Let's Gather Around the Campfire....

by RemixHero

Base Batter: A Change Of Love and Death

"Ok Base So what's the story you brought for us this year?" Remix asked him. The five ponies were sitting around the fire with Base getting ready to start the story.

"I call it A Change Of Love and Death!"

"hmm Change Change... OH it's a story about Changelings isn't it?!" Metal mouth said.

"You got it, Like always so is everyone ready?!"

"YEAH!" they all shouted

"Ok then let's begin....." Base said he threw the dust he got from Sweet into the fire. The fire erupted with a green flame and swirled around everyone. Then it started to smoke more. And in a whisper through the fire it said " Tell your story but be wise for fate can be a surprise."

"Umm... Let's Start"

Long ago in a small village there lived two young stallions. One was named Rich, A stallion with a yellow coat and silver hair, the other was named Soul,A dark blue stallion with even darker blue hair. In this small Village everyone is a unicorn. Rich's family was rich so he never needed to worry about anything in his life. Unlike Soul who had to work three jobs to earn a living. They both may live very different lifestyles but don't let that fool you they are the best of friends. In the small town there was only one rule. DON'T GO OUT AT NIGHT! Why? No pony knew all they knew was if you went out at night then you are never seen again. In the town there lived a beautiful mare by the name of Flora a mare with a light green coat and bright pink mane. Both of them loved her. One night they wanted to go and see her so they left the comfort and safety of Soul's home.

"Umm Rich I'm having second thoughts remember what elder said ' Those who go in to night never come back!' Plus she would be sleeping by now!" Soul said in a panic. The town was foggy and misty that night very strange weather for the town.

"Well if you don't come then that mean's I can ask flora out! You'll miss the one chance that you have worked for at all three of your job's." Rich said. They both may love her but they give each other a fair chance to win her heart. "Besides who know's maybe she will let us stay knowing that the distance between our houses are pretty far!" Rich said. The two kept talking about how they would win the mare's heart.

"Still it's late she's sleeping like I should be I working a double shift tomorrow." Soul said. His ears perked up at the sound of footsteps behind him and rich. "Dude I think we should run!"


"I heard footsteps behind us!" Soul said. Rich gave a confused face and laughed loudly.

"Dude you read too many ghost stories!"


"But nothing let's go." Rich said they continued on the path. But Soul was right someone or something was watching them.

"Let'sss get them now." One figured hissed in a tone of uneasy.

"Right" The others said. They moved along with the eerie shadows.

"Ok this should be her house...Right?" Rich said. he looked at a house that was pitch black. "I guess you were right let's go back to your place can I stay over tonight?"

"Sure let's hurry though I feel like it's midnight."

"Ok let's go." Then the heard a scream across the dark ally. Of course they ignored considering the town is like that with the wind. Until they heard who it was. "That sounded like..."

"FLORA!" The both said. the ran towards the screaming and saw her on the ground.

"Flora!? Are you ok?!" Soul asked her. She moaned and got up.

"Yesss I'm perfectly fine." She had hissed. They had never heard her hiss like that. "Flora? You ok?" She looked at the dead in the eyes and saw something weird. Her eyes flashed green and turned Blue again. "You're Not Flora!"

"My my my you're very sssmart but that will be your downfall." The Fake Flora said. A swirl of green fire son swirled around her. The boy's couldn't run away they needed to know if the real Flora was safe. The figure was black with weird wings and a horn that was curved in the wierdest way. At that moment 7 more of that creature surrounded the two stallions.

"W..what are you?" Soul asked.

"We are Changelingsss. Creaturesss who hunt for poniesss who disobey the one rule of this town. Now you will be our food for our kingdom! " He hissed. the 8 Changelings lunged at the boy's and attacked them. Rich was defeated in 4 seconds with a hit to the head. But Soul was a trainer and fought each one until they cheated and used a sleep spell on him. With both boy's unconscious the changelings took them to the hive.

Dawn broke early in the morning Soul was the first to wake up. he was chained to a wall with rich next to him. he tried to use his magic to free himself but they had spells over them. they were sitting ducks until the changelings do away with them.

"Rich..? You awake?" Soul whispered. He heard him moan and started to daze off. "I can't believe we are about to become food for these things!" He hissed into Rich's ear so only he could hear. The a guard came by with 3 other changelings in armor.

"Hello boysss. The king would like to have a word with you before you die." He hissed. The 4 changelings took their chains off and put new ones so they can move. Both of them hung their heads until they were pushed on the ground. "ALL HAIL KING CHANGE!" the two boy's raised their heads to the big changeling that stood before them.

"So these are the two that were out last night?" He asked.


"Do you smell that?" He asked the changeling guards they nodded their heads in confusion. "It's love" The all gasped and started to smell around for it. "Be honest with me boy's do you love somepony?" They shook their heads yes without speaking. "What cat's got your tongue? Why do you not speak young Soul and Rich?"He knew their name.

"H..h..how did you know our names?" Soul asked.

"I know the names of everypony in the town. Flora? She is a sweet mare. Honest, Beautiful, & Caring. She would make an excellent wife." He said. The boy's lifted themselves off the ground.

"Wha.. What do you mean 'wife'?" Rich asked him.

"Let's strike a deal boy's." The king said. "GUARDS! Unchain them."

"What?! But sssir why?" The leader asked.It was the same changeling from last night.

"Do. Not. Question. ME!!" the king bellowed. They moved quickly and undid the chains and the spells over their horns. "Here's me proportions if you want to see your Flora and your family's again. For 1 and only 1 of you boy's." The boy's gave confused faces to what he meant. "Ugh. Who ever get's Flora to truly love you and not through false feelings first get's to live but the other will be my slave here in my hive!" He bellowed through his kingdom.

"But how do we know if she truly loves us?" Soul asked him.

"You'll know, now you must get going if you want to win her heart!" The king said.

"Ummm how do we get home?" Rich asked.

"Ahh yes." the king said. "Sorry about this boys."

"Sorry about wha...."Was the last thing Rich said. The king's horn glowed dark green and immediately both boy's fell into a deep deep sleep. The Changeling's took them home and they woke up in the alley. "Huh? where where are we?" He looked around. "Oh we're back in town!"

"So now what?"Soul asked

"Simple! I win Flora's heart!" Rich said.

"Umm NO. I could Win her heart."

"Well we will see who wins it first!" Rich said he ran out of the alley while Soul thought of how he could win her heart.

Over the next few day's Rich would give flora tons of gifts and flowers to win her affections. Soul on the other hand had nothing for her. Until one day he went to her house. Rich was there as well.

"Hello Flora." Soul said to her.

"Hi Soul won't you come in?" Flora asked. Soul nodded his head and walked in. Rich was there already."So what brings you by?" She asked.

"I..well I wanted to well...umm..." Soul shakely said. He choked. It happens every time he is around her. "Sigh I wanted to give you something I worked hard on for a long time for you. Here." He gave her a small box with a wind up key in it.

"This...this is my old music box with my favorite lullaby. I threw it out because it broke and could not be fixed." She said. "Why are you giving it to me?"

"Turn the key."

She turned the wind up and musci slowly began to play. "Ah..Soul how..how did you fix it?" She said. she started to cry.

"It took a long time and special part's."

"Oh Thank you how can I ever thank you?!" She said.

"You could say yes..." Soul said.

"Yes to what?"

"Yes...to being my wife." Soul said he got on his hoofs and showed a ring in a small box . "Flora, Will you marry me?"

"Soul..I..I....Yes Soul I would love to marry you." She said. Rich was wide mouthed the whole time.


"Because I have always loved him!"

They both gasped the mare they both loved was in love with one of them.

"I have wanted to say but I get so nervous around you and then I...I..."Flora said quickly until Soul put his hoof gentle over her mouth.

"I understand I have always loved you. That is what really matters." Soul said.


Flora and Soul's wedding was the talk of the town. Rich was never seen after that day. Years passed and Flora and Soul were happily married with three foal's. two boy's a girl and another on the way. Rich was never seen again but many believe he left town because he hated Soul so much. Only Soul knew the truth. About 20 years passed. It was an unusual night for the family. His sons Morning Dew and Mud Puddle were fighting while his daughter laid weak and sick in bed. She was coughing a lot in her sleep. One of the many side effects of Hay Fever. Flora and Soul watched their daughter try and sleep.

"Look at her Soul!" Flora said to her husband. He looked worried."What can we do?"

"I don't know Flora. We just have to pray."

"Hmmm... Maybe.. You can go and get some herbs from the shop?"

"What?! Flora it's night! Shop would be closed by now."

"But my dad runs the shop he keeps it open at night oh please honey?"

"Flora... I don't know..."

"Look at her! Soul Dew doesn't have much time!" Flora peeded. Soul looked at his light blue filly in bed weak. She kinda looked like him given the name. He gazed at the weak filly and saw a single tear from her eye from the pain.

"Ok I will be right back my dear!" Soul said he rushed out the door. But this would be the last time he would see his family alive. As he walked down the foggy streets he still remembers the awful thing's his old friend said the day he proposed to Flora. Even the night reminded him of the time they were kidnapped by changelings. He remembers it all to well.

"WHAT?! HE GAVE YOU A CRAPPY MUSIC BOX AND A CHEAP RING! YET YOU CHOOSE HIM OVER ME WHY?!" It echoed through Soul's mind his way to the shop. "FINE I'M LEAVING BUT KNOW THIS,THIS WON'T BE LAST YOU SEE OF ME!!" A tear when down Soul's cheek. His only friend saying those awful thing's.

"Oh Rich why?" He softly said. He started to sob until he remembered why he was out in the first place. "Oh right I need the herbs for my daughter!" He started to run until he heard somepony else creeping behind him. "Who's there! I..I have a horn with magic and I know how to use it!" He yelled. "Idiot! Why did I say that?!"He thought. Nopony answered. He shrugged it off and when his way.

"Fool! He will think twice before messing with the king!" A changeling said. It was like and army. About 20 of them were there. "Ok only me and you seven will get the unicorn the others you know what to do!"Most of them left while the eight of them when on to soul's position.

"Soul...." One said it sounded like his old friend.Soul quickly turned around and heard it again to be clear. "Soul please I need you.... Soul gasped at what he hear. His old friend he was alive!

"Rich? Is it you like the real you?!"

"I feel weak I might not...oh......"He said. Soul ran as fast as he could to his friend. But when he got there he wasn't there. He heard faint laughter.

"Well Well Well. Look what the fog dragged in boy's the unicorn!He said. it was the same eight changelings from the first night.

"You...Wha..Why are you here?! The king said me and my family would never have to encounter you ever again!"Soul said. they circled him.

"Well he is no longer king and our new king said to find you and bring you back to our home!" He said.

"No way! Not without a fight!" Soul said he charged at the changelings. They fought for what seemed like hours. Soul was barely winning. His lip was bleeding his eye was black and his horn was barely working. But he still had done more than they did he took down 6 of them only the leader and another remained. Soul with the strength he had left hit the last changeling. Until the leader cheated. He used the same spell the first time he had fought them to take him out. They took him and met up with all the other's.

"Well are they dead?" he asked them.

"YES SIR!" One yelled. "The kids are dead as well as his wife and their beloved house was burned down to ashes. they are all truly dead. " he said.

"Excellent he is still alive but not dead. Just as the king wanted. Now lets go back to the hive."They all flew away.

Morning broke on the cold winter day. Soul woke up. he felt like he was a punching bag that was used a lot. He felt blood on his lip and tried to wipe it but when he tried to move he hear clangs. He finally remembered what had happen. The changelings took him. He was chained to the same wall he was the first time around.

"Well well well... look who's awake!"

Soul lifted his head up to see a Changeling. He looked different than the others. He looked like a king.

"Who..who are you?" Soul asked him.

"Who am I? HA! You don't know? Look me straight in the eye then tell me you don't know me!" He pulled Soul head over to his eyes and then Soul gasped.


"You got it Soul!" He said. " But to you it's King Rich."

"King Rich? But what happened to King Change?"

"Died two weeks ago. He said with his last dying words that I will be the king!"

"Why am I here Rich?"

"Well Revenge of course!"

"Revenge but why?"


"She never loved you!"

"Well no matter she and your kids will not bother to look for you."


"Thier dead."Rich said. Soul gasped in fear.


"My changelings. I sent them last night for two thing's one to take you and two to kill you family!"


"BECAUSE I WANT YOU TO SUFFER! Your family was attacked and killed by my changelings then to make it look like it wasn't them they burned your house down." Rich said. Soul was in tears.

"The why keep me alive?!"

"SO I CAN MAKE YOU SUFFER LIKE I HAD FOR TWENTY DAMN YEARS!" Rich shut his cell door and locked it.

He torchured Soul everyday but still kept him alive. Three years passed. Soul was bruised and beaten but alive. He wanted to be dead years ago but at anytime it looked like he would try and kill himself he would be saved and punished. Every day a girl changeling who Soul called "Crissy" gave him food water and sometimes gave him items to keep him occupied. One day she found the guide book to the royal rules of changeling laws. He found something that could lead to him not being a prisoner anymore. That or death. To him it was a Win-Win. He summoned the king to a battle TO THE DEATH!! If he had won he would be the king if he lost well you get the idea. It was the day of the battle. The king was prepared while Soul still had no magic. They fought for what seemed like an eternity. Punch after punch kick after kick. They were evenly matched. That is until the king drew out a sword and slashed Soul.

"Just kill me already!" Soul yelled. he was crying. The king hesitated. "I have nothing left to live for! YOU TOOK EVERYTHING AWAY FROM ME! KILLING ME WOULD SOLVE ALL MY PROBLEMS!"

The king dropped his sword towards him and started to cry.

"Soul! You like a brother to me I could never..." Was the last thing Rich said. Soul had taken his sword and Cut him right in the neck. He proceeded to killing im with multiple boody stabs. He was dead. Soul dropped the sword. Green flames soon swirled around him and he turned into the new king. Everyone cheered.

"I am you new king! KING SOULEATER!" Soul yelled. He soon married the changeling girl and together they took over his old village and made new changelings. Soul and Crissy lived happily in their hive in what is now called "The Outland's".

"...And that's it!" base said the fire turned to it's normal color.

"I liked it alot!" Remix said.

"It was good but it could be better. I give it a three out of five!" Sweet spells said. "Any objections?"


"Ok next is Remix! What's you got for this year?......."

Until Tomorrow Dear Readers....