the princess and the guards in it. He was about to seal it until the princess said something.

"Why?! Why did you do it Umbra you killed your brother!"

He lowered the crystal a little more so he could see her face.

"Why? Well I was tired of living in the shadows of pure evil! Too much kind and happiness for this kingdom! They have had it good for far too long to to show my true self!" his horn started to glow dark black and purple. His mane turned from a normal black to a pitch black short flowing mane. His full armor turned silver and red. His eye's when from green to a darker green and purple flowing from it. His tail was also flowing like his mane. The one thing that scared the princess the most was how his horn changed. It turned from a normal grey horn to a curved blood red horn. He was no longer Umbra. "I am the new king. And don't call me Umbra. It's Sombra!" He stated.

"That's what you think!" The princess said she jumped through the shadow crystal right before it sealed. SHe heard the screams of the others dying inside. She used her magic and blasted him to the wall. She ran for her life to protect the heart. Sombra was quicker thought. He got to the heart first.

"No...The Crystal Heart! Umbra please you need to release it!" She yelled he had the heart with his magic. All the citizens rushed to the safety of their homes.

"I told you Amore! I. AM. NOT. UMBRA!" he telled. he grew many shadow crystals around her as if it was a prison. "I should have done this a long time ago!" He drew a sword out and was about to lash it at her.

"Sorry Umbra but you won't get me so easily!" Amore screamed. her horn grew bright white and just like that she was gone.

"Wha.." Was the last thing Sombra said. He could sense if she was still around and she was not. Soon he ruled the empire with an Iron fist. Amore was never seen again. But many believe the spell she did to escape Sombra was a rest spell. She used it to become a normal pony and renamed herself Mi Amore Cadenza or as everyone would soon call her Cadence. To protect her self she would never remember anything about the empire. She would never go back....

"The End." Remix said. The fire turned back to it's normal color.

"Good, I like it 3 out of five guys?" Base said.

"Sure!" Sweet said. "Ok then it's a tie right now. So next is you Tin Teeth!"

"Metal Mouth, I may have braces but thats not my name!"

"So whats the story called?"

Until Next time......

Author's Note:

Not my best story but still. Also I don't know when each chapter will be out I have a personal and school. life. So I might be late with Tomorrow's story. Expect it to come out at least 5:00 or 4:45 every day except Halloween which will come out around 3:00 probably. Also I AM AN IDIOT I can't believe I never realized that this was based off a Tv show! Ugh....

Here is the Oc for Remix or R.H. as I will put in most of the story

Tomorrow is Metal Mouth and his story "A Maze of Scare"

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