• Published 20th Oct 2014
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Let's Gather Around the Campfire.... - RemixHero

5 ponies sit around the campfire and tell the best horror stories the've got

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Finale Nightmares

Just then in a howl of gusting wind the fire went out the game was over.

"AW MAN! THE FIRE WENT OUT!" Sweet said.

"Aww too bad Sweet and Torch looks like you can't tell your story!" Metal said.

"No fair!" Torch shouted

"Sorry but it is Your rule!" Base said.

"Well we still have a problem. Who wins? Everyone was rated three."Sweet said.

"Well pick a winner because to me all your stories SUCKED!" Torch said. Everyone stared at him with anger. "My story was gonna be the winner it was about Nightmare Moon coming back and killing Celestia and-"Torch said before he was interrupted.

"Wait! YOUR NIGHTMARE MOON STORY?! I SHOWED YOU PART OF MINE AND WHAT YOU JUST SAID FITS THE DESCRIPTION THEFT!" Sweet Spells yelled. She glared at him as if it looked like she wanted to set him on fire.

"Guys! We need a winner!" Metal said.

"Well all your stories were good but I still think I could have topped them!" Sweet Spells said. Torch nodded in agreement.

"What we need is vote between the three stories. Each of you raise your hoof when I say the pony's name. Base?" Sweet Spells said. Remix raised her hoof Base blushed a little."Ok Remix?" Metal mouth raised his hoof. "Finally Metal" Base raised his hoof. "Torch? You gonna pick?" They all stared at him.


"Well now what I can't decide between your stories!" Sweet said.

Everyone started to argue until they hear a scream deep in the woods.

"Huh? Guys did you hear that?" Remix said. Everypony shut up. They heard it again.

"it sounds like..." Remix said before Torch interrupted her in fear.

"MY SISTER!" He dashed through the woods. Everyone followed him as fast as they could. He eventually stopped in the clearing so quickly that everyone crashed into him. "Sorry but I can hear her, she's really close." Torch said

He was right she was close, she came towards her brother and friends screaming with fear and eventually crashing into him with tears in her eyes.

"Torch! I'm scared they are after me!" She said hyperventilating.

"Fright! Clam Down! Who's after you? Mom and Dad? Those Bullies that take your lunch money?" Torch asked.

"No! Nightmares! The Villains from their stories!" Fright said, as she was pointing at Base, Remix, and Metal.

"How much candy did you eat?" Torch asked her looking mad.

"No! they're real! They want to kill us all!" Fright said.

"Fright they are just stories! Guys check out what's wrong, Sweet's help me calm my sister down."Torch told everyone. Base Remix and Metal entered deeper in the woods.

"NOOO!!" Fright said as they left. A few minutes went by and nothing was happening.

"Where are they?" Sweet's said sounding impatient.

"Yeah? You think they ditched us?" Torch asked her. They started talk while Fright Light still knew something wasn't right, and boy WAS she right! Soon three screams that sounded like them were casted through the woods getting everyone's head to turn. "Umm..."

Soon Base was near them in the clearing. He was busted up like in a fight or something and he looked scared.

"GUY's FRIGHT WAS RIGHT! I'M BEING HUNTED BY..." Base soon hear them coming. "OH NO!" Then four green slimy and sticky goo had suddenly appear from the woods and wrap each one around his hoofs. "REMEMBER ME........" Base said as was dragged into the wod the three unicorns soon looked up seeing the forms of changelings and base. The changelings ate him whole in the sky with their silhouettes in the moonlight. The two teen unicorns were frighten with fear and Fright was ready to scream again but Remix beat her too it.

She looked the same as base did before he was killed.

"GUY'S FRIGHT LIGHT WAS RIGHT I'M ABOUT TO..." Then a shadow, shaped like a diamond surrounded her and in the shadow, shadow crystals came out and made a prison around her, only her shadow was shown. The blood curdling screams of her was enough then the crystals disappeared and the only thing there was her skeleton. The three unicorns screamed with fear until a fourth had joined.

It was Metal. He looked different he wan't even out of the forest yet they heard his blood curdling scream then something happened his body was put on a stake and he was hanging there like a scare pony. Sweet's went to check it and they were right, he WAS the scare pony! the unicorns where as white as ghost then they went back to the clearing wondering how they were going to survive . Then Fright screamed a darkened shadow of an alicorn, hat looks a lot like princess Luna had appeared along were three white ghost with no features, or anything for that matter. The alicorn had Fright in a magic power holding her up. Fright was terrified and Sweet's was too. The three ghost got closer t the two teen unicorns.

"I GUESS THIS IS IT!" Sweet Spells yelled. Torch and her closed their eyes and held each other close then...

"GOTCHA!" The three ghost's yelled. Torch and Sweet opened their eye to the familiar sounding ghost. The three ghost removed their disguises. It was Base, Remix,and Metal!

"Wha.. You're alive I thought you all died... WE SAW YOU ALL DIE!" Torch yelled.

"That is true but no entirely, all credit goes to Fright Light for making all the affect's." Remix said. She ponited at the little filly near the blue alicon.

"But why?" Sweet's asked them.

"We were tired of getting pranked by you guys every day so were pulled the pranks this year." Base said.

"Well I guess that it was a great prank. No bad for a blank Flank though... Wait Fright look!" Torch said. He pointed at Fright Light's Flank. There it was a cutie mark! It wa unlike any other, it was the nightmare nigh symbol.

"Yes! I am so happy! I guess generating fears into reality is my talent!"

"And a powerful one too. Make sure to use your powers for good. You can really make great thing's like the Nightmare moon for the prank.. although why did you make a Nightmare moon it was't part of the original plan?" Remix said pointing at the dark alicorn.

"Umm... About that what would happen if I told you that I didn't make her?" Fright said nervously. Everyone looked at the evil grin on the alicorns face. They all ran away screaming.

And so that end's my tale about Nightmare Night, or should I say My holiday? HAHAHA! Goodnight to you all and to all a good Fright!! Nightmare moon said as she disappeared.

Author's Note:


But seriously thank you to everyone who like this story and Thank you for waiting so long for me to finish! I have one more special chapter to put up which is an alternate, when you get to hear the Torch and Sweet spells story. But either way's thanks for reading I'm Remix Hero, See you all on finding Fluttershy's next chapter!

By the way which was your favorite story from the fire?

Tell me in the comments below>

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